Attacking Plain Topspin Serves | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Attacking Plain Topspin Serves | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Jeff Plumb from and
Faseeh’s asked us a question about returning plain topspin serves. He always has trouble
and ends up just lobbing the ball up high for his opponent to smash. So initially Faseeh you want to play the ball
back so it’s nice and low almost like a block shot. Don’t try and do too much just angle
the ball back and then as you get more comfortable you can start to add a little more topspin,
start to play more of a topspin stroke and that will make it even harder for your opponent. Once you get comfortable with that then think
about placement. Because now you’re getting the ball back on the table where is your opponent
going to least like it? Should you go out to their backhand side? Or think about taking
it out to the forehand side? That’s going to start to put some real pressure on your
opponent. Now if you don’t counterhit the ball and just
angle your bat there then with the plain topspin serve it is going to go up higher and your
opponent is going to attack it so make sure that you come forward on the ball and play
a good shot, it doesn’t have to be too fast, nice and controlled, and that will get you
into the rally, and like I said, when you use that placement then you are in a really
good position. It”s also important to be in a good ready
position because the serve is going to come quite fast and that way you can react and
be ready to play either a forehand or a backhand. And then like I said you can start increasing
the speed of your shot as you become a bit more comfortable.

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  1. i think the person who asked this question should have just gone in the playlist

  2. I have trouble with Lateral – spin serves, is there some tip that I can use to return this serves more easily?

  3. From where you guys take the questions for the show?

  4. I'm not confident with the different rubbers like anti, long and short pimple as I'm not sure how to attack and defend against them. Are you able to do an updated vid of it?

  5. is it wise to chop it?

  6. I noticed that jeff plays forehand shots with his elbow bent, using his shoulder and hips to provide power, while Chinese players tend to keep the elbow straight on contact and using he fore arm for power.

    Which technique is better? And why is there a difference in technique?

  7. How to get into position fast to attack the serve? I'm always late 🙁

  8. umm can add how to backhand top spin using short pimples?

  9. Could you make a video over a forehand sidespin on backspin?

  10. In your opinion, is it a bad idea to use a typical Chinese rubber on one side of the bat and a Euro/Japanese rubber on the other side?

  11. that technic wouldnt work against my topspin serve. It goes fast enough to if you blink you can't see it

  12. You guys deserve way more subs

  13. I dont feel like this is a good serve anyways, my friend uses this serve often but I punish him hard for it when he uses it…

  14. Great video! I will try to use it against a friend with this type of serve.

  15. Hi, good tip. How to tackle fast plain top spin serve goes wider of the table? I've to move more towards forehand side and leaving more area to cover on the backhand. I'm right hander and getting troubles with left hander who serves fast, deep and wide into my forehand. Does it works, if I stand middle of the table to recieve serve?

  16. hi sir could you be kind enough to tell me that can we hit topspin against heavy topspin serve like dima etc ..

  17. please make a video on how to play table tennis and how to hit good shots. You make awesome videos 🙂

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  19. Make video on 3rd ball topspin attack plzzzz.

  20. Facing problem when it comes fast on my backhand..Any ideas..

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