– This is the moment of truth. I’ll show you what it is. Right there’s the number. That, my friends, is the sun coming up over the mountain. That means that it is
early in the morning. What is up? Good morning. Today we just got a call from my friend. He works for the BYU athletic department and, they do this really cool thing. Lincoln, I know we’re super early. It’s tired. Tell me what is going on. What is this BYU thing? – Drop BYU boxes all over the states. And there’s like 800 of them. – For 50 days before the
football season starts, they have this cool campaign and it started like
three or four years ago. That they go to all 50 states in the U.S. And they take a BYU box or a
helmet or some sort of prize and they take a picture of it and they just drop it. The crazy thing is, literally within seconds sometimes, BYU fans show up wearing BYU shirts, that’s a criteria. And people show up when
they give these prizes. We get to go and be a part of it and actually drop one of the boxes and choose the location then have a challenge with
the people that are there. We thought, let’s bring
you guys along for it. We don’t even know where
this things gonna go. We need to find some sort of
landmark or something here. The problem is, these BYU fans are so good
about finding this stuff we wanna go somewhere that’s kind of hard. We will do a challenge. A What’s Inside Challenge. Whoever wins the challenge
gets to win the stuff. Slug bug yellow. Bam! – You can’t do that. – Bam! – Nope you can’t do that. – He gets two hits because that one is an old one. No, I get to hit you three
times because I was up by one. I get to hit you six. – No, no three, four, five, six. He just hit me six times. If he was up by one and then I saw one that’s worth two that makes me up by one so really and then I hit him twice – No I would’ve said one
because I do the math. – The slug bug The slug bug game If you guys know the rules let us know in the comments. I’m gonna go get a donut. Okay, I broke the rules. I admit it. Look at that, Bowman’s But the donuts, oh, wish
you could smell that. Look at this little guy
with a BYU shirt on. (whispers) I think they’re playing. They’re doing it. Alright, Lincoln, let’s
get some donuts dude. ♫ Life’s not so bad ♫ Please, donut be sad – Woah! Look at all those donuts. Okay here’s the deal. There’s these people over here, they’re all wearing BYU stuff. And so I’m pretty sure they’re in Why else would you be on a random Saturday – 7:30! That’s so early! – Yeah, there’s no way,
they’re totally playing So, the people just called. They’re gonna meet us here. But I’m gonna call and tell
them to meet us outside because the fans are gonna see us and they’re gonna start following us. Our friends are gonna meet us here. They have the box. They have the box. – They need like security around it. – These are our friends. Do you have the goods? – We’re gettin’ ’em right now. – So we don’t have the secret package. – Looks like it’s gonna be
here in just about one minute. – We gotta make this
a top secret location. I don’t think the donut
place is the place to do it. Wearing the wrong shirt. If you show up in a red Utah U shirt, you’re not gonna get it, so, no way that kid’s getting anything. I’m not even giving him a donut. Wearing that shirt around here. Geez. This is it. I think this is it. I see a BYU shirt. Do you have the box? – We do have the box. – Yes! There’s already people in
there that were like looking. So you have to be secret. The mayor is here. How’s it goin’? – Good to see ya. – The key to the city – Do you guys know a good
secret place that we can go to? – We gotta go somewhere that’s
a lot more secret than here. – We should probably go before they get their
kids in their car seats. Let’s go! We’ll follow you guys! We have the mayor with us so, all I will say is that
we went 25 miles an hour. The speed limit. But it was fast enough whatever
we did to lose that minivan. I don’t see them back there. They said something about a park by the mountain. I didn’t even know Kaysville
goes up on the mountain. So, this is gonna be a tricky one. Look at that, the sun
just went down again. That’s how far, how close we are to the mountains. Mayor are you sure this is Kaysville? – We are about to drive
back in to Kaysville. Technically you have to leave Kaysville to get back in to Kaysville. So, it’s a unique one. It’ll be a tough find. – Oh yeah! Look at that! East Mountain Wilderness
Park, Kaysville City. There’s a lot of people here. The good thing is, they are not looking for a box. They are just out getting
exercise and hiking. – You get an all white BYU helmet, with a blue chrome Y initial – Ah, let’s see this helmet. – So here’s the grand prize. – Okay, let’s see this thing. Oh that looks like a real helmet. – That is a real helmet. – We have not done one like this. That’s interesting.
– That’s heavy! – Isn’t that cool? – That is heavy. See we cut open a football helmet. And it was a BYU football helmet. But they’ve definitely updated
the technology since then. Okay so, she’s setting it down. She’s taking the official
picture for Twitter right now. Early morning sunrise. – There we go, I think that’s the shot. – How hard is it after this? Do people follow you in their cars? – [Woman] Yeah – Here they come! – People last year… – Mission Impossible S-like
maneuvers on the road – Last year we spent like an
hour trying to lose someone. – She’s tweeting it right now. This is happening. – Come find us. Okay I tweeted it. Stopwatch is going. – Start it. – Dave how long do you think it’ll take for the first person to come here? – Ten minutes – Okay, what do you think mayor? – I think, elev, 13 minutes. – You just tried to go
one point ahead of me. – We’re three minutes and 23
seconds into this right now, and nobody is here yet. This is gonna be good. Oh boy! Here come some cars. I see a pink shirt. Somebody pointed. They pointed. Oh! They’re taking their
seatbelt off already. They know! BYU on the windows! What?! Oh my gosh! License plate BYU. This is the thing! This is the thing. We’re only four minutes into it right now and a van just pulled up with BYU fans. This is insane. And this isn’t just ’cause we’re in Utah. This happens all over the United States. You guys are number one! – Alright! – Do you live in Kaysville or what? – Just down the street.
– We live real close. – Did you know that this was Kaysville? – Yeah I did – No, she did. – Okay. So you guys were all ready today. You’re like, it’s dropping in Kaysville. – We were, yeah. – I saw that they did the Provo
drop this morning at 1 a.m. I was like, “Hah, it’s
gonna be any time today.” – They’re comin’ in a helicopter. That’s the real deal there. So we still, we’re
probably ten minutes in. And we still have the one family. Every minivan that pulls up, we’re like “Oh that’s gotta be it.” And I think it’s just a
total stereotype of Mormons that you have a minivan
because you’re Mormon. But every one of ’em we’re
like “Oh there’s BYU fans” and then it’s not. Their just people with mountain bikes and they’re going out biking on the trail. Oh man they’re flyin’ in now. Look at this! Woah! There’s one. Contestant number three. Contestant number four. Yeah, there’s another one. (driver yelling) – [Woman] Yeah, you’re seven! – Is it worth getting
out of the car he said. That’s like the ultimate lazy right there. We’re you cruising
around Kaysville waiting? – No I wasn’t expecting it this early. I was about to mow the lawn. – Have 17 minutes and 20 seconds. – [Woman] Oh that timer! – So what if we wait until 20
minutes and then we call it. Perfect! We’ll wait for 20
and then see who we have. – Okay – So right now we’re at six
contestants for this box. Six And we have two and half minutes left. We’ll see if anyone else
can zoom around the corner. Yeah, that’s another one. They’re comin’. We have 30 seconds left. Oh this car just pulled up right there with eight seconds to spare. He better run. Time is up! You just barely made the cut-off. Wow! Get that shirt on! – You made it! – [Driver] Go Utes! – [Sports Announcer] He
drops the ball clearly! What was he thinking?! – Go Uuutes! – What is this guy? I hope you get a flat tire. – First fifteen or however many people. One person from each group. We’re gonna guess how
many M&Ms are in the jar. The person who’s closest will win. – Alright, that’s what’s
inside the jar here. – Here we go. – What’s inside the jar? When we have the answer written
down on a piece of paper, I’ll hold this. – You got it. It’s all you. – A lot of nervous people here. This is the moment of truth. I’ll show you what it is. Right there’s the number. Lincoln, what you thinkin’ here? What’s your guess? Tell the camera real quick. How many are you thinkin’? – If I’m to guess? – Yeah, just guess. – I don’t know, like, 200? – You guys have it all in? Okay I’ll tell you the number. It is, let me pull out the paper. – 512 – Wow! – Is that more than you thought? – More or less? – There’s 512 in there? – Who’s the closest? – I only got 535. ♫ We are the Champions ♫ my friend – This is the winner, 535! – I’m going back to bed. (laughing) – These people get t-shirts. That was pretty close. He guessed pretty close. Lincoln, what are your thoughts on this? – That was fun. – Are you surprised at
how many people got here? – Yeah – Me too. – I was looking at the jar and it looked like you could
stack about ten up. And then I thought seven rows
across and seven rows across. And that came out to 490. And I thought that was actually
little low, so I added like – That is really smart. What do you do for work? Are you a scientist or something? – No I’m just just a lawyer. – You’re just a lawyer. He’s a lawyer. Of course he got it right. – You can’t handle the truth! – The lawyer wins. That’s pretty good. What’s inside, here you go. (fight song) – Donuts – [Lincoln] I do know nuts. – Donuts – Donuts

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