Baby Plays With Python

Baby Plays With Python

COMM: Seeing a Burmese python coiled around
their baby would be a nightmare for most parents, but for snake handler Jamie
Guarino, it’s simply a show of affection from a beloved family pet. Jamie: Alyssa, is that a snake? Are you playing with a snake?! COMM: And the father of three from Michigan, USA, is on a mission to change opinion on what he sees as an irrational fear of snakes. Jamie: In this video I was showing the simple fact that snakes are not evil creatures. They
can be a loving pet, despite their bad reputation. My daughter was absolutely in no danger. COMM: In the footage, Jamie’s 13-foot Python, Nene, can be seen interacting with his daughter Alyssa, who was 14-months-old at the time. Jamie: When people see this clip they
mostly react with fear or negativity and I don’t understand why because as you
can see the snake is just roaming around, it has no interest in biting her or choking
her or swallowing her. This is an embedded fear and I think people are
brainwashed. Jamie has been a snake handler since the age of 16 and wants to
bring his two daughters, 10-year-old Krista and Alyssa, who’s now three, into
the family business. Jamie: I think the benefits of raising children around exotics is
simple, they can open up their mind to something different. Rather than your
average pet, my plan is to open up a reptile zoo with my daughters. We want to
share our passion and educate people that reptiles belong. COMM: But his relaxed
attitude toward his beloved snakes raises eyebrows amongst people who see
them as inherently dangerous. Jamie: To those of you who might see this video as irresponsible or dangerous, please take a minute. Don’t judge based on fear or something you don’t understand. Snakes can be and are loving animals. There are 95% more dog attacks than snakes. My daughter was absolutely in no danger.

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  1. This baby diserves an award

  2. I hate people that hate snakes

  3. This is a call for the social services not barcroft

  4. I LOVE snakes but my mom is terrified of snakes

  5. Your daughter is so cute

  6. I don't believe what you said……no matter what kind of a loving they give ……That Animal instinct is still there……you can't take that way…….they can strike at anytime & at any where.

  7. Because snakes are wild animal snake can eat very large animals it can be dangerous and some are poison now know yours are not I’m just speaking in general

  8. I am trying to find a baby picture of a baby laying on a curled up snake. I saw one in National Geographic Magazine. I want to do it because I know that the magazine and the scriptures say that, "The spirit of fear is not born in us." And that we should, " Look to the Lord in every thought. Doubt not, fear not."
    Too many people live their lives loving as they think Christ would, but they do so with fear.
    They fear that if a family member or friend or loved one makes one mistake that they are lost forever or are soon to be and may never make it back.
    To those people I say, "Where is your faith? Where is your Christ-like love? And where is your trust in God, Christ, the Holy Ghost, yourself and others that everything will be okay because God is in control and as long as we do our part, we are protected from Satan and destruction of all kinds.
    Our time on this Earth is foreordained by God and it will not be longer or shorter than that time. He knows how we will die. Some of us will die of old age. Some of us will die in battle. Some will die as heros. Some will not. Some will die of an accident, but it isn't because God doesn't love them or is punishing them. The exact opposite is more likely. Some die of more morbid reasons, like suicide. This is because of a chemical imbalance caused by emotional stress and I don't believe that God will hold it against them because they were not thinking straight.
    It is not for me to decide who goes to heaven and who doesn't.
    As long as we have a heart full of love and a mind full of wisdom, knowledge, light and perfection (the essence of being whole in obedience) then I believe that everyone can go home to Heavenly Father in heaven.

    If you know where I can get more movie footage, picture proof, and stories about babies and reptiles and domesticated exotic animals of all kinds it would make a great documentary.

    As for myself I just want to show my Mom and my friends and family that the spirit of fear is not born in us, and that all we need to do is trust God live right and be a beacon if Christ-like love, charity and service and nothing can harm us.

  9. Honestly it wasn’t the snake I was worried about. Little babies don’t understand that they might be hurting something/someone and she could’ve accidentally grabbed it by the face and it wind up retaliating and bite her. So luckily the little girl didn’t accidentally hurt it

  10. Bro no way in hell I can allow a snake near my 18 months fregile daughter…

  11. El que habla parece willyrex :v

  12. When that snakes hurts or kills the innocent child, the parents should be brought up on child abuse; child neglect and any other charge the police can file on the parents.

  13. I feel like snakes only bite when they feel like there threatened or scared or hungry

  14. Snake: Exsists
    Baby: It's free real estate
    30 yr old White Karens: UGhghGGhH YOu KnOw tHaat SnAkE CouLd EaT YouR KiD

  15. "This is an embedded fear, & I think people are brainwashed."
    Why, because they're cautious after hearing horror stories about pythons escaping their cages, & eating people's sleeping toddlers? Which is mostly the owner's fault?

  16. the snake simpler isn't big enough

  17. I've always wanted a Kenyan sand snake it's a cuddle noodle and I love it

  18. Imagine bullying this kid then she comes out with a full grown snake in her neck

  19. If I meet you wen im a teen I want to see your snake in real life

  20. Then you hear about pet snakes strangling the kids to death. I Still wouldn’t trust a snake around a baby That’s just crazy

  21. Domesticating dangerous predators. I don’t speak snake. I see snake I grab my machete and get eaten by wounded snake.

  22. How do u get Snakes to not bite or choke u and just let them be Fred in the house???

  23. Snakes are not loving

  24. It's all fun and games until somebody gets swallowed WHOLE!

  25. Regardlesss how YOU feel about this “THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN “” CHILD ABUSE ‘’….

  26. Next video: snake eats baby

  27. I held a snake when I was 11 i was in the fifth grade a guy from the a animal rescue center and he had everyone hold a snake if they wanted and in did and the snake showed me know Threat at all

  28. Me after watching hundreds of snake feeding vids.
    (Me having no feelings to humanity)
    Also me: cmon just do it… you know you really really want to.

  29. I love sneks (danger noodles too )

  30. I dont care how much people try to say this child isnt in any danger, the truth is you can never trust a wild animal or reptile. Not even domesticated one's, their wild instinct can take over at any moment for any reason. When people put their full trust is when tragedy strikes, and its always the same thing repeated. "He, she, or it has never done anything like that before". Those kids should be taken away, their parents have lost their good judgement and common sense.

  31. This video really disturbs me! That should never happen! Crazy man!

  32. #notallsnakesarebad

  33. When I was a baby I was like playing with a fury spider and my mom freaked out and put it outside I cried. ?

  34. Aww that’s cute

  35. I LOVER instressed for snakes I had a female Python and she was probably the most important thing to me other than my mom my dad and my little sister in one day I want to be just like you and your daughter's I want to be a snake Handler and I want to prove that they are harmless creatures the only time they would actually attack is cuz they're scared of something else or it's cuz they're hungry

  36. I love snakes to and i hate peopls who kills them

  37. There’s a reason why we evolved to be fear snakes.As long as people just leave them alone,that’s what I care about.This dude wants to make them as whole pets.”Pets” he said.Plus,there’s a lotta things a baby can do until they tick a snake off to the edge.We’ll see if he turns up as one of victims,God forbids his daughters from a animal attack,from a exotic animal

  38. PEOPLE are MORE and the MOST dangerous than this snake could ever DREAM of being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I'm calling DCFS ?


  41. But really, this video is awesome and there is no reason for disliking.

  42. Animals especially predators won’t attack unless starving, provoked, or had a bad experience in life

  43. this is done very poorly.
    Snakes are instinctive and NOT emotional.
    trust is different than affection..
    He may be "on" the situation but the snake, any reptile, is still not an emotional but is an instinctive creature.
    his language shows his own inflections (and using some new age wording of his personal philosophy vs non fear + factual information) of his own agenda.. hope the kids stay safe but get some facts..
    Respect the reptiles.. & be a knowledgeable human.

  44. This is science, snake has no emotions part in their brain, if it is hungry it can consume little baby as well , no circumstances a little baby should leave alone with python.

  45. Awwwww snakey❤️❤️❤️?

  46. The baby is Soo brave she's cool

  47. I like non-venomous snakes

  48. Let him babysit …
    See how that goes …

  49. print("long snek boi")

  50. my whole family is scared of snakes but i think they are cute…

    I help a snake when i was 6 once :3

  51. Baby: omg :mom it’s not gonna nite you :baby ok :snake…..

  52. i love snakes and i get that you daghter is not in any danger becuses i was also that age beaing around pyrthons and snakes are my hole world i love snakes and they arint bead animals

  53. Me: You wanna hold a snake? They let you at some pet stores
    Karen: Ew, no! They're scary and the spawn of Satan! And they bite!
    Me: Anything with a mouth can bite, Karen. And if one did bite you, it would be rather justified in doing so
    Karen: NYEHH

  54. And the dog to snake owner ratio is?

    Cut down on the food then let the snake babysit. See how it goes.

    A reptile brain is just that. About as complex as a light switch. It doesn't care, nor can it be taught to care or feel.

    It DOES NOT make them bad it makes them reptiles. And as such can not be domesticated. No matter how much you want to.

  55. We have two snakes. The bigger one, about two feet long, bit my mom once. I’ve handled them both before. They don’t get quite as much attention as they used to when we first got them, but they’ve certainly seen a few houses. They are pretty nice only biting if they’re eating because you know… snakes…

  56. If a baby plays with a Baby Python
    Please Dont Eat or Swallow it

  57. nobody said they are evil, they are wild and instinctual. if you want to run that risk it's your call but to me it's not worth it

  58. I'm just worried bout that snake children are wild they go nuts sometimes… but otherwise that snake is just doing its thing

  59. humans are very dangerous earthlings

  60. Until the baby touches it in just the right spot to piss it off….rip

  61. It is cute until something bad happens. There is no upside you inbred jerkoffs

  62. محلو الفيديو

  63. I say, never put a big snake with a baby that can't at least crawl and stuff

  64. Snakes are unpredictable and I dont believe that it can be domesticated. Who you going to blame if something happened? Oh wait……… no one but yourself!

  65. I hope One day you don’t regret it

  66. My mom thinks snakes are bad snake are the devil but no she a fraid she will never let me have a snake I peg and peg i even show my mom this video see look if a snake won’t hurt a baby unless it’s self defense than no I can get a snake but look the man said the snake is just playing with the baby I can’t remember what he said I just going too make up what the snake is just playing he’s not harming the baby but no she said it’s getting ready for he’s lunch I gave her a look the look DIDNT happen but I’m just going too add it any way ya it’s A true story but not all of it is true I gave her a look that ment your crazy woman

  67. Why would someone do this

  68. Family: OHHH MY GOD
    BABY: bruh its just a giant gummy worm
    family: Your going up for adoption
    baby: bruh its a gummy snake or worm or it is a Indestial Maniac like U
    family: …*puts up for adoption (yay ur ded now)*

  69. I agree snakes are not evil they are the best for example they take away the rodents we have here otherwise right now some of our food would begone and would starve

  70. HELL NO not the kids

  71. 0:46 named NAE NAE

  72. I think Nay Nay thought Alyssa may make a nice pillow or cushion…beats the heck out of the heating pad!?


  74. You are a wise man


  76. I love snakes. i think they are beautiful creatures. If I knew that the snake was well fed, calm, and comfortable with people I would be okay with my 22 month old child being with a snake with supervision which obviously he is. I would be more concerned of my son not being careful with the snake. He would try to pick it up and drag it everywhere like a stuffed animal.

  77. I own 3 noodles Angolan python, Mexican black kingsnake, and a Kenyan sand boa love them ❤?

  78. awwwwwwwwww omg thats so cool. i love how she plays with the snake and it plays with her back

  79. Baby be like savage

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