AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Mortal Kombat 11 & BYOG Showcase

AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Mortal Kombat 11 & BYOG Showcase

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you have
no idea how excited I am right now because I just uncovered the fact that
we can play an absolutely amazing game on the at games legends dulciman arcade
cabinet in fact we can play lots of amazing games via the BYOD service and
I’m going to show you a lot of those really cool games too but most
importantly we can play Mortal Kombat 11 guys I cannot believe it this game
pretty new and we have the ability to play this on a legit arcade cabinet as
opposed to a consoles me Oh okay that was pretty much epic – my
gameplay of course because I just got absolutely destroyed but the fact that
we can play number one Mortal Kombat 11 on this cabinet number two the fact that
we can do some online multiplayer on this cabinet via the BYOD and the Wi-Fi
and everything that is simply amazing let’s go ahead and check out some other
cool BYO G game shall we Spurs are Z&C ball releases oh man we in the pirate dance rewind button / have you different music close Oh turn around oh good lord he’s right
on top of me the stakes here there music it’s faster the bosses and faster
everything good points judges that you do I’m absolutely excited to be able to
play Dragon’s Lair on that games Legends ultimate arcade cabinet this is one of
my favorite arcade series of all time and even though it’s painfully difficult
and it’s going to kill me probably more than any game I played tonight I’m super
stoked to be able to play this and the sequel and that is it for today’s video
I just wanted to showcase some of these amazing BYOD games that are out there
these really high level games that are really gonna blow your mind if you’re
playing these on an arcade cabinet in front of you as opposed to a console or
a PC I mean this is unbelievable to play some of these games on a full-size
arcade cabinet now keep in mind these BYOD games are pay to play so you will
have to pay the hourly subscription fee but if you don’t want to pay that and a
couple weeks at games is supposed to be rolling out a free downloaded
application that you can pair with this and then you could play these games free
on your home local network so keep that in mind and guys if you’re new to this
channel make sure your subscribe hit that notification bell so you be the
first no effort time I upload more great content like this and as always thanks
for watching guys it really means a lot

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  1. Would you like to be able to play against friends or strangers online on a real arcade cabinet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

  2. Is there any slowdown..

  3. So this is running through one of their online services then?

  4. Wondering how the online game play would be for the old school MK games would be like..Would love to play all the old Mortal Kombat arcade roms online on this thing.

  5. Did the BYOG count against your time limit or am I thinking of something else?

  6. That's a great surprise! IMO, the free application will be key for most people to get this cabinet.

  7. So the games are ran on atgames servers and not locally right? Like stadia?

  8. I am unable to get the sound to come from the cabinet it is only coming from my PC. Is there a way to fix this? I have tried changing to setting to enable/disable audio on host but it doesn't change anything. Thanks

  9. If I had this I would try to play Monkeyball 2 using the trackball or Balcube using that spinner knob.

  10. Like how did you get it to play the game? Did you have to download the game? Not sure how you figured it out to put mortal kombat11 on it?

  11. Mk11 and Pinball wicked look awesome! No lag time that I could see! Fantastic job buddy!

  12. Haven't played an MK game since 2. Sure has come a long way since the digitized character days. Looks great on that cabinet and the added multiplayer ability is a huge bonus.

  13. Just bought one based on your recommendations.

  14. Be nice explain more that it's running on their pay by hour server and not our own free computer.

  15. First use case I've seen that makes this cab compelling

  16. This cab totally exceeded my expectations, I'm just blown away. AtGames really turned it around !

  17. This is a game changing video, thanks. Did u see lag or any problems with mk?

  18. Man awesome the Dragons Lair games looked really nice

  19. So, that's why there's a 16×9 aspect monitor in the machine. Thanks for demoing these games. 🙂

  20. Only one word to describe amazing and so are the videos would luv to see u do an overclocked double dragon cabinet.luv that game 1987 .was a great year .the lost boys appetite for destruction.and I think the legendary game outrun ?✊????

  21. Very cool to see all these games on the ATGames cabinet 😀

  22. That is awesome about MK 11 I was curious how this would work with the controls on modern games. So if you have a game like MK 11 does it just work with the joysticks on the machine or are you doing some type of mapping? If so do you have to do that each time? I would like to try some type of updated tempest or vector style game like geometry wars that would use a spinner or trackball. If it is not requiring you to map each game is it somehow auto-detecting the controls somehow? There are some really cool "updated" arcade games out there so basically purchase the game on steam via your PC or through the cabinet somehow with a virtual keyboard adding your payment info? Lastly if you had a game that was just an executable that you could run on a windows 10 PC could you play a game like that on the machine if you got it onto the hard drive of the machine? Would not know how to make a shortcut to it though and if it used basic controls like arrow keys and a space bar for shooting or jumping could that be played somehow with the atgames controls?

  23. nice review ! you have 5 hours to download games to the Arcade or 5 hours free to play only ? it is just streaming or you get them offline after .

  24. Oh yes, this is amazing. I can't wait. I feel like I won't be done tinkering with this thing for a while! Thanks man!!!

  25. So BYOG meaning these are steam games

  26. cool toy I seriously want to buy one of those star wars cabinets you made it looks amazing how much would you charge that's material, labor, shipping, etc. to make me a cabinet just like the one you made for yourself.

  27. Interesting, So this arcade cabinet is strong enough to natively handle MK11 at full FPS? … Or was the game STREAMING from another source?

  28. So great… Thanks for the video bud

  29. Another great video thanks for the info bro

  30. Hey COOLTOY! Love this AtGames!! Might have to add this to my game collection!

  31. Can you play player 1 vs player 2 on MK11? Or just online and vs AI.

  32. So we could play more games other than the classic Arcade

  33. Dang…that pac-man game was balls to the

  34. Knew this thing had promise. Some really cool features especially the online multi play oprions.
    I don't like how it looks but love the functionality of it. Maybe they will make a version 2 of it or something with a different design and art style. Never know.

  35. Just BYOG? The CHARGED BY THE HOUR…bring your own game, meh

    I thought (hoping, dreaming) this would be about how to slave an Xbox to the cabinet

  36. How was the latency on button responsiveness? Also wondering if you plan to do any mods to maybe hook a PC up or Xbox perhaps?

  37. Cool I'm mainly console player, and own 8 of the latest Arcade1up cabs including the Marvel limited edition but that being said I love fighting games and have 2 questions 1 is there enough buttons to play Mk11 and like xbox playstation etc can we stream our gameplay on atgames through the game itself because that's what I kinda want to do vs settings up a camera and trying to place it in a perfect spot to live stream if they can do this I will purchase one , and 1 more I guess, can I use a controller for some games like mk11 etc

  38. Awesome video as usual. The more and more I see about this cabinet I am eventually going to have to pull the trigger and get one.

  39. Cool Toy ..

    I am having trouble downloading the firmware and I am connected to the internet… the 350 games play good except for karate champ..

    but that being said the system arriived yesterday the box have some light damage but overall it was ok..

    I took the monitor section out of the box and a screw was loose and the bottom board fell out. I replaced it back and placed the screw back in… again all the games are great but not having access to the WIFI or Ethernet cord to update the firm ware, I am thinking of returning the system to walmart. SInce I cannot find a Number to call the company and sending a message continue to fail no matter what PC or other device I use… AT a Loss… all I want to do is play the 80's classic arcade games and some early 90's that I grew up with… Any Ideas ?? Thanks in advance.

  40. That was such a cool video. Really impressed with what you can do with it. They should hire you as their spokesman. You totally sold me on it.

  41. Damn It man!! NOW I GOT TO GET IT!!!! Once again great stuff!!

  42. Didn't notice it before but those speakers sound beefy! Can't imagine I'd use the BYOG service but I could definitely see streaming from a local PC.

  43. Dang, I usually love your videos, but I have to say that it feels like you're getting paid off here… it's all just so glowing– why would anyone pay by the hour to play MK11 on a cabinet? You wait until the very end to bring that up… then you casually add that they're releasing some sort of patch or app to enable it for free on a local area network? That doesn't fix the problem that they're charging me to play a game I already own on a service I already use just to access the online features that I already paid for. Something about this BYOG service stinks to high heaven, and you're acting like it's the greatest thing ever created. No thanks, I'll pass.

  44. So cool thanks for bringing this vid to everyone!

  45. the problem is unless you can do the byog locally without having to go through the atgames service. than just to be able to steam your own games from your own PC locally. you have to pay money by the hour to atgames. so unless that part of the arcade machine changes than i'll stick with a regular PC for all of my arcade games.

  46. I’m confused. So i need to install the game? I bought it on steam on the machine. How do i play it?

  47. Where did you find MK11 and pacman? Do you have to download them?

  48. Called Walmart and there gonna send another Unit… and I am going to return this one to the store. Here's to hoping the next ones internet works properly because I love this Cabinet in my game room.

  49. So Mortal Kombat comes with it

  50. Question? I am a newbie when it comes to modding, I own the Rampage, Centipede, and Galaga Arcade 1up machines. I just received the X Arcade Tank stick and started messing with the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (which I haven't set up yet). My question to you is, do you think I should return my X Arcade and get one of these Atgame cabinets? I am looking to play Dragon's Lair, MK 11, and other classic arcade games.

  51. This cabinet is really shaping up to be the best value for home arcade cabinets out there. If you can get all your already-owned games on it to play for free, AND have the option to pay to play any other game you may not own seems like the best of both worlds to me. If I wasn't in the middle of building a full-size, 4-player, 8TB Hyperspin cabinet, I'd be all over one of these. Could use some custom graphics, though. The stock cabinet art isn't bad, but isn't quite what I'd want on mine.

  52. Awesome. I haven't played Dragons Lair on an Arcade cabinet since I was 6 when the game came out in arcades back in 1983. Local arcade had one. That's pretty awesome you can play games like that on this cabinet.

  53. Already planning to move my Galaga 1up cab into the hallway and replace with this.
    Thanks for your video updates.

  54. Great video! So how does BYOG (stream) differ from loading a game with emulator via USB stick? Does a USB loaded game reside on the Legends Ultimate itself and then would not fall under the BYOG restrictions/payment? Thanks much!

  55. 4:43… PAC-MAN 256 !!!

  56. That’s definitely awesome but this game was designed around a pad.

  57. This is freakin' awesome! I got my Marvel Super heroes SE last week which i love, now I gotta save up extra cash for the Atgames legend Cabinet. I want this. I have seen lots of cool things you can do. Great vid!

  58. Do you need 8 buttons to play the game?

  59. So did something change that keeps this from playing now on that ATgames cabinet? I saw another video talking about this game should only run on windows 10 servers and those are not available yet? I mean I saw you play it so wondered if you heard anything had changed? Keep up the great videos dude!

  60. They should have it were you download the game. It's not bad enough that we buy the game for high bucks but they want us to pay to play the game we bought. Not happening in my world. I mean the thing has USB port…

  61. How much money do I need to send you to mod me a cabinet??? Lol

  62. Can you please go into more detail in a new video about how do you set this up??? My unit comes tomorrow and really want to get this setup

  63. curious how mk 11 would be on an arcade since those combos have become far more complex than the old ones

  64. Slayed some Gears 5 today! love it

  65. Great Videos my dude. I have multiple Arcade 1 ups and have built my own custom with a rec room Masters cab on a Pi. But just making sure I'm clear how your playing MK11 Dragon's Lair etc. You are paying for the games on a platform like "Steam", then are you connecting to your local computer or just local network to stream the games? So to clarify…I see they have a Steam tab already in there menu. Can you login to your steam account and play your own games for free if you are on your own WIFi or do you physically have to have a computer in your house connected to the net with the games on it? Thank you in advance!

  66. Like the content. You have a new subscriber!

  67. Cool content, looking forward to more uploads. Check followsm”.”com to help grow your channel!

  68. Question about the MK11 video you uploaded. I downloaded it 3 weeks ago to the cabinet and can not get it to work. I looked further into this and discovered that the Atgames servers do not utilize Windows 10 on their servers… I am wondering that since MK 11 requires Windows 10 on steam, how were you able to get it to work and also not display the FPS and Latency in the top right hand corner a month ago?? I want to get it to work on my cabinet like you did on wi fi without any lag, like you did.

  69. What’s the button config for the game on this cab? I considered getting the game but thought I didn’t have enough buttons

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