Are You Ready For A New World?

Are You Ready For A New World?

I’ve never actually made a stand alone video
on Amazon game studios upcoming and first ever title, New World. It’s one of probably
5 mmorpgs that I’m really excited for, mostly due to the actual sub genre of being a hardcore
sandbox game and that just being my absolute favorite in the mmorpg space. So the reason
for this video really is for two things, first and foremost to let you guys know that New
World is teasing something, with a countdown now for the last couple of days on their twitter
which we’ll analyse a little in a minute and the second to just talk about new world for
those of you who have no idea what it is supposed to be and then what I want it to be and thoughts
about everything. I actually don’t follow any social media for
New World for some reason, strangely enough.. I also never played the game despite being
in the alpha test phase, because I got invited just as I started making youtube videos and
I just didn’t think it would be a worthwhile use of my time to play a game that was heavily
under a non disclosure agreement, which I sort of regret at this point…I say that
because I totally would have missed this update if it wasn’t for a friend of mine who follows
their subreddit letting me know. They’ve low key started posting videos on their twitter
account with a tree slowly dying and a numeric count down showing. This started at 5 and
the count down is due to end on Thursday the 12th of December which would be presumably
when they uncover whatever it is they’re announcing. That’s all we know so far. The community is
speculating that they’re going to be lining this up and announcing something at the game
awards which is on the 12th of december also, it’s a pretty massive event and lots of eyes
will be on there but I have absolutely zero experience with that event so I don’t know
if they announce games, release dates and stuff like that there so just to say that’s
pure speculation, though a nice coincidence if not linked.
I think in october or november I made a video that was about which mmorpgs are still scheduled
to release in 2019 because we all know, quite a few got delays or still to this date have
release dates set of 2019 and it’s like 3 weeks away from 2020…So I put that video
together with ones that had hard release dates first and then the ones that were least likely
to release at the end…I say that to say this, I put Amazon’s new world in that video
and I said despite it having been in alpha and under an NDA, from what I had heard…The
game was already polished and pretty ready for launch it just needed content adding in
and a few core issues solved. They then took the alpha servers down, took their forums
down…So I’ve been saying for a while, I wouldn’t be surprised if New World was just
randomly dropped out live with absolutely no crazy press tour or anything just kind
of like how Apex Legends was. Where it sort of just appeared out of thin air and was just
live. Now maybe that doesn’t happen with new world and maybe this announcement is just
a beta deta, early access, or a release date a few months away or something…But I want
to believe that I’m right on this and I am now about to take you on a wild ride down
the rabbit hole of my thought process on this and you can tell me if you think I’m actually
insane or if it makes some kind of sense. So look at any western mmorpg released in
recent years…What do they all have in common? Press, marketing, buzz, developers interviews,
trailers, dev diaries…Ways to get your name out there, spread the good word, get people
hype for your game right? It takes many years to build an mmorpg even for established, experience
teams. So they fill in that time showing you stuff so you spread the word and don’t lose
interest. Now the reason I mention this, is then compare all of that, to Amazon and Amazon
game studios, then their games, so far New World and the Lord of the rings mmorpg they
announced recently. Not a whole lot let’s be honest. The game sort of appeared out of
no where, hasn’t had a great deal of a press run at all, the studio in general is just
pretty quiet. Just think of this for a minute, they’re owned by amazon…They don’t need
media. They don’t need the press run or the hype…They literally own the second most
influencial marketing platform in our demographic. They own twitch. They are developing this
game to integrate with twitch, they don’t need to get the word out. They will release
the game and it will be seen, heard, talked about and played because they will plaster
it all over their platform. All of this leads me to believe that they will be just dropping
this game, no fuss, very soon. If it’s not before 2020, it will be early 2020, which
is pretty crazy when you think about it. I mean I could have just missed all of the new
world news to be honest…But I legitmately had to go digging to find their social media.
Like think of how big amazon is and how big of a deal it is they’re about to drop an mmorpg
that is also touting survival and pvp which is a massive market and their twitter has
13k followers. 1.7k subs on youtube and zero videos posted. This is what I’m saying, they’ve
literally done zero advertising. If you youtube search for trailers for the game, there’s
no actual official trailers guys. I think the only official one I remember is the announcement
one from years ago….Think about this guys, this game was pretty much feature complete
in alpha and they aren’t even releasing trailers or advertising the game? They obviously, very
blatantly do not care about hype or build up. This all combined leads me to believe
that they’re about to drop some huge news….Either outright just bam here’s the game, or very
very soon will it be playable. One last thing to consider also…I went through their twitter
account and the wikipedia pages…When New World announced alpha, they literally just
did alpha. They didn’t announce it, they just invited a batch of people and then a week
later said on twitter, yeah we’re doing alpha since last week, new invites will go out periodically
and then ran alpha for about 10 months with very little fuss or news. They just sort of
appeared, dropped the alpha then vanished. So if they did the alpha with zero announcement,
no trailers throughout development, not very much media and no teasers or announcement
hype….What is so big now that they’ve suddenly changed their entire process and are doing
a 5 day countdown tease? In my mind that’s a smoking gun and absolutely 100% this is
either the release, or a release date. Well…Not 100%, I’m not a prophet. I just think if you
look at everything together, it looks pretty likely, either that or I’m the mmorpg equivolant
of some guy putting newspaper clippings all over my walls like.
Okay I guess I did this video the wrong way around, because now I’m going to explain what
new world is and why I’m excited….So I guess if you’ve gotten to this point without any
prior knowledge of what new world is, congrats, you must be really invested in this now and
if what I tell you isn’t good, this could be a lot of build up for you to just not care.
It’s okay, I’ll keep telling myself this video was well made.
Well New World is described as a a sandbox mmorpg…So what does that mean? Well a lot
of people are attibuting this game to being similar to a survival game and that’s also
being argued by New World players who were in the alpha though they can’t give much away
due to the NDA. A survival game if you’re unfamiliar with the term is a game like Rust,
Dayz, Ark, things like that..Where you’re basically fulfilling basic survival tasks,
drinking water, eating food, not dying to creatures in the wilderness or the most dangerous
one, the other players , not dying to disease or weather, not dying to other players…Your
goal is to survive, to build up a base usually, to hide your things and protect yourself and
to then fight other players…Usually survival games aren’t mmorpgs in the way that they
typically have like 100 or something players on a server and generally has very lite rpg
elements or very frequent wipes or a shallow progression system.
New World on the otherhand I wouldn’t compare with a survival game at all really, since
it’s actually a large server with thousands of concurrent players on it and is an actual
mmorpg with progression as well as then those survival elements but in a world that has
more persistence and with that, an actual economy and value to land, wars and wears.
So it will be sandbox and survival in the way that you will need to consume things to
survival, to build bases and those bases will be attacked, destroyed and looted by your
enemies…You will be crafting the gear you use in the game and choosing your style of
play, whether you’re a trader, a crafter, a gatherer, a mercenary, a monster hunter,
a player killer, a spy…Whatever it is you choose to play, that’s what a sandbox is supposed
to be. Now as for New World and how prevalent these features are…I can’t personally say.
I have seen the gameplay that was leaked, I’ve spoken to people that have played it…It
seems to be a pretty mixed bag of responses. I think from the consensus I’ve gotten so
far from my own anecdotal evidence is that if you like sandbox mmorpgs or survival games,
you’ll probably really like new world and then if you don’t like either of those two
genres of games you could like it but more than likely not.
So the people who have played and disliked the game have essentially said oh it’s just
another survival game….Which it may be. But the other people who have likely played
more and stuck the game out throughout a lot of the alpha are saying, no it isn’t and that
it’s very much an mmorpg. I think that will really still be an argument when the game
comes out as it is a common argument now days between games that are out now already.
Now for me, New World is exciting for a few reasons….First being it’s set in a very
unique world, that isn’t typically seen a lot in games so that’s an absolute gold mine
in my eyes. They’ve really hit the nail on the head with this choice. MMORPGs usually
aren’t that unique in their setting guys let’s be honest…It’s some variation of anime kingdom,
orcs and elves, low fantasy medieval or sci fi. There’s a few exceptions to that rule
but it’s pretty prevalent. So me personally, I love the fact it’s set in the new world,
the colonization era and everything that comes with that. It comes with the best of a lot
of different world because you have the low fantasy swords armor and bows, the first versions
of guns which I imagine could be balanced since they were very slow..So immediately
not something that would be guaranteed to be super broken as like an m16 versus someone
in a plate set and a sword and shield… The very early start of explosives for siege weaponry
and still have use of the older stuff like catapults, ladders etc due to people building
bases out of stone and wood so you have a lot of options to balance siege mechanics….Then
you have the setting of the world which is absolutely perfect, it’s a big, beautiful,
untouched landscape…With the mysticism of colonial horror, werewolves, vampires, cultism
and the undiscovered wilderness with giant creatures never seen before by man. They leave
open the door to have boats and naval combat which again wouldn’t be too over the top due
to the setting. They then of course have the money behind the studio and the platform to
make this game literally impossible to fail, which is the issue always with sandboxes.
The reason I say this is that sandboxes typically suffer from a degrading playerbase due to
the playerbase cannibalising itself and no new blood coming in….Again, Amazon owns
twitch. So anytime they need to boost population, there you have it. They mess the game up but
push out a big new update that revitalises it and makes it better than the initial launch?
They have billions of impressions on twitch at very little cost to themselves. Game is
well received and integreated into the platform? We all know how quickly a game can go overnight
from that. Think of the BR craze and how PUBG went from a basically unknown game to being
one of the most played and watched games in a very short period of time through big streamers
all jumping on the game and that advertisement. Sure I think PUBG would have gotten big anyways
because it hit just right at the time but I think twitch played a huge role in how fast
it was and on the size. So for me, New World is one of my most anticipated
projects and the fact they’re teasing an announcement is really amazing. I think in my head everything
I’ve said in this video has made some sense and that there is a good reason I should be
excited for thursday the 12th…..But who knows. You guys let me know what you think
of my theory, am I mad? Or am I onto something? Let me know what you think the announcement
is going to be. Let me know what you think of new world. Are you excited for the game?
Are you a sandbox fiend like me or not at all interested in the game?
Just for me, myself…I’m super excited for New World and it’s probably in my top 3 of
exciting upcoming mmorpg projects because if nothing else, it’s a unique concept…Which
is my issue with the genre as a whole, it’s just been so many years of the same concepts
done with money or new concepts done without money which no matter how cool and interesting
they are, they’re usually doomed to failure due to the low budgets. Amazon game studios
are going with that unique concept, that innovation and they probably have a massive budget and
unlimited marketing…That’s something to be excited about.
Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like, comment, subscribe, play with the bell. Join
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