BABY IN DANGER ☠ Who’s Your Daddy Skit + Gameplay w/ Shawn vs Knife, Fire, Glass & More (FGTEEV Fun)

BABY IN DANGER ☠ Who’s Your Daddy Skit + Gameplay w/ Shawn vs Knife, Fire, Glass & More (FGTEEV Fun)

*Explosion* *Fire bursting out* *fire alarm* Hot! Hot! That is hot *Blows on fire* [knife glimmer sound effect] *Dramatic Music* [baby noises] Oh, Shawn! *Cabinet Slams Shut* Ah, ah. Woah, woah, woah… woah. You no touch that, that’s sharp. *baby giggles* Who left that open like that? *dishwasher closing* Whoa! *Dramatic Music* *baby hitting window* *Continue hitting the window* Oh, oh, ah, ah, ah. Sharp! Sharp! Sharp! Sharp! Ooh, ooh, ooh [lighter turns on] *Shawn Blowing* Hey, hey, hey, hey. You can’t play with that fire. You give me that! [baby laughs] *baby cries* *Baby Noises* *Sliding door* *Dramatic Music* *Slips And Hits Door Wide Open* *Trampling Of Feet* *Dramatic Music* ohh Shawn!? Shawn!? ohh Hey. You can’t be out here, what are you doing? * baby laughs* You can’t go out there. It’s FGTV! What’s up FGTeeVers? It’s dad and it’s baby! Duddy and Chase. We’re playing: “Who’s your Daddy”! Yeah. Today we’re playing this game, where basically – look at this funky little spider. I have a son — look, he’s coming out of his room there. Hello, sir! Oh, hi little baby! Now he’s the baby, and he’s actually on a mission to get hurt. And I have to be a father, and don’t let him get hurt. And I could do things like say “Ah, ah baby. You’re coming back upstairs, and going in… going in your crib. Because no babies belong over here, in the hallway.” Hey, wait I dropped… I dropped my baby. No, I dropped myself. ahhh And then for a little while, I can’t pick him up and he could get away from me. Oh no. You don’t ever want to do that. I just dropped my baby. No, no baby get down from here. Oh no. And see, he has a little health meter. You see his health meter there? And when it’s full, that means I’m winning. When it’s going down — Don’t do it baby. Oh, He fell down, but I guess he didn’t get hurt. Hey, hey, hey. Stop that little baby. He’s trying to get hurt. No! He just drank — baby! You can’t drink that. It’s not juice. I like that. No, dude! It’s cleaning supplies. Ugh. Mommy left the cleaning supplies down again. I’m gonna put them on the top shelf there, so that baby can’t get — Oh my gosh, there’s bleach down here. Mommy! I’m not attending to my baby. My baby is in the kitchen. Where’s the baby? No, he’s eating batteries? Don’t eat it baby. I’ve got to get him food to heal him. Wait, where’s the baby? Wait, where are you baby? I’m in here! Baby, are you in the kitchen? Baby! Get out of there baby. Will food help the baby? Baby where are you? Where you? Baby, get out of the fridge! Oh my goodness. Crouch down… hey, hey, hey! Crouch down. Get out of there baby! No going into the fridge. Eat this banana. Baby, I am trying to heal you. How do I heal the baby? You have to press click on me. Hey, I just fed the baby some food and I healed him. I need more food from the floor. I feed my baby food from the floor, it’s very nutritious. aahhh Wait… oh! aaagghhh! Don’t put your baby near the fan. Okay. Watch out, there’s a candle on the floor. So baby, I’ve got his health up a little bit — Hey, baby get— There you are baby. Baby, come to your dada. Stop getting away from me. Get back here. Gonna crouch down. Oh dude, look when I crouch. I look so funky when I crouch. I’m a funky croucher. Baby. You can’t go outside. There’s a swimming pool!? No, no, no. No, no baby! Don’t go in there, baby! No, no baby. Wait, where’s the baby? Where’s my baby? He can’t swim. My baby! Oh oh. Quick, quick, quick! Get my baby! Oh oh. Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby? Baby? The baby didn’t make it. It couldn’t swim in the pool. Oh my goodness. So I… I lost. I’m such a bad daddy. That’s actually a very scary thing. We’re trying to make sure we have our pool baby-proofed for Shawn. And so far, we’re 0% of the way through with that. Okay, so now we’ve actually switched… switched turns here. If you look here, I’m the baby now. So dada, you got to save me. Because I want to get a Band-Aid. Oh, hi dad. Watch how fast I am. Ow! Stop that dad, stop it dad. So watch this. There’s my dad. He thinks I’m this little slow baby until I like, zoom! Go down the stairs all fast. So I press the fast button. Will you stop very quick? I will not stop. You can’t catch me under here, dad. Haha. No! Daddy! Let me down dada. Daddy, I don’t want to go in the laundry room. Daddy, you’re putting me in the dryer? Are you trying to help me win? Let me go. Let me go daddy. How do I get down? You can’t. Let me down. Yes, yes, okay, go. You’ll never catch me daddy. Hey! Jump, jump, jump, jump. Haha, daddy. Daddy! Let me go! I want to play around dangerous stuff. Just let me go. I don’t want to play with you. Oh, my dad always puts me in the crib. Don’t drop me daddy! Daddy! Ouch, that hurt. Okay, quick, quick. I am gonna hide. I’m going in this door. Open door. Aw aw aw. What’s this? Okay, move, move. I saw there’s a there’s a secret little room. Come in here dad. Can you catch me in here dad? I can’t. Dad, what’s the matter? Can’t find me dad? Ah, there’s my dad! There’s my dad. Haha, my dad can’t get me in here. This is my secret hiding spot. Alright, let’s see how what can I do — Is this a boiler room? Oh my goodness. I don’t know if I I want to touch this. It could be steaming hot. Dad? My dad destructed — Oh no, oh no! My dad’s in here! Quick, quick. Run. I’m in the garage. No! Open. Yes. Yes, okay run. Yes, I’m under the car. Ah ha! Can’t get me daddy. I’m just gonna change my catalytic converters. Open, open, open. Ahh! Open ahh… no please daddy don’t. ohh…. No daddy! I’m trying to get hurt. No, daddy you don’t want to put me in there. I am your baby. Don’t hurt me. I am. Thank you daddy for saving me. You’re such a good dad. Alright, let’s see little baby. Come on little baby. Where are you? Is the little baby — Oh oh, little baby you’re going through the — Oh, there’s a gate. I will take that, don’t mind if I do. Got it. Alright, i’m gonna put a gate right here so you cannot leave this room, baby. Ah ha, baby try to get beyond that. Oh, I’m a little baby. My name is baby. Look, I’m so tiny. I crawl on the floor Oh no. I can’t get out of this gate. Where you going? You’re trying to eat pumpkins? Dude, I’m gonna win. You can’t go in there. Yep, I’m in my vent. Wait! What?! I jumped up the wall, and crawled up into my vent! What ?! I wanna go in. How do I go in? Wait! How did you get down there? Because… because I was in the vent. Get out of the way gate. Dude… the… my baby legit… Do not get hurt. I’m coming for you. Do not get hurt. My house is so big, I forgot how to get to the garage. Is this the garage? No. Oh, wait, yes wait — Oh, a spider. Fix yourself spider. Get ahold of yourself. Ew, I see baby butt cheek buns. Peek-a-boo baby. Hey I can’t get you. No. Get out of there. Dude, you’re a fast baby. That’s it. Oh no. What would happen if I… can I like start the car? No, because I have the key. You have the key? Yep. Oh no. So far, I’m losing. Because my baby is safe. It makes no sense, but it does make sense. Hello! Gotcha! You’re coming with me. I don’t think so, baby. It is time to get back in this sink. Hey, where did you go? What? I win. Because you weren’t hurt. But you weren’t hurt… I don’t have to get hurt. I’m the daddy. Let me get a head start. No. Yeah, I’m gonna try something cool. Seriously, don’t fort my plans dad. You always try to rain on my peretti. Don’t mess me up, daddy. Don’t get my key. Daddy, stop it. Ha ha! The key is not here. Where’s that key at daddy? Oh, what’s this back here? Oh, what the… Grab baby disabling? No way! Dude, I just found a laser gun. I got my car key. But I wanna show you this daddy. Oh wait. No, I used it? Aw no, my taser doesn’t work because I used it. Oh, oh, oh. Daddy dropped his key. I got your key daddy. I got your key daddy. Don’t try to stop me dad. I’m 16 months old. Let me go daddy. Fine. You can go in the car by yourself, and you can die. No daddy, you’re supposed to save me. Stop trying to make fun of me. Yeah, I know that’s how I crawl. Here we go. Let’s see. Go, go inside. Use baby key-on-ignition. Ah, no! Or maybe dad has to get in the car, and then drive. Haha, you lost. Dude, I almost was able to drive daddy’s car. Alright guys, well that is it. Thank you for watching this video. “Who’s your daddy”. You. So, who is your daddy? Me. You your own daddy? Yeah. That’s some deep stuff, bro. Pound it there. Pound it. Pound it with my high five. High five it with my pound-it. Now high five my pound-it. Pound it, my high five. Confusing, I know. And if you guys enjoyed this, make sure you thumbs up and subscribe. If you are subscribed, press that little bell notification button. Because you’ll always know when we post a vid. What the… Alright, stay tuned. I’m about to do some funny stuff. You need me to stay ’til 2? Why can’t you be funny now? No, I said stay tuned. Hey, I’m a toon. Why does this keep happening to me? Oops, just farted. Smell it, smell it, smell it, smell it. Ah ha ha ha ha

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