Ask Pearl Abyss – Black Desert online 2020 GM Note

Ask Pearl Abyss – Black Desert online 2020 GM Note

I had no idea this happened , I’m sure some
of you will have seen this already but I figured this would be a nice video to return to after
a week of vacation since I don’t have any gameplay footage prepared for anything else. So black desert online developers Pearl Abyss
went to a conference in Bangkok on January 18th for the 2 year anniversary of the BDO
Thailaand server. From that, they took a bunch of questions
and answered them, put them into a forum post that they released today a couple hours ago
before recording this. So as is traditional with this type of content
I’m now going to briefly run through each section and give a run down on what they said
and what I think about the questions and answers. This may be a very long video, so strap in. First question ” I want more types of Pearl
Outfits, especially for Shai! Why can’t outfits for each class be updated
at the same time?” All they really say here is what we already
knew, it takes a long time to make outfits for each individual class due to the graphics
and quality of the outfits and models. I’d like to see more outfits but at the same
time it’s understandable why this is the case. “Do you have any plans to add more guild quests?” They are looking into aadding new ways to
experience more meanaingful guild quests and questing with guild members. Honestly this is an areaa of the game I feel
is very under utilised in the current BDO model. We know there isn’t a lot of actual group
content in the game and they already have the functions and systems built up to allow
for it to be much better. Right now grinding an area as a guild outside
of like 2 in the whole game is a net loss of silver and exp. With the guild silver progression system,
payouts and all that, they could very easily just make competitive silver, exp and skill
point per hour quest payouts that reward people doing it together and totally solve the lack
of reason to group as a guild overnight. It’s a simple, not perfect but I think adequate
stop gap fix for a problem that has been around in BDO since the very beginning. “Please release Succession for Trial Characters. I want to practice!” They will make succession available on trial
characters once the succession is out for every class. Not much to say here, makes perfect sense. “What I felt while playing Black Desert was
that Black Desert is a game where you can do everything by yourself. But I think an MMORPG game should be where
you have fun with many other users. I feel that Black Desert could be more enjoyable
and fun if there were more party content and PvE content that involves other users, such
as instanced dungeons.” They basically just repeat exactly what I’d
say on this one. BDO isn’t that game, it isn’t a traditional
western themepark mmorpg, it is an open world game with a focus on being out in that open
world. They understand when compared to other mmorpgs
this area is lacking and that is why they added altar of blood. They want to add more stuff like this but
nothing is set in stone, they want stuff that isn’t like every other mmorpg. So as I said at the start, this is exactly
my take on this situation. When I first started content creation I was
a pure BDO youtuber and I had this same question and vision, for instanced pve content for
groups. As I’ve thought about it more, it doesn’t
fit the game and my response would be if you want instanced group content, go play one
of the other themepark mmorpgs that has instanced group content instead of trying to transform
a game that is unique into one of those. It’s kind of understandable in a way because
as they say, variety is the spice of life…But it’s not that game, it is what it is and they
should build around open world content, which is the strength and unique aspect of the game. Adding instanced content just removes you
from the world they built over the course of years and away from the core aspects that
makes bdo what bdo is. I won’t mind if they add instanced group stuff
but I think it’s a bit silly to try and change what the game is at the core instead of doubling
down on the one big unique selling point of bdo. The vast, open world. “Please let me reset my accumulated guild
activity level in the guild menu. For example, when I leave Guild A to join
Guild B, I would like to be able to reset my accumulated guild activity level.” They just basically say no, this is working
as intended. They used to do that on leaving a guild you
would reset to zero but people wanted to be able to see how active they were in guilds
overall. Now your activity for that new guild is reset
to 0 but you keep your overall score. Not a lot to say here, seems reasonable to
ask for it but I can see both sides. “While the guild quests you can do depend
on the guild size, I would like it if even small guilds can attempt quests for larger
guilds. I don’t want a lot of “ghost members”
just to be able to do quests meant for larger guilds.” They just say yes they want to provide more
ways for smaller guilds to do more difficult and rewarding quests while being fair to large
guilds also. The plan is for more guild-related content
soon, including guild leader’s authority and guild member content. Not a lot to say here I think I elaborated
my feelings enough earlier on the guild stuff. “With the higher silver earnings from life
content, there’s a lack of incentive for doing Node War. It’s why Node War seems to be dying, please
save Node War… Node War needs better rewards to attract more
participants.” They aare considering more ways to make this
aspect of the gaame enjoyable, not just in terms of rewards but with new systems like
fame or honor awaards. Want to make it into much more enjoyable content
for guild members not just the simple war content. Honestly again this is another system in BDO
that is fully built up and super neglected as with many systems. They have all the things in place to make
it super competitive, super lucrative and super fun but they just let it stagnate quite
a lot. The problem with node wars is that it takes
actual hours to do it and you might lose which is fine if it is so fun that you don’t mind
losing out on the play time doing other, guaranteed to be lucrative things. But for me and I’m sure many others, it isn’t
fun enough to do that. If they can make nodes much more lucrative
for individual members of the guild and not just a potential payout which pales in comparrison
to other activities, that would be a massive step in the right direction. In T1 node war guilds I was essentially losing
silver to participate even winning quite often because of consumables, that isn’t rewarding
content. “Please improve the guild system. Guilds just seem to be about gathering people
to do Node/Conquest War. People in non-siege guilds don’t have anything
to do except for boss raids. Do you have any plans to add new guild content?” They just say yeah they aare looking into
doing more stuff with guilds, I feel like this is a question that was already explored
in like 2 others so far so I’ll not go in detail on this. “Since Adventurers are reaching better and
better equipment specs, the field bosses are getting forgotten. Please increase the rewards for field bosses
so they won’t be forgotten.” They recognize this hasa happened and are
reconsidering the role and rewards of field bosses. More news soon hopefully. I feel like this is a very good point and
a great thing to put on the devs. Field bosses are mostly worthless now, I feel
like bossing in general is mostly a burden more so than a boon due to the rng nature
of it and having to be at a set place in the world on a set timer. It basically breaks up your day and you have
to be in an area at a set time doing something that you’ll likely not maake much if any money
on aat all. Bossing just doesn’t feel rewarding and it’s
not fun, at least for me after doing them so many times. This is 100% another area that I feel they
have the mechanics, the systems in place to make this a hugely fun, lucrative area of
the game and it just feels very half measured. “Please fix the issues of falling off ships,
sometimes getting stuck in the ground or a nearby object, and the fort bug in Node War.” This is just them saying yes we will do that
but there is lots of bugs. Please send us a report with video of it happening. Not much to say here, bugs are bugs hope it
gets fixed, not something I have personal experience with so no comment here. “Ever since the update of Life Mastery and
Manos, Life content has changed a lot from before. It’s way more fun, and users that enjoy
life content can earn way more silver. However, trade seems to be the only life content
that hasn’t really changed. Currently, the price of trade goods sold from
the NPC in Kamasylvia is 45,000 and you can only purchase 2 at Master 17. The price in Drieghan is also similar and
you can only buy 2 as well. These two trade items are much lower in price
than fish caught at Seagull areas with a character that is Professional level fishing. So, what’s the point of doing trading?” This is again just them saying it is another
system they are looking into improving in enjoyment and silver earnings. Give the example of their recent rework of
the bartering system in the Great Expedition update. They will try to prepare new ways to make
trade more fun and efficient using the camels, mini elephants and wagons etc. Same sentiment as most things, just another
system that gets neglected as other things improve some things always will just by proxy
be left behind. Trade will likely get buffed and then make
another similar system not efficient to do, it’s just the constant flux of these games. “Please improve the Cooking and Alchemy system
to make them better.” They believe they already did this recently
with the imperial crafting delivery and they will look into doing more. To be honest I used to do imperial boxes every
day and they were mostly a pain plus not as beneficial as they could be. The new boxes are much easier to do and just
generally less tedious, being able to turn in all my boxes every day consistently without
having to make like 5 different types and swapping channel repeatedly. So that is an improvement but I wouldn’t be
opposed to making the systems more engaging overall since it is mostly just crafting stuff
half afk. “The crops used for farming are limited. I hope you’ll add more crops.” They are awaare it is a long time since they
added aany crops, since Acacia. They want to add more and perhaps crops that
don’t grow on the ground. Honestly Farming is one of the most boring,
most neglected life skills and just systems in general in BDO. Unless I’m missing something it has stagnated
to the point of almost irrelevance versus other lifeskills and should be super easy
to balance since it is literally on a timer versus other things being dynamic. I’d love to see them actually put work into
that system. “Please let us save Succession and Awakening
skills in quick slots as a pre-set.” They recognize this and it is under development
but there aare many difficulties implementing this. again, this is a really great point to bring
up and just a huge boon to quality of life. Since most people see right now succession
for pve and awakening for pvp, having to manually do those swaps all the time is pretty ridiculous
especially with how many skills are in the game so I hope they solve this sooner rather
than later. “It feels like Black Desert is consuming more
and more of my PC’s resources. Are there any plans to adjust this?” They have added a whole bunch of wide-range
optimisation options to bdo from release until now. They aren’t satisfied with it and will continue
to improve the optimisation. I haven’t personally noticed this but I don’t
really look closely at whaat is being used when I plaay. I do know that when I have bdo open, my pc
gets significantly louder which means the fans are being auto adjusted to keep things
cool..However this is a very demanding game so I can’t really say it is unreasonable currently
and optimisation at least on my pc seems fine. But obviously better optimisation is never
a bad thing. “Are there any plans to add more types of
fish and rare fish in the future? I want to go fishing in every nook and cranny
of the Black Desert world.” They can’t reveal details in advance but they
do plan to add more types of higher grade fish as well as new fun fishing content. I don’t really fish so I don’t have a lot
to say on this besides more options and variety is never bad. “Do you have any plants to add minigames? They’re quite fun.” They have no plans currently but are open
to suggestions. I don’t have a lot to say on this besides
it would be cool if they implemented more engaging processes of the current life skill
activities. “It seems like there’s a problem with navigation
in-game, you can get blocked by monsters or rocks when auto-navigating. Please improve auto-navigation.” They did improve it recently. They are reviewing cases of inconvenience
that have been reported and making improvements. Send location in a report and they will look
into it. Not really a lot to say here. “Because of how vast the world of Black Desert
is, it takes a lot of time to travel. The game would be a lot more fun if there
were Town portals, or if we could teleport to World Bosses and Field Bosses when they
spawn.” This is a long answer they gave but it can
be boiled down to , maybe. The reason BDO is how it is, is by design. They are acclaimed for the world being a vast
open world with brilliant graphics, they have explored and constantly explore new interesting
options but the mount system is there for this reason having a dream horse would improve
this dramatically and thaat is why that system exists. To be honest, I wouldn’t want fast travel
in the game I think it is the total polar opposite of the feeling of the gaame and the
whole game is built around this open world. Same situation for the want for instanced
content it just isn’t really what the game is about. If it happens I probably wouldn’t complain
but I don’t see it being a thing and can understand why it won’t be implemented. “Please let us skip the animation when summoning
the Black Spirit. Truthfully, the animation isn’t that long,
but watching it so many times is frustrating and inconvenient when you need to re-watch
the animation after being hit by a monster while waiting for it.” They essentially say no, do it in a safe location
it is to meet your constant companion. Honestly they should give the option to remove
the animation. They have for years started to remove tiny
inconvenient things and this is one that is core to the game and super annoying for me. Seeing the black spirit pop up and waiting
for that when trying to do the already frustrating and long process of enhancing stuff is just
really not required and only serves to frustrate further. This serves absolutely no gameplay enriching
experience and should be an option to disable. “Will you release a better weapon than Dandelion
in the future?” Yes, they do plan on introducing new weapons
but are careful how to do it to prevent the value of previous weapons from sharply changing. This is actually one criminally underrated
aspect of pearl abyss and bdo game design that since awakening released to now, multiple
years later, the gear that was originally in the game hasn’t been massively outscaled
or devalued. They do a great job at this so I can understand
why this takes time, the number 1 selling point of BDO for many people is that long
form progression where they don’t invalidate your hard work every x months or y patches. “Will there be an app to let us conveniently
access Black Desert while outside?” They are considering a variety of different
ways to access the game via mobile like they did with the market via web. Honestly this is already possible just use
a remote access app on your phone and pc. It would be nice to have it built in though
of course. Not really sure how they would go about this
but we shall see. “Please expand and develop the Great Expedition
more. I want to travel and explore a larger world. I want to be able to travel across a more
expansive Black Desert world just by ship. Do you have any plans for future updates for
this?” They plan to continue updating for new regions
as well as letting you explore a larger world by ship. Great expedition wasn’t the end but the start
of new sea contnet. They want to have more fun on the sea such
as fleet combat, sea node wars and more exploration of the sea. Honestly I always feel that as someone who
loves naval stuff in other mmorpgs the BDO sea content has never appealed to me for some
reason, it still doesn’t and I’m not sure why exactly. It just feels like because all of the world
is a big land mass and the sea is just like a disconnected area to the north that I just
don’t really ever engage with it. It’s a shame the land mass isn’t split by
in land rivers or something to allow boating around the different zones etc. It just feels like north is ocean, south is
land and it’s two different worlds. Or at least to me. “Do you have plans to release new regions
and boss gear?” Yes. New zone is already announced, O’dyllita. New boss gear will be in there, similar to
the blackstar weapons it is the blackstar armor with the new cosmetic appearnce too. Kind of a silly question as if they were just
not going to add new regions or gear to the game but it’s nice to see it mentioned again
for anyone that missed the previous showcase of this stuff which was at the last little
conference thing they did at the end of 2019 if I remember right. “Succession only uses the main weapon. Will there be a “Succession” kind of thing
for Awakening where you only use the Awakening weapon?” This is a pretty silly question…Awakening
is already that. I don’t really understand this question. By default awakening is only using the awakening
weapon so it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to add more stuff to it. They explain this and why succession exists. Basically the common thing was that certain
people played a certain class for their main weapon and then were forced to use awakening
due to the fact it was higher damage, succession exists to allow people to choose between playstyles
should they prefer one weapon or the other. Such as I rolled ranger to play with a bow,
then got forced to play a melee class because awakening. “Did you release the Guardian update to bring
back users who quit? Because I think Guardian is just too similar
to Berserker. Most likely those who return to play Guardian
will feel bored really quickly. Just like with the Archer update, they will
return for a little bit and leave again. I want new classes with their own unique characteristics,
like Shai.” I don’t really get this one either. They basically say that they make classes
with all players in mind and feel the guardian is different to berserker. Guardian has a weighted feel to the actions
and they are looking to make more classes that are unique like the Shai. So for me, the guardian does feel different
but not as different as the Shai does so I get that part, they waant more classes that
have unique mechanics like the shai does and not just another variation of a combat character
with just new animations and visuals. I understand that entirely and I’d love to
see more unique classes also. However I don’t really think they make classes
to get people back to the game primarily because they are just inherently just same shit different
day type scenarios. It doesn’t change the game drastically or
the core loop of gameplay it’s just a new class to do the same content so it doesn’t
make a lot of sense to frame it that way. At least for me personally. “Do you have plans to improve older classes
to be on-par with newer classes?” Yes, they always keep an eye on class balance. The end. “Recently, we had steady Succession releases,
but why haven’t some classes received Succession yet?” They currently have succession for every class
in Korea minus striker, mystic, guardian and shai. Archer won’t get one because he gets both
his weapons to start, shai won’t get one because the unique mechanics of her weapons instead
of awakening. They are working on striker, mystic and guardian
and will release them when they can. Not a lot to say here, I imagine it will be
out when it is ready and I get why archer and shai won’t get one. “Do you have any plans to revive older, neglected
content like guild trade quests?” Pretty much saying yes. In particulaar for trade they are looking
to improve it within the year and revamping guild trade quests. This pretty much just underlines how most
people feel, certain systems in this game just haven’t been brought up to speed for
years now and mostly feel like a worthless thing to do. “Do you have plans to add new Dream Horses?” They have no current finalised plans to release
another yet but are open to suggestion. I’m not sure what else they could add that
they haven’t yet without thinking long and hard on it but I’m sure eventually they will
as with most things. “I’m curious if you have any plans to release
different mounts in the future. For example, being able to ride a whale in
the ocean!” They are always brainstorming new ideas for
mounts but don’t have plans yet. That actually sounds cool but I don’t know
that it really fits with the game, I can’t imagine being on a boat and seeing someone
riding a whale around it seems a bit wild but I guess we will see what happens. I don’t think sea mounts will enter the game,
that is technically what a boat is. “Please fix the bug where ships overlap with
each other. This issue makes it really hard to get on
ships.” They just explain how to get on the ship easier
with the mechanics already in the game and say they recognise it isn’t ideal but is super
hard to solve. This is one where I can say it looks super
goofy and breaks immersion massively…But there is almost zero alternaative to this
without adding some form of instancing on the docks to remove other people’s boats. It is just a logistic issue you can’t have
a whole bunch of boats in a port that can only occupy their own physical space or people
would just grief it by leaving boats blocking the area. So I get why this is a thing but yeah it looks
and feels super immersion breaking. “I’m wondering if you have any plans to
add cooperative content.” They are constantly discussing this but it’s
difficult to give specifics. This I think is a pretty open question that
was never going to get a good answer it’s way too broad. We all waant more co op content though, hopefully
they do…One day, we can dream. “I want more PvE content.” They feel they have added aa lot with Lakiaro,
altar of blood , great expedition etc but they are preparing more. This is not a question and just an awful thing
to say since they aren’t ever going to give a good response and they address it in an
equally terrible way. Everyone wants this but it just doesn’t seem
to happen sadly. I do think they have improved on it in the
last 12 months but at this point it just feels like it isn’t happening or they don’t want
it to for whatever reason. “The PK system needs to be improved. New Adventurers or fearful Adventurers are
too scared to play.” I’m not going to read their response in its
entirity or address what they saaid much beyond them saying no. They of course politically say they look at
ways of making things more enjoyable but this is a really silly premise. It’s an open world pvp game, asking to remove
open world pvp is like going to final fantasy 14 and saying, I don’t like story, please
remove the story quests because some people won’t play this story driven game due to the
story quests. The obvious response to that is, why are you
trying to change the absolute core fundamentals of the game, instead of playing one of the
many other games that cater exactly to that thing you want. I get to an extent why people do this but
there is a reason niches exist and that is because when you try to please everyone, you
are way more likely to please absolutely no one. If open pvp isn’t your thing, perhaps don’t
play an open pvp game. In Black desert you literally lose nothing
from being pked, so if you’re fearful of losing nothing, I am not sure what to really say
on that. “Please diversify the hunting system. There’s currently only two high-level places
to hunt. That’s why Adventurers who hunt alone for
a long time can’t help but feel bored. PvE Adventurers also need new places. For example, hunting grounds need party hunting
content, Altar of Blood needs to be made better or get more stages, because Altar of Blood
is really neglected right now.” They just say they plan to add more stuff
but want to tailor the experience rather than just make areas to be valued on silver earned
through vendor loot. It’s a pretty cop out reply but yeah, I don’t
do hunting but it does feel like a very neglected system just in general. “There’s currently Red Battlefield as PvP
content, but it now feels a little boring. Please update the Red Battlefield!” They already addressed this at the previous
press event conference thingy that they did, they are adding the Thornwood Castle soon. Not much to say here besides they should probably
increase rewards for Red Battlefield too, make it more rewarding to play. “The rewards for Red Battlefield are insufficient. Also, since there’s only Red Battlefield
right now, it would be nice if we can get new 1v1 PvP content. Are there any plans for this?” So I did just kind of give my take on this
part, PA say basically that they created Arena of Arsha for this, they are preparing new
pvp for O’dyllita which is likely the thornwood castle thing they said already just a second
ago. To be honest, a ranked arena system 1v1, 2v2,
3v3 with a queue system , MMR and rewards would probably do super well in this game
and be a lot of fun but I don’t really see them implementing that sadly. “Are there any plans to add ship-based PvP
content?” They already talked about this earlier but
essentially yes. ” I want to be able to do PvP while fighting
World Bosses. Or, can you make World Boss raids more fun?” PVP is currently disabled for world boss spawns
but they are looking to allow warring guilds to fight at boss spawns. I like this idea but I can imagine some people
not liking it at all. “I’m curious if there are any plans to rebalance,
rebuild, or remodel classes in the future? Any plans to solve the problem of the difference
in spec between new/returning Adventurers and veteran Adventurer? Plans for future updates for PvP content and
Arena of Arsha? Or for season-ranking PvP content?” No plans currently on this, just the new O’Dyllita
pvp content they mentioned and to rebalance the succession and awaakening of the classes. No plans for season-ranking pvp content. Yeah this is what I was just saying, a ranked
arena style thing or seasonal rewards for red battlefield overall score etc would be
a great system to implement and would detract nothing from the game but for some reason
PA just doesn’t care about this stuff. “I want to be able to change the transparency
of just the background for the Friend List>Message window. Currently, the transparency of the nickname
also gets changed.” They just say thanks for the suggestion and
say they will do it. And that’s it, video over. I feel like this Q&A just kind of underlined
the fact that they are going to continue in the same direction they always have done and
likely not a whole lot is going to change. If you’re into what BDO already is, it is
likely you’ll still enjoy the upcoming content but they have shown they aren’t really willing
to compromise the vision of the game and what it is. If you’re still waiting for more group content,
maybe you’ll get it in small drips, if you’re waiting for instanced content, or removal
of open world pvp, just go find another game because this is very unlikely to happen sorry
to say. Thanks for watching,
Shoutout to the membership squad for the continued financial support. Marathon5150, Mad, Chillie Hue, Mr Rev, Miss
Yun, Ramms, Duo T, Cryy, Dreamforger,Magoo, Joe, Marius, Oliver Lizzie and our newest
member Mr Optimism. Thank you guys, I promise I’ll get the end
screen up when I have more time. See you on the next one, PEACE!

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  23. That world PvP question. I understand why they're asking it because PvP is not keeping this game alive. PvP in this is really tanking it's like devil without a cause and is hyper exploited. For instance the system is broken it NEEDS fixing.
    If you played competitively you know what I'm talking about. What make PvP so good is being skill based this game is gear based then pass 60 levels play a factor. PvP always been about skill not gear ($$).

    It's one of the major con's of the game the "outlaw" system takes away from the open world experience it's similar to GTA Online stupidity is rewarded not punished. Jail doesn't do anything no one is thinking like a criminal or outlaw they attack with no worries or plan they just do it. When they are caught rewarded. Like a mob boss with no money loss or ties etc.

    Just think about it what happens to you when are caught in any other game or flat out lose.

  24. You said BDO is unique? I disagree with that, at least in some cases. The game does have one of the best character customizations in a mmorpg which combined with the ever-growing huge world that BDO offers you can find some breathtaking scenery. But besides that, the game doesn't offer anything that different than other MMOs. BDO is not the first to do action combat that revolves around standard combos for each class, it is not the first mmorpg to have life skills, and it is not the first to have ocean exploration. Are you saying BDO is unique because it is pvp focused or since it doesn't have any fast traveling it makes the game more immersive? Even with all that pop in? Pretty much every life skill in the game can be done AFK not even interacting with anything. Going to a location on the map to manually gather or kill mobs for materials/silver isn't anything new to the genre obviously. The action-based combat feels satisfying and is well animated but after playing the game for a long time (mostly for the pvp) I don't find BDO's in-depth mechanics balanced very well. Is it the open world pvp that is unique? Eh, maybe. Overall I think if BDO did add actual dungeons and raids to have another way to possibly have fun when it comes to the pve side of things. At least more than just the BoA. However, that ultimately doesn't matter since Crimson Desert is in the works so the odds of BDO getting any huge fundamental changes like that are long gone. There are only two ways to make big gains in BDO; that's time or money. If you can't give that then the grind will be a lot more slowly but if you like that playstyle then that's fine. The game will just continue to add a few more new classes, increase the requirements of gear for mob grinding with newer zones, and slowly keep adding more "pay for convenience" pearl shop items.

  25. I appreciate Q&A's, but what is with these questions? Can I have PVE? Probably not, since this is one of the most frequently asked questions and they haven't changed their mind over the course of years. TLDR: Crimson Desert.

    Can I have successions for awakenings? Why are you asking this? This demonstrates a total lack of understanding as to why these two specializations exist. You're ascending. Pick one of the two options available.

    Are you going to optimize the game? No, we'd like it to run as poorly as possible so that you're never encouraged to spend money. /sarcasm Lol.

  26. I disagree, variety is bad if it's poorly done variety for variety's sake.

  27. It isn't just that instanced content goes against the open world , we can already hop channels every 15 minutes, and progress in Savage Rift or Altar of Blood instanced. A story themed dungeon crawl would have to take into account a 280-300 AP character and be challenging enough for that tier of player while being managable for the rest. If it was any easier, the loot would have to be capped instead of a 'kill faster earn more' loot concept. Altar of Blood manages this with stages, and only players of similar tiered GS even bother to do this. Savage Rift giving capped rewards like this dropped off fast with nobody doing it for years after the events stop.
    They did add group-based loot content like Gyfin, Mirumok, and the next update for Calpheon Shrine duo party area and are gonna add more each expansion. It's party content, but people are still gonna ignore it just like claiming the game with 6000+ unique quests and an ingame encyclopedia has 'no lore'.

  28. Btw, Blue Battleground pvp sea combat with the new self-cannon ships is exactly what BDO needs to get people acquainted with sea combat. A new player is gonna get rolled almost every time by the veteran, and has almost no time to practice or get better with the trip to harbor, and we could really use that instanced pvp just to see what a fair fight is like.

  29. "Bring back NW." Make NW more valuable." PA – "What's that? You want us to break siege and bug out spawn protection in NW? There you go HAVE FUN!!!"

  30. I'm still kinda new to BDO but the only thing I would like them address is how many activities require you to play AFK and leave your PC on throughout the night. I really like farming (speaking about the crops here and not about the mobs) but to earn any meaningful ammount of silver my game would need to be alway on in my tray.

  31. I just hope Crimson Desert would be the perfect mixture of Pve and pvp. So it's going to apparently traditional as well as sandboxy with trading and all.
    Idc about grinding, as long as it's not p2w I would be super satisfied. The market is so dry atm

  32. For a Million dollar company, 48h allows any massive outfits collection drop, and outfits fitting mechanics already are in place on the characters, just needs minnor tweaks, you are being very naive, they just need to monetize any cool decent outfit, period

  33. Trading could be something like bartering but on the ground it would be so much better

  34. Thanks for the info man! Havent managed to awaken my Guardian yet although i love the class. I ll get to it as some point. Good video keep it up!

  35. If node wars are your thing, try conquerors blade! Territory control is the end game.

  36. Does anyone know when guardian will be released on console

  37. Oh fk no pls dont give us instanced dungeons and shit like that. It will either do NOTHING or kill BDO as it is within 2 weeks.

    Reason is, ignoreing the whole balance issue with all ranges of our gear etc it simply is very hard if not impossible to balance instanced content in BDO.
    Why you might ask? Well for one how would loot work? If you go for 100% drops (you know like you always drops stuff within a loot table) then you either create another Savage rift wich has absolutly no use OR another Altar of Blood which again isnt rly popular at all OR another shadow arena where loot is so good it gets abused like mad by bots or simply kills open world grindspots within a couple hours.
    Someone probably think now: WHY NOT TIMEGATE IT!, well because that would do, once again, nothing besides 1 more box to check every day / week or whatever the reset is.

    BDO is such a large game there is no need to instance anything, implement or advance already existing systems and build up on it. As much as i hate the bullshit idea which is the "holy trinity" maybe add that stuff into dedicated grp spots provideing specific buffs depending on your chosses roll or class. Or for the pvpers here, add improved spots where your karmaloss has a big CD, like 200k karma for 1 kill, then 30 mins no loss in said are.

  38. It's quite simple, they have PVP servers (dedicated with upped rates) why not put PVE servers dedicated with lower rates. 3-4 servers like that wouldn't hurt. if they can basically 'do it' one way, they can do it the other and turn off the pvp part. shrug

  39. 12:42 if you do`nt want fast travel is easy.. don`t use it =) but would be good for those who want to fast travel.. but they will never do this bcs then nobody would spend money to train their horses

  40. Congratulation BDO!!!

  41. Full boss reworks plz…

  42. What's that plague doctor outfit in the thumbnail is it in the game and what's it called?

  43. please no fast travel system or flying etc.. it will ruin open world pvp for good, travel speed is fine as it is atm imo, the world should feel vast and open and it should take you some time to get to places…. (fast travel and flying like in wow ruined the imersion and pvp in those zones)

  44. heres a question…any pve endgame?

  45. Def would like some more group content so hope it does come. Guardian too much like Berzerker? o.O i mean it shares some moves with several classes just like any new class borrows some animations from before, but I love Guardian gameplay and find it VERY dif than zerker. but yes, it did renew my interest in playing more, since I've been kinda burnt out on it recently lol

  46. do we know when the Guardian Class drops on PS4?

  47. In other words, They ain't going to make this game fun. You would think if the core of this game is pvp, they would actually make it worth doing. They always talking about doing shit different but they never do. Only pve shit we will ever get is just a different gimmick like altar of blood or savage rift and it will get thrown out and never be worth doing. I don't think Instanced stuff is a good idea, but they don't do shit with the open world either. Ima hold out until Crimson Desert , hopefully it won't be as limited by a narrow vision as BDO has been.

  48. Unique doesnt = healthy. Thats my stance on their "lack of instanced PvE". Sure, we dont need it but what else could we have that isnt the same recycled content?

    The 3 things you can do in BDO at the end of the day is
    1: Grind in a circle.
    2: Life skill.
    3: Structure-less PvP that has no polish on any level.

    Now before the white knights swarm me, yes. I know this is what I signed up for since its a KR game. Yes I enjoy the game. I say this because the game isnt perfect. Most players play solely for the combat. I am one of those players. Id like to see other MMO elements implemented.

    The only content that keeps me coming back to this game is new classes. Thats the only form of standing content that isnt DOA.

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