Hey guys, my name is Ricardo
Pepper, welcome but a video on nerd house
today we will talk about anime I’ll talk a fantastic one which is the
black clover for those who don’t know is a anime there of magic very magic very
power who likes to be there oh the anime full is a world of truth the story
it’s a magic world where humans they have a library that a book
there they cast their spells and everyone has magic and in this world the
we see the protagonist Asta he is a person born without any
magic him as a child with his brother, I’m talking brother but I’m not sure yet
I only see anime but there’s nothing confirmed but he his advice there they
children were abandoned in a orphanage a kind of place with the
priest grew up and the desire of that protagonist become the wizard king who is
a kind of supreme wizard over there that is the most powerful of all that helps the
people don’t have much ambition is to have a good decoration person actually at
least what was shown and but he have no power
this protagonist in the world where everyone have power even your brother is one of
most powerful Yuno and according to the page in history we
see a growth of Asta wanting to have power can’t want to be the wizard king
but without magic like that will be the wizard king there’s no way in this world there’s a
even a little bit of power so he goes training a lot,
train, train, train exercises your body a lot he’s
very muscular, strong but can’t no power and make a kind of
diet a liquid there to see if he can have power that people talk
that taking there and will have power not can he train can’t
so he passes a test there to be a kind of warrior wizard and enters to
a kind of guild a group actually, right and to pass by
a training and the time goes by and goes training training he gets a
kind of anti magic with your library which is kind of anti magic that he
can nullify people’s power so the most interesting of this saga
this we see Asta coming across various situations breaking his boundaries
to be a wizard but he has none power until such time as almost no
power despite demonstrating we have powers there
of darkness embedded in your body right a kind of demon is one thing if
not sure but the anime is fantastic, check it out! now it was an opinion for you guys for me Black Clover and a lot
good that I sit there in true I have a lot of fun with him but
after years that we will following us watching several
animes we get a little bit, like I can say, r is that you will differentiate a
anime of others, know the quality of defects so Black Clover for me not
anime yes that’s how wow fantastic not even very good but a
normal anime for me is not a anime I look forward to each
episode but when it’s there, I go and watch and have a lot of fun with him,
your fights are so fantastic inside is what he wants to promote but the
we caught compares me with the anime you see that and very inferior know is very
infantilized, there’s not that much of blood, there’s not much of that stuff
no staff for us who are grown up anymore old we had a little bit of
adrenaline but the action is but has no so much that footprint is an anime
but another for the children’s audience in my opinion not that you can’t is the
biggest snag can watching is very good Fantastic soundtrack I don’t need
don’t even comment on it I love his music Fantastic opening. animation is
cool in the animation so fluid in my opinion has only episodes that stands out
but I think it’s an animation ok it’s a cool story, especially in the beginning
I really liked the story is a cool story as ever
this two brother they are growing there one has power, are abandoned
then faces difficulties there but they are winning and surpassing their
personal limits are very strong my sincere opinion for you, check it is very
good you watch this anime and it will be a good but don’t go with
expectation and a shounen anyone shounen well you take it and watch it but that’s not all people say and a shounen great. where can we watch him
there is no way, staff opens the head can’t watch on netflix,
a lot of people ask me this doesn’t have like amazon or other services from us
maybe you already know that but there are people that has this doubt there is no way is only in
personal crunchyroll you can watch there is a paid system that you make a
signature has quality but I speak to you are cheap, just a little way, sell some
cans, a chup chup kkkk, personal joke but just ask your father your mother does
signature try because I have and I think it’s worth it if you don’t have there
try to do if you really can’t, you know you have a pirate guy so give
a little way and I’m not talking to you that’s fine but if you think it’s better
it is better to be without watching I think so go watch. The voice acting
fortunately we can see dubbed so there’s a voiceover and subtitles for you that
likes to dub and do not watch anime subtitled and if you have this option of
watch voiced I think it’s going to have a episode 43 not sure if it continues
then I took a look there watch subtitled I like more
subtitled cool the voices originals i like more
but if you like dubbing I don’t know if have everything but until 43 I think that me
guaranteed you think he’s voiced quality is very good so looking for worth
worth it you guys watch and if you like this video don’t forget to
write on the channel this is very important that our
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talk about them all this one has a doubt about some anime let down who
you know i can make a video talking about him guys this is very
fantastic until next time thanks

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