Astellia Online Is Closing….In Korea

Astellia Online Is Closing….In Korea

Astellia online is closing their servers in
Korea. It’s official, January 16th 2020, the service
is closed. The official website also closes on the same
date. What does this mean for Astellia Online in
the west, which only launched a few months ago in September of 2019…Is astellia attempting
to break the previous world record speed run of release to closure of Bless Online? I’m half kidding there guys, I know how triggered
people get when bless comes up. Although hang on because it will come up again
in this video. Now let’s assume you’re watching this video
and have no idea what any of this even means, let’s go over a little history and a little
context. Astellia Online, developed by a company called
Barunson E&A in Korea. They develop the game, they sell the publishing
rights to operate the game to a Korean company called Nexon. Nexon own and operate the rights to Astellia
Online in Korea, which opened service in I believe December of 2018 in just the territory
of Korea. Barunsuon E&A self publish the game in EU
and NA with the version they released here, on the 27th of September and then they are
also releasing the game in Russia soon under the publisher Gamenet. I feel it’s important to explain this because
it’s not as simple as Astellia KR closes and that’s the guaranteed end for the game, though
that is very likely. So what do I mean by this? Nexon are closing the game servers in Korea
but Barunson could still operate the game themselves, or find another publisher. That’s totally possible. The likelihood though is that doesn’t happen,
because the reason for the closure is due to the game being literally dead and thus
it was dropped. So the likelihood another publisher wants
to pick up the game that already died in that region is slim to none, they could self publish
but again, why do that when it already died? Does that mean then that the game is likely
to die in the west? Depends who you ask, the community that are
deeply into the game are going to vehemently say no, the game will survive. In fact if you go into the astellia discord,
you’ll see some people legitmately saying that this is a good thing, the closure of
the korean service is actually a good thing….Which is definitely not how I’d describe things
but okay, maybe you turn out to be right. How I see it is a bit more bleek however. Let me say right now before we continue, Barunson
has yet to release a press statement regarding this and what it means for the western service
so we’ll comment on that if and when it happens and probably make a video if I feel I have
anything interesting to add onto that. So they’ve not said anything and I will just
say that they’re likely to say exactly what you want to hear as a player which is the
bog standard PR of, it’s all fine, our service won’t change, we’ll do x and y in the future. I don’t anticipate anything crazy to come
out of them or them to announce a western closure also but as I’m not privy to the financials
of the company or any background, really anything could happen. This is as always just my opinion on it. I really do want to see your guys opinion
in the comments though, do you think this is the end for astellia? Why or why not? Are you a player? Did you play the game? What did you think? What I really want is people to tell me what
they immediately think when they hear the words, astellia online korea is closing. Whether you play the game or not, let me know
in the comments what that makes you think because I think that will prove a point for
me that I’ll go over in a minute about perception and what that does for a game. Some people are going to see this as gloating
or posting a video to rub it in. Absolutely not the case. Wasn’t the case when I made the videos recommending
not to buy it, isn’t the case now. I want to highlight this and highlight why
I talk about why a game is likely to fail…This game has just highlighted why I do that, because
what I said had a factual, objective background, regardless if I liked or disliked the game,
I’d have still talked about the fact the korean version was a total time bomb. I don’t want to gloat in being right about
the outcome of this game because that’s pretty harsh. Yeah when I reviewed astellia I said this
game would go f2p here very quickly, would die pretty soon after because it’s just not
a very deep game and it’s pretty lazy…I used the korean population and the fact the
game was basically dead there as my evidence for this claim. I’ll tell you what guys, the community did
not like that. I got a lot of hate for warning people from
buying this game and saying it will turn out badly, even though I was just using objective
numbers to justify that. I even said at one point enough is enough
I’m not going to argue with you guys on the internet over it, I’m just going to say…Time
will prove one of us right and here we are. Now that’s not to say that this is 100% guaranteed
death for the western astellia, because I will in a minute go over what could happen. But this is pretty bad news, there’s only
the most delusional of fan that really thinks that this is actually anything but bad news
for the game and one thing most people probably won’t have taken into account is perception
wise…Which is way more important than anything else now days. So think about this, once a game gets a reputation
of something….In the age of the internet and content creation…It’s very difficult
to break that reputation guys. Even if something isn’t true anymore, people
won’t have read that, they’ll have read or heard that initial reputation and that’s their
truth. This is why smear campaigns in journalism
work, because they can publish something and then the apology is at the bottom of that
article…..The article has been seen, the news is out there. So just already, factually the population
in astellia western release is dangerously low and it isn’t improving, it’s going down
already without this massively negative news. So what happens now along with this? What could Barunson even do to survive when
they’re going to be labeled as a dead game no matter what they do?…I’ve been researching
and considering dropping a video on this for weeks now, how there’s a lot of negative opinions
in the community regarding the population of the game and what that means for the future
of astellia as a service. I didn’t actually do it because I didn’t want
to be seen as being petty and gloating or contributing to the downfall of the game which
has never been my intention at all…I just review or talk about things and give my opinion,
I’d expect any rational, free thinking adult to watch my videos and hear what I say and
formulate their own opinion. Look at multiple reviews, make up your own
mind. I just say what I think and the people that
value my opinion use that to help make their own mind up…Or at least I hope that’s how
it works. Unfortunately people don’t get this and they
think I actively just have a bias or an agenda, which isn’t true at all. I just like or dislike things and talk about
it on the internet. So I didn’t release that video despite me
thinking I had enough evidence to have something worth talking about. Now though, we can talk about that and combine
that with yet more evidence that this is just a sinking ship as it always looked to be. From minute one of me researching Astellia
I had it in my head this game had the writing on the wall for a quick cash grab failure
in the west. Now if I was wrong, I’d hold my hands up and
say I was wrong….However, I do not think I am and in fact most of what has happened
since I said these things has proven me more and more right. I will now however say that this doesn’t mean
the end for Astellia Online. Although it certainly doesn’t help things. If you already thought Astellia was on the
way down, this pretty much compounds that. If you had hope in Astellia, you could still
have hope. What could Astellia Online do from here on
and Barunson E&A? Well they could abandon KR, not open a new
server, not publish it themselves, not pay for a new publisher and just move all development
focus on the western release which they publish themselves. They could start adding content that is focused
on the NA/EU market and remove the things that were designed for the korean market. They could turn this slowly into a western
game with that eastern roots and style, just remove the stuff western audiences typically
hate from eastern mmorpgs and go that route. They could do all that. The argument here from people that think astellia
is going to continue I understand, to an extent though I disagree. So the sentiment from some people is that
they don’t look like a company that is closing services because they’re publishing the game
in another region soon, refering to the russia release. Which again, I understand…But that literally
means nothing, at all. Like again, Bless Online, perfect example
and it’s recent memory but there’s a bunch more you can mention such as kingdom under
fire 2 very recently also. So the argument will be, why would they release
the game in russia if they’re planning to close down? Well that’s pretty obvious, they’re not paying
anything for the russian release guys. You know when Pizza Hut opens a franchise
location? They don’t actually pay anything. They are actually paid for it. So Gamenet, the russian publisher will be
paying for everything. They’ll be paying a fee to them, upfront or
over time for the contract, they’ll be paying a license fee percentage of revenue earned
monthly, they’ll be paying for the localisation and the opportunity to run the service in
Russia. This costs Barunson literally nothing and
gives them money, why would any company ever turn that down just because they are closing
up shop everywhere else? It’s just not how it works, at least from
what I know about the industry and how publishing works in foreign regions. The reason I’ll say that I personally don’t
believe that Astellia can continue to operate in the west is that it’s very obvious they
don’t know how to make their game succeed. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt
and say, KR closing means nothing, now they’ll focus 100% on the western version and it will
be awesome….Based on what facts guys? Let’s say I believe they’ll do that, why do
you believe they can make the game succeed? Let’s look at the facts I have for why it
won’t and you guys can let me know in the comments what your reasoning is also. The game is made by korean devs, for korea. They developed the game with korean players
in mind, they think they knew their target audience. The game was a complete abject failure, no
redemption to be taken from it, it came out, it almost immediately dropped to obscurity
and was closed in a year. That’s the market they thought they knew and
developed the game ground up for, for multiple years guys. So what makes you think they can suddenly
turn around and make the game a success in the west when they couldn’t do it there, their
apparent target demographic that they presumably put market research into and had some people
with experience making and running games in that region. How could they do that and then those same
people are expected to in the course of a few months turn a sinking ship probject that
has already lost most of the small playerbase it had in the west in the first 2 months of
launch, while also battling the stigma and reputation of it already having failed in
the main region? I just don’t think it’s at all possible, though
I will again say, for the people that play and love Astellia….If I’m wrong, my ego
might take a brief knock but that’s alright, I’d like to think I don’t care that much….I’d
rather be wrong and you guys be happy and have a cool game you enjoy and play…I hate
mmorpgs closing down even if I dislike the game personally because I know I’ve played
games that wasn’t popular and it isn’t pleasent when they shut down to say the least. So I get it guys. I’d rather be wrong but that doesn’t mean
I’m going to lie, or censor my opinion just to not hurt your feelings about the harsh
realities that it’s probably only down hill from here. I am totally open to some differing opinions
though and I’d love to see some nuance that I’m missing or something tangible that says
they’ll make this a success…I just don’t see it. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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