ASCEND H10: Sit-In Hybrid Kayak Review

ASCEND H10: Sit-In Hybrid Kayak Review

holy cow but fish Hey what’s going on, thanks for stopping
by. In this video we’re going to talk about the Ascend h10 kayak that you can
get at Bass Pro Shop currently for $599. So this is not the first Kayak I’ve ever
owned…when I lived in Florida, my wife and I owned two Native Slayer
Propel Thirteen’s… excellent kayaks.. super great fit and finish… absolute
fantastic fishing machines..but they were heavy. On the flip side of that I owned a
Sun Dolphin Journey SS which was like a $150 kayak that I bought from Sports
Authority as they were going out of business….
That’s my past experience with kayaks.. Native Slayer Propel 13s….Sun Dolphin.
That’s my experience, I’m no expert with kayaks, I just want to lay that out on the
table. Alright let’s talk about the ascend h10. Layout – so you have two color options. You have titanium or Desert Storm. The hull is a tunnel hull design.
It almost creates a pontoon effect making it very stable. I think that
tunnel hull really helps out with the tracking or the directional stability.. So
when I’m trolling I just paddle a couple times and then I just stop and it just keeps on tracking in the same direction. It’s awesome. Okay the available
storage is all open with adjustable cargo mesh bungee covers. So that kind of covers all your storage. You can peel back the cargo mesh as you need. What I do is I take the back bungee mesh,
peel it over and I put my backpack in and it just hangs out there. What I did notice
on a choppy day on the lake is that I had a couple waves come over the bow and
then the water just kind of dissipated off the mesh. It didn’t actually go into
the kayak so that’s a pretty nice feature. So what you got are these.. I call
them saddlebags. They just hook in underneath the gunnels. This one’s a dry
bag so you can put your wallet and phone in there; it’s not going to get wet.
There’s a threaded seal plug that doesn’t stay put when you unscrew it. So
on the back of the boat there’s a generic drain plug… be very careful.
After you’re done draining the boat, there’s a good chance that plug has fallen out of the
kayak. So just make sure you put that back in and screw it back tight when
you’re done with it or else you will 100% that little drain plug. The kayak
comes with three 16 inch accessory rails. There’s one in front of you,
on either side… left or right side gunnels. You have two flush-mounted rod
holders which are excellent for trolling. You have a very comfortable adjustable
seat with both fore/aft and backrest adjustment. So what you have is this
little rack system that the seat goes into and you can adjust it forward and
back by position and then there’s these little tiny bungees that come up and
secure the seat to the seat rack. Then you have these two little straps on
either side of the see that you can adjust your backrest. Alright next you
have adjustable foot braces which work out fantastic and they’re super quick
and easy. You just press this little lever behind the footrest and you just
slide it back and forth. The paddles are very nice…sometimes they get caught up
when I’m trolling. They get caught up in my line because there’s a little lure
retrieval-notch in both paddles. The concept is that you would put that little
notch on your line, slide it up to a tree, and you’d like shake your lure out. It’s kind
of cool, but it’s kind of a gimmick… I don’t see myself really using that at all.
Other than that the paddles have a measuring tape on them so you’ll see
that I can measure my fish with them. That’s pretty handy, but nice
light weight and they work out great. Let’s talk about fish-ability…the
cockpit is approximately 2 feet by 4 feet with nice wide gunnels and high
freeboard. So you definitely feel like you’re inside the kayak just hanging out.
I never feel claustrophobic or cramped.. there’s plenty of room to store your
rods and gear. So when you’re fighting a fish or changing out your tackle you
know everything is squared away. Alright let’s talk about VALUE..the
Ascend is a few hundred dollars more than the cheap kayaks you can get at
Walmart, but has 10- times the quality.. yeah so you know some cheap kayaks at Walmart
are probably 275 and up maybe, ending at like 600 bucks. I saw an Ozark Trail kayak at
Walmart the other day it was like $599 and then a couple higher and Sun
Dolphins were playing with the $400 range. This kayak is $600…so for a couple
hundred dollars more than a Sun dolphin you have like high-end kayak quality.
Like at no point that I’ve been using this kayak have I thought that they’ve
cut a corner or done something that’s cheap. Like everything is smooth, the kayak just
looks good, everything works well and I I haven’t been disappointed with any
shortcuts. So if you’re not willing to break $1,000 on a kayak, but you really
want something that looks good. Its a fishing machine. You know, for 600 bucks
here you’re rockin and rollin. Alright so a comparable kayak would be the Jackson
Skipper. It’s like 9ft and some change. So rounding it up its ten feet.
Pretty much has the same kind of stuff on it and that retails for $799. The
Ascend kayaks are an affiliate of Bass Pro Shops. Bass Pro is everywhere; I haven’t
had a bad experience with Bass Pro yet. So you’re buying from a very reputable
company and you should always have service you know, nearby. Bass Pro is
everywhere; there’s even one up here in Alaska. The ascend H 10 is a great
fishing machine, works great, it’s not very expensive at all compared to the
relative competition i.e. that Jackson skipper or $799. Thanks for stopping by, hope this helped! Be sure to LIKE and subscribe, see
you guys around.

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