Baavle Utaavle – Ep 22 – Full Episode – 19th March, 2019

Baavle Utaavle – Ep 22 – Full Episode – 19th March, 2019

Dear.. Mother-in-law,
Sister-in-law, Son.. I can’t find Guddu anywhere. I can’t find him.
– What do you mean? I thought he’s on
call with Funti. He must be weeping
sitting in some corner. But I have seen everywhere. Everywhere.. Be it kitchen or store room. But he’s nowhere.. Nowhere to be seen.. Did the criminal because
of whom the curfew has been imposed
taken away Guddu? Don’t be a pessimist. If he dares to even touch Guddu I shall amputate his
arm and play badminton. You.. Is this a home? There are so many
people to hide from. What have I got myself into? Be it a few or many no one can step out
during a curfew. You seem to be casually
loafing on the road. Inspec.. Inspector.. Ram Lakshman Bharat
Shatrughan Sinha? My father wanted four sons. But he could manage only one. That is me. So he gave me those four names. My pet name is Luv Kush. A small and tiny name. You could address me
as Inspector Luv Kush. Inspector Luv Kush..
– Yes. My luv.. I mean, my love needs your help. Is it about love? For love, I can do anything. In fact, I can move mountains. I can even fight a battle. Tell me. What do we need to do? I’ve already lost 2 hours out of
7 and a half hours that are left for the auspicious hour. Please let my wedding
procession pass. If I don’t get married today I’ll be dead. I hope you understand.
– Yes, I understand.. I can understand. I have postponed my
wedding with my beauty because of my duty, many times. I exactly know what you’re going through. Hence, I shall help you. Most certainly! Thanks.. Thank you so much, Inspector. Let me think. Let me check with the police.
– It’s dangerous outside. I hope you don’t lose your youth after playing with danger. I agree. Don’t go.. Stand here and call the cops.. Hey.. Got an idea! My senior is a good cop
under the garb of a bad cop. He has issued shoot
at sight orders. Once he sees you,
he’ll shoot you. Hence, before he comes if you silently leave with
your wedding procession then you may. I shall disperse my
team for 10 minutes. You have 7 and a half minutes to take your wedding
procession away. Even the girls in
‘Chak De! India’ got 70 minutes. Only 7 and a half minutes
for my wedding? Seven and a half minutes. That is all we have. And I have managed this as a result of a stroke of luck. No one can take
them away from us. No one. But are you all.. Are you all ready? To take the wedding
procession from one end of the street
to the other street? I am ready. To win my love. To fulfill the promise
made to my love. Are you all ready? Seven and a half minutes. That is all we have. Guddu..
– Keep the doors open. With loud slogans of love
inside my heart I’ll be there with a
silent wedding procession. “Everyone here is
crazy and restless..” I’ll run away along with this
wedding procession. I must set out for Bhopal
tonight at any cost. It’s better to be safe than die. Out of seven and a half hours only four and a half hours
are left. [email protected] Your seven and a half minutes
are about to start now. I’ll count till three. Ready, get set, go. Take your positions. One,
one and a half.. one by four. Two. Two and a half. Three by four. Three. Three!
Funti, I am coming. “All are crazy
and impatient here.” Let’s go.. “All are crazy
and impatient here.” “They have forgotten
their decency.” “All are crazy
and impatient here.” “All are crazy
and impatient here.” May the dancing wedding
procession emerge victorious! Emerge victorious! Emerge victorious! Inspector Luvkush had warned us
against showing up before the senior inspector
at any cost. If you spot anyone on the road,
go ahead and shoot him without asking
for my permission. Where do I go?
What do I do? I am stuck
amidst this crazy family. Oh, God!
Save me. It would have been better
if I had worn the metal drum along with the helmet. Oh, no.. Save them. Oh, Lord Krishna, save them! Oh, Goddess Durga,
show us a way out! Please show us a way out. Take the vehicle to this street.
Come on. So many ghosts!
Reverse the car. I’m not married yet! Reverse the car..
Hurry up, let’s go. Reverse the car.
Hurry up.. It was an amazing feeling
here today! What a feeling! There’s only 30 seconds left! Let’s go! You moron! The wedding procession is here.. Hey, bring the garland. Please welcome. Thank you, Goddess.
Praise the Goddess! Mother-in-law! It’s the tradition. It’s the tradition.
Don’t worry. She is casting the evil eye off. Hey, Sonu, what happened?
– Actually.. Perhaps,
her makeup is incomplete. Go to a secured place
and get it done. Yes, Mom. Brother-in-law. Thank you. Hey, this woman
has dressed up in black sari! That’s how
we cast the evil eye off. “We’re crazy for each other.” “We’re crazy for each other.” “We’re crazy for each other.”

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