14 million 605 Friday multiple contusions detected yeah ,i detected that,too we have some weapon systems offline let’s kick his ass. o jesus christ yeah don’t worry,baby.
i’m comin’. Go get him, tiger!
Big fight coming up! thanos !

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  1. Hello everyone) If you enjoy the video, please share it with others! ))?

  2. The Rematch we never got that took place in 1 of the 14,000,605 futures DrStrange has seen where Hulk wins….and thats why I subscribe…

  3. Misleading Title. Disliked, and reported

  4. Dr. Strage : Thanos, I came to bergain

  5. Chis videos qleros

  6. Cool, but the Hulk doesn't know karate, lol.

  7. thank you for filling my spot I knew something from hulk was missing. Please marvel FIX HULK

  8. Na melhor parte cortou, o Hulk dando uma surra no Thanos ,este é o Hulk que eu conheço.

  9. too much color grading its affect realistic

  10. Thanos look … skinny ??

  11. My IQ is lower after this video and my eyes have cancer now. GG

  12. Esto tenia q pasar en End Game !!! La revancha de hulk !!!

  13. Daaang!! With a little bit more time you could be an actual Disney/Marvel editor/animator ???

  14. A Hulk who can fight like Bruce Lee?

    …yeah, we're all fucked.

  15. Smash Ultimate: Everybody is here

    Endgame: Hold my beer

    Avengers: Eveybody is now here except a couple

  16. This is so stupid

  17. Så fake this video sucks

  18. You predicted Captain Marvel and the Power Stone?

  19. What did he use?

  20. Me cago en to pq malver no hace algo asi

  21. Look at that shit

  22. The Greatest Scene That never Happened in Endgame is if Professor Hulk would have become World Breaker Hulk.

  23. Am happy to watch this video i like a good iron Man

  24. 0:47 why cant magneto and juggernauts helmet look as cool as Thanos!?

  25. Pretty cool man. I can't believe I'm just now seeing this. ?

  26. Parece un pincbe video juego de ps1

  27. The hulk we all wanted

  28. YOU NEED TO MAKE A FREAKIN MOVIE AND GET VOICE ACTORS and make your own cinematic universe

  29. Captain marvel death

  30. Endgame take a note

  31. Красавчик) Со статьи тут бая

  32. Просто круть! Я бы и не подумал что такой крутой аниматор из моей страны!

  33. Of course, the level is not enough, but it impressive?

  34. что это за говно из жопы?

  35. Ну что я могу сказать. Я не фанат Marvel вообще, и от вида персонажей на необычной локации кипятком я не писию.
    Безусловно вы дали о себе знать. 5000 долларов это не показатель вообще за 8 месяцев работы. Но вас заметили. Отдаю вам должное. Вы молодец. Хоть и качество картинки посредственное – но учитывая, что у вас 1man studio, это все объясняет. Хотя клиенту пофиг сколько у вас ресурсов и людей, клиенту нужен результат в короткие сроки. Как для какого-нибудь игрового мода, видео пойдет, не более того. Можно было все сделать с более крутой анимацией и графикой например в UE4, и быстрее… А если вы хотели придать уникальности видео, и не быть привязанным к индивидуальности движка, тогда в чем индивидуальность вашего ролика?? Изюминка в чем?? В сюжете? В озвучке? В том, что вы делали его в одиночку?

  36. Great work. Keep it up!

  37. Молодец! Иди за мечтами и твори.Пусть все у тебя получится! Рад,что сегодня заглянул на ,и прочитал статью.

  38. Очень даже годно, нарисовать такое в 1 человека это большой труд

  39. Still waiting on part 2. ??

  40. Неужели это сделал один человек? ?

  41. Прям гордость первый раз за Беларусь

  42. успехов земеля )))

  43. а в чем смысл видео? что оно говорит зрителю? это трейлер своего рода? или просто "посмотрите как дерутся в ручной анимации?" эмоции от видео нет. техника исполнения впечатляет после прочтения статьи тут.бай.

  44. Deadpool voice on point

  45. Another clickbait

  46. Not gonna lie thought it was real

  47. The graphics is 21/10

  48. What, there is no hulk vs Thanos! Thanos is probably over 2000yrs Old. We already know he has a collar around world breaker hulks neck attached to a leash Thanos is gripping while sitting on a throne with world breaker hulk on all fours like a pet

  49. Hello guys my fav…… hero is thor and captain Amrica……. this video is best tarilar…

  50. Kash movie me bhi hulk ase hi marta thanus ko but asa nhi hua

  51. One of the 14M outcomes. Nuyce.

  52. что за херню я только что посмотрел

  53. Hulk vs thanos in phase 5 or some shit watch

  54. Am I the only one who thinks that thanos looks funny at 0:47

  55. Круто сделал. Удачи Каналу. Подписался в поддержку.

  56. Why couldn't hulk and thanos have this kinda fight in endgame..

  57. This scene is great. . . Hulk vs. Thanos . I would have liked to see her in the movie "END GAME" … The hulk rematch after her defeat in Infinity war

  58. Why is everything so fucking slow

  59. Another timeline of Endgame. Animation GREAT!

  60. This video is better than the way the actual endgame ending lmao, good work on animation

  61. Ajzjsjakjznznsnaakaka. Nadie Habla en español Putos?

  62. Hulk is not a skilled fighter?

  63. I recognized that jet…

  64. I am here 4 months later!

  65. Oh yes! Hulk vs Thanos

  66. Нет слов…. Красава лайк )

  67. Dr Strange is so dark

  68. Quando a briga tava ficando boa,, chega esse viado pra atrapalhar!!

  69. this video is the definition of cancer,autism and gay

  70. Where's the WORLD BREAKER!!!!!

  71. At first I thought it was a new ps4 game with advanced grafics then I realized that it was an animation

    Meme:at this moment Deadpoolkid vlogs realized he f'd up

  72. Hulk should have last fight with thanos . I know hulk could win this time because he was smarter in Avengers endgame and more motividet to have a second chance with thanos

  73. lol this clip is better than russos whole film. that was disgraceful.

  74. The Sims 2 Graphics

  75. Why haven't you finished it? Where is part 2?

  76. I'm here 'cuz Hulk doesn't have his revenge against Thanos :(((
    Pd: pls make a 2nd part :")

  77. i want a better look at Logan and his uniform please!

  78. To those that say the power stone was NOT used. It MAY be that Thanos has comparable strength just after the HULK transforms…but, as the HULK'S RAGE increases – so does his strength, exponentially. *This has always been an integral part of this character. So, the ONLY way this defeat makes sense is IF Thanos knocks him out BEFORE HULK'S anger grows (hard to believe considering the amount of punishment HULK can take)…or if the power stone is used. Or (I suppose)…IF Marvel has decided to now eliminate the RAGE factor, because it's no longer socially acceptable lol. *IF this is the case…please stop. However socially unacceptable Aggression has become, it's still part of Humanity…& must be dealt with, not just ignored.

  79. Climax was very perfect

  80. I hate this stuff people use others animations for their videos

  81. Captin marble stronger than thanos.. :/


  82. I expected this fight scence in end game but this is not

  83. let's just know that did not happen

  84. Play the video at 1.5x

  85. If Hulk would became the hulk of The Avengers (2012) movie than Thanos's father would be killed by his smash in endgame.

  86. Серьезная обида у тебя на Таноса. Что сделаешь…просто он сильнее, вот и всё.

  87. They both look ugly

  88. People shouldn't be so hard on endgame especially since marvels gonna be completely destroyed by Disney ): show at least a little love

  89. This video look like a video from @MightyRaccoon channel.

  90. They really did him wrong in endgame

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