Ashaway Powerkill 110SL – Squash Racket Equipment Review

Ashaway Powerkill 110SL – Squash Racket Equipment Review

this is the Ashaway Powerkill 110 SL and
in this review I’ll be telling you why it’s one of the best rackets I’ve ever
played with and why I hope actually doesn’t want it back the racket came to
be used which is fine but it means that I didn’t why it all balanced it without
any grip on so what you’re getting is what it came to me as now the frame is
supposed to be 110 grams which is without the grommet without the strings
and without the grip and on when I’m in grip I might even mean the rating I’m
not sure in this case all manufacturers do that because they want you to tell
you what is the lightest that it comes so that’s how it stands with those now
once I received this I weighed it and it wide with the grip 145 point 5 so still
very very light the balance point was 350 so it makes it about an evenly
balanced racket the racket comes with obviously an ash away string in this
case it is the Super Nick Z X micro now if you’ve never played with an actuary
before you will be in for a pleasant surprise because SH drinks are really
good and I’ve played with plenty and I really like this particular string
you’ll notice that or it you can maybe notice I put it to one side there that
the strings that have moved and I like that because that means that it’s not
strong too tightly now when you first get a brand new racket the strings will
need some time of hitting for you to just get them a little bit looser and
for them to actually even the tension L so this racket has the right tension for
me so that’s maybe another reason that I really like it so much racket is made
from 40 ton Japanese carbon which is apparently the highest grade graphite
that you can get and according to actuate and I’ll need to read the blurb
here it is design the power power killed technology is designed for precision
power using highly refined carbon graphite on all power killed frames
let’s look at the frame in a little bit more detail it is an open throat heed
racket which in general is the types of frame that
like the profile of the frame is almost round it’s not actually round but it’s
almost round and it’s not too thick which is again what I like because that
allows me to get my finger around the top and that’s something that I feel is
useful and lots of other rackets are much thicker and I find that a little
bit harder so if you’re the kind of person who really likes to hook over the
top then this is a perfect racket for you as are all rackets that are not too
thick the frame feels solid without being clunky or heavy so I mean I have a
purposefully trying to break you because that would just be silly but I haven’t
either been too worried about hitting the wall with it
this has hit the wall quite a few times quite hard and I’ve had no particular
problems the last thing I want to tell you about the frame is the recessed area
of the grommets in the head section now this is probably due to expanding the
maximum head size as far as the string area is concerned and I don’t have the
exact amount for you there but also maybe the profile which is support
couldn’t really show you us at cutting off the profile maybe makes a stronger
racket so that’s one of the things that you’ll notice about this particular
frame at the top let’s look at the visual as well as you can see it is a
black blue silver and white design it is very businesslike and it’s not too
ostentatious but it clearly identifies the racket I would imagine that if you
see this from the balcony and you’ve seen one before you’ll say yeah I know
what that is and of course the black strings and the white paint on there go
really really well together okay so let’s talk about touch which I feel is
this rackets main characteristics which is kind of a contradiction considering
it’s 9 never before has a racket given me such a beautiful sweet spot now some
rackets have different sizes of sweet spots but this racket literally seems to
be one complete sweet spot I was able to hit the board exactly where I wanted to
be able to hit it heating up and down was a joy because I almost felt as
though I’d was you know 20 years younger and still being able to
really really tie shots now I can’t say that that will happen to you but a lot
depends on your technique but I would be very surprised if you don’t play with
this racket and feel that it is one of the most controllable rackets one word
that came to mind when I was thinking about how to describe this was
consistency I felt that every shot was the sign a lot of rackets you get a
couple of really really good shots and you could argue that that’s to do with
your technique or your ability but I’ve been playing long enough now to know the
difference between when I’m playing and hitting the ball well and when a racket
is giving me that and this racket gave me a huge amount of consistency every
shot was exactly what I expected it to be there were no surprises now this
racket as far as I can tell and let me be honest this is to do with my
experience not to do with any scientific tests it’s very stiff now I wouldn’t
test it on that but I’m on camera and I’ll probably do it yeah okay fine
so this racket seems to be quite stiff now let me be clear the difference
between stiff and flexible in terms of squash rackets you’ve probably quite
small in a scientific test but the actual feeling that you get is quite
different I feel that this racket is quite stiff and that’s one of the
reasons I get the consistency for it or at least that’s what I’m attributing it
to forgive ability so we’ve come to the Achilles heel of this particular racket
so if I had to define a weak spot or weak area of this racket I would say
that sometimes when I’ve hit the ball and and I know I’ll have just described
it as almost having a complete sweet spot but sometimes when I hit the ball I
do get vibration coming down the racket and into my wrist and into my arm now
you’ve got again you could argue well that’s maybe you miss hitting it or you
not timing but you know literally 40 years of playing squash and trying
hundreds of rackets I now know the difference between when I’ve hit the
ball badly and when the racket hasn’t responded now it doesn’t happen very
often so I do have to stress that it’s not a sort of thing that I I happened
every once every 10 shots it probably happened every 250 shots I mean I didn’t
County well I’m trying to say is that it does happen but it doesn’t happen very
often and I doubt that most players will notice it happened in more than once per
match and as a weak spot that’s a pretty good balance between what you actually
get as far as control and consistency you’re concerned power can you hit the
ball hard with this racket yes of course you can can you kill the ball with this
racket yes of course you can but those two things depend on your technique less
than they do on the racket do I care whether I can hit the ball hard I don’t
care but that’s because I’m 55 years old my game is not based around smacking the
ball as hard as I can if your game is based around hitting the ball as hard as
you can I actually feel that this racket would be wasted on you it’s almost like
you’re not going to get the best out of this racket the player that should be
playing with this racket is a player who hits the ball hard because that’s the
right time to hit it hard but also wants to be able to control with absolute
consistency and accuracy this is not a hacker’s racket top strings control this
is when the ball makes contact with the top now if you think that that doesn’t
happen you are crazy because it has to happen because when the ball is this
tight to the wall you can’t hit the ball in the middle here it has to hit up here
and for me this is a really important area of how a racket responds and this
racket responds really really well it might be because the strings are not too
tight and I think that I don’t want to labor that point but that’s really
important for me not having very tight strings but I can’t fault this racket at
all for hitting tight shots along the wall in fact it was more my fault my
technique that caused the problems than the racket but that’s because I don’t
play as much as I would like to ok volleys I have to admit I’m still coming
to grips with the newer generation of very light rackets I’m used to playing
with heavier rackets so there’s a bit more momentum behind it so you have to
do less work I’m just getting used to the fact that I have to put a little bit
more effort into my arm swing I’m keeping my wrists firm still able
hit great volleys especially when it’s very high because you’ve got a lot of
control so I’m very happy with this racket in fact I probably say that
because I’m more confident about controlling the ball there are more
volleys that I would be taking especially from lower down whereas I
might leave them in the past because I’m not so comfortable here because I’m
comfortable with the rackets consistency in control I’m probably playing more
volleys and that’s maybe why I’m feeling less confident in the sense that I’m
playing volleys that I wouldn’t normally play got in a big circle but hopefully
you understand what I’m trying to say this Rakhi encourages me to volley
whenever ability ok just mentioned it in the previous section of the volleys but
this racket is really easy to maneuver it’s well balanced it’s infinitely
balanced so it gave me no particular problems and again I’ve got a lot of
confidence in the racket so I’m more likely to try and go for those reaction
volleys all those kind of things so this racket is actually encouraging me to
play in a more aggressive forthright way instead of waiting no I’ll go for them
because you can’t control it that’s what he’s telling me and that’s what it might
tell you I don’t know getting them all off the back wall yes this racket evenly
balanced not heavy at all we’ve allowed you to get the ball out of the back
corner but just like the volleys a lot will depend on your technique I had no
problems because hopefully I’d like to think I’ve got pretty good technique if
you are the type of player who likes to just flick his wrist to get the ball out
of the corner my first suggestion would not be to worry about the racket but be
to go and get some coaching and get yourself good technique this racket does
not limit you in any way and that includes the back wall
walls in the back corners you will be able to get the ball out cleanly with
this racket now availability you can get this from PD exports and just rackets in
the UK I got my test sample from the distributor in the UK and I’d like to
thank James from good sports for supplying movies racket and another
racket which I’ll be reviewing soon if you’re in Europe you can get this from
my squash comm that is my – sports calm they do shit worldwide as well and I
think PDX sports and probably even just rackets do as well and while we’re
talking about that very quickly let me just tell you that you should always go
to a specialist there are plenty of specialists around the UK probably
around the world as well of course and I would always recommend going there even
if you pay a little bit more which you generally don’t it’s worth going and
talking to these people because they’ve got a lot of experience selling
high-quality rackets and shoes and strings and grips and all sorts of stuff
so go and see somebody now if you want to buy this outside of Europe or the UK
well as I just mentioned my squash doesn’t ship worldwide and a probably PD
export and just rackets do as well but if you want to get it directly from a
retailer in your area do a little quick search and if you can’t find somebody
let me know and I’ll contact the distributor in the UK and they can
probably help me find somebody but remember actually is an American company
so in the Americas you should have no trouble finding it I can play with any
racket you can’t give me any racket and I reply thus more or less as good as I
do with any other racket I can play with any racket I want to play with this
racket and that’s a difference this racket excites move I pick it up and I
get on the course oh right how accurately can I hit the ball today how
many targets can I hit today and that is unusual because you know rackets
normally are just a tool and this is a tool but this excites me and maybe it
will excite you and I know it’s a cliched phrase but I have no hesitation
in recommending this racket to you go out and see if you can find a demo of it
lots of these quality shops as I mentioned earlier
they do have demos and this can to be used so I know that this was a demo
before so you you can’t find people who are willing to let you use it so go and
try it you won’t be disappointed now if you own one of these and you’ve got some
experience that you want to share you got some feedback if you disagree with
me even let me know in the comments and we can talk about it and that will help
other readers well that’s it I can’t tell you anything else except that I
hope you’ve enjoyed this review if there’s something that you felt that I
didn’t really cover that you wanted me to cover just let me know in the
comments and I’ll make sure that I do that in the next time and if you can’t
find any way to try it go and try harder I mean it’s that simple there will be
somebody somebody will have this racket for you to try and if you know me if
you’ve seen me at a tournament or a culture clean ask me and I’ll let you
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thanks for watching and remember do something every single day to improve
your squad see ya

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