Audrey’s Royal Return ?? I Short Story I Audrey’s Royal Return | Descendants 3

Audrey’s Royal Return ??  I Short Story I Audrey’s Royal Return | Descendants 3

( music playing )Ahem.
( scoffs ) You’re new here, aren’t you?
I’m Audrey. Princess Audrey? Sleeping Beauty’s daughter. I come here a lot. ( exhales softly ) It’s been a bit
of a tough year. More than a bit. Okay, it’s been the worst year
of my life. I was Prince Ben’s girlfriendon the fast track to becoming
his wife and the queen.
My life was set.Everything my family
ever wanted for me.( music playing )( sighs )
Still dreamy. Until a little thing
called Mal dropped in
and ruined everything. Hey, you’re Maleficent’s
daughter, aren’t you? Yeah, you know what?
I totally do not blame you for your mother trying to kill
my parents and stuff. Okay! I tried to warn Ben
about bringing VKs over from the Isle of the Lost.I tried to warn everybody,
but nobody listened to me.
They even cheered when Ben
told Mal he loved her in front of the entire school. – Give me an M.
– All: M! – Give me an A.
– All: A! – Give me an L.
– All: L! – Who does that spell?
– All: Mal! – I love you, Mal.
– All: Aww. ( whimpers ) P.S., it was a spell. Mal cast a love spell
on Ben. But I told myself, “Audrey,
if that’s what Ben wants, the you don’t really
want to be with him.” So I started dating
Chad Charming, Cinderella’s son. I have to stick
with royalty. Makes communication
so much easier. – Chad’s my boyfriend now.
– Hey! And I’m going
to coronation with him, so I don’t need
your pity date. Mmm. Grammy saw through
the VKs, too. You? How are you here? And of course,
we were totally right.Turns out Mal was working
for her mom the whole time.
– Ugh!
– You will go. You will find
the fairy-godmother, and you will bring me back
her magic wand. Easy peasy.( music playing )The VKs are going
to bring down the barrier
and let all the evil out.
Destroy Auradon. ( cheering ) And you want to know
the worst part?Seeing Mal up there
in that coronation carriage.
Instead of me. By the way, I wouldn’t have
stolen the wand and threatened everyone
with it. ( gasping ) – Stand back!
– I told you so. – ( screams )
– ( all gasping ) Just saying.Then Maleficent shows up
with that crazy scepter
and turns into a dragon
inside the palace.
( scoffs )
Have they no shame? ( roars ) Leave my friends alone! The strength of evil
is good as none, when stands before
four hearts as one. ( roaring ) ( gasps ) Mal did do the right thing
in the end. She turned her mother
into a lizard. And I did behave myself. I’m still a princess.( music playing )Oh, and then there was
this huge dance party,and of course I danced.Duh-sies.
I am an amazing dancer.♪ Set it off
get ready, set it off ♪
♪ And to the right
we got to set it off, what? ♪
Obviously I needed a break
from all that drama. So, my fairy-godmothers whisked
me away to their cottage in the forest
for a little R&R. I love nature. More sparkles. ( scoffs )
I’m glad I stayed away because that’s when things
got really crazy. – Mal, Mal, Mal!
– ( overlapping chatter ) – Mal, please, over here.
– How does it feel to be the most envied girl
in Auradon? Is your mother still a lizard? Hm. Mal could not handle the
pressures of being a princess. And it’s my fault. I make being adored by everyone
look so easy. But of course she fell back
into magic, again. And lied, again. Are you trying to spell me
right now? Ben, it has been so hard! Yeah, some things are hard! This isn’t the Isle of the Lost,
Mal. Believe me, I know that. I’m not one of those
pretty pink princesses, Ben.And when Ben called her out
on it,
she totally ditched him
and ran off to the Isle.
So much for commitment.
But did Ben see it that way? Of course not.
He chased after her. – Let’s go.
Along with her squad.– Shotgun!
– Oh, and apparently the dog talks now.( music playing )Don’t quit us, Mal. I love you.
Don’t you love me?Didn’t go so well.Mal dumped him again and got him kidnapped
by Uma and her pirates.( music playing )I really hope I don’t have
to feed you to the fishes.♪ What’s my name?
What’s my name? ♪
♪ Uma ♪
– Uma, daughter of Ursula.
And possibly the only girl
in the world
who hates Mal
more than I do.
So let’s trash talk Mal.( music playing )Oh, Mal’s worst enemy
might be herself. ( laughing ) She got bangs. I guess that’s what happens
when your stylist is a bratty villain kid. So Uma has been
and what does demand for ransom? – Give me the wand!
– Give me Ben!Villain kids are so obsessed
with easy power.
Like you can just grab something
magic and become a queen. By the power of the sea,
tear it down and set us free. ( cheering ) No way was I going
to cotillion.I was supposed to be presented
as the king’s lady, not Mal,
some lizard’s daughter.
I heard it was awful. Jane botched the decorations
without me, natch.And Uma showed up and took
a page out of Mal’s spell book.
Literally.But Uma’s spell was no match
for Mal.
Ben, I’ve always loved you. All: Aww! What is with Ben’s thing
for bad girls? Ugh! Aah! – Watch out!
– ( all screaming ) Anyways,
Uma became a giant squid, and Mal channeled her mom
and turned into a dragon. – ( roaring )
– Come on, Mal! Let’s finish this
once and for all. ( roaring ) It is a miracle
no one was hurt.Uma swam away, and of course,Mal turned up
smelling like a rose.
How am I the only one
who sees how dangerous
these villains are? ♪ We gotta be bold
we gotta be brave ♪ – ♪ We gotta be free ♪
– More dancing? ♪ We’ll look deep inside ♪ It is so disrespectful
how many shoes were ruined.♪ We can be bold
we can be brave ♪
♪ Let everyone see ♪♪ It starts with you and me ♪No matter how much trouble
Mal causes, Ben loves her and everyone
thinks she saved the day. But I can’t hide
in the forest forever. I miss Auradon,
and I know they miss me. It’s time to make
my royal entrance.( music playing )Ben’s gonna be sorry
he ever let this go.

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