Backhand Clear All In One

Backhand Clear All In One

I would like to show you from start to finish of the backhand clear when you are ready ready shuttle been hit your racket follow the shuttle cock while you are doing it you have to make steps depending on how high if shuttle is high and deep you do more steps if shuttle goes flat you do less steps but racket follow the shuttle cock so you do normally 2 small steps 1 2 1 2 but racket stay away 1 2 you turn this one side way so this one can go if you go like that you can’t go this one so open the door, this door open the door this one can go but racket stay with shuttle cock and then hold the shuttle cock and then hit one more hold it point the shuttle cock with 2 small steps racket stay with shuttle cock make big step bang watch this please watch again racket point shuttle cock go bang ok one more hit – land together ok now wrong way no like this nor like this and like this when shuttle is there, racket is there when racket is here you are more likely to do the big action like that and go like that go like this stay like that and go now side steps small steps there small small – look look bang fast slower fast slow wrong way slow fast slow fast slow fast no fast slow that’s the way to use power faster – slower fast – slow finally eyes and face when you hit it like this so I see it not like that one more like this so I can see hit shuttle is in my eye if I do that, I have to look for the shuttle cock watch this watch my face there deeper wrong way right way and then like that you saw all the technique but the most important thing of all in order you to hit perfect backhand clear is your belief you say to yourself I can do backhand that belief is more important than all the techniques all together you have all the techniques but if you don’t believe it will not happen do believe and if you try 10 times you could not do it be happy to try 11th time with belief I will bet you, you will be hitting very good backhand clear

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  1. Coach Lee, I am delighted with your coaching. Thanks a ton.
    We use ‘NYLON SHUTTLECOCK’ for playing everyday as it is more economical. We use MAVIS350 model by Yonex.
    How much difference does it make in the game as compared to feather shuttlecocks ?

  2. I have to say that it is much different. It there is chance then use the feather but otherwise continue with it as it is better then not doing it. Lee

  3. Hello Coach Lee, I found it very interesting that you think backhand clearing is "easier", though that is probably because I have not used the correct techniques to date. Your videos are very easy to follow, so THANK YOU! Can you please explain when I should change my grip during a rally? C

  4. Thank you for your kind coment and I am very pleased to know you like it.
    You should change after opponent made a shot, only then you know which grip is required. Until then you should have a nutural grip. Lee

  5. and there was me hoping he would perform gangnam style 🙁

  6. Do you mean me? Lee

  7. Lee, You may get a lot of these comments from now on unfortunately.

  8. I agree. I may have to make one cip for me doing the dance. Lee

  9. I think that would be a greatt idea and I'm sure it would be a hit. The question is Are you ready for 722,900,562 views?
    p.s you are a great credit to youtube and your tuition is invaluable.
    Thank you.

  10. Thank you for your kind words. I will stay in badminton not dancing. Lee

  11. interesting to learn n get some tips form Coach Lim

  12. It can be normal or it can be caused by wrong grip. If you have not done much training before but recently doing much training then it can be caused by amount of training. Otherwise it may be wrong grip or wrong hitting actions. Lee

  13. Thank you and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  14. Thanks Mr. Lee, this is the best explanation I have ever seen so far.

  15. Thank you and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  16. what is the point for the initial hops before hitting the shuttle?

  17. That is a very good point. You are not doing the hops only for backhand clear. You have to do it when ever your oppornent is making shots. Please see the clips related with movement skills. Lee

  18. Hi Lee, I tried the backhand clear but it's not powerful enough to send the shuttle at the back of the court. How can I increase the power?

  19. Hi Coach Lee, if it was in a game situation, and it was a high and deep to your forehand, you should play an overhead forehand shot instead right?

  20. Could you please explain a little more? Is shuttlecock been hiot by oppernent and it is coming to my forehand deep rear corner? If it is then yes you should hit an forehand clear. Please let me know if I am wrong to understand your question. Lee

  21. hello mr. Lee , im playing badminton for almost a year and i am pretty good but i have one weakness 🙁 . i can't play versus players who only plays is in the backcourt'. i am more a "netplayer" because of my reaction speed but i haven't got enough strength to compete with these players who plays Always in the back.

    do you have any tips for me to let them make a mistake or how i can recieve these shots the best.

    Thanks, Stephan

  22. You can make your base more backwarded. Get lower posture so you can more faster. To a good player, you should be able to play all around without much practice. So I wopuld like to advise you to practice your weak areas. Good luck. Lee

  23. I think ive seen u before

  24. Do u live in australia

  25. after watching this clip I had the confidence to play left handed. thank you Mr. Lee

  26. You are very welcome. Lee

  27. i think u can force them to come towards the forecourt . by proper placement . dropshots r wonderful to force them come to the forecourt , then u can go for the netkill

  28. How the hand grip should be for this?

  29. How the hand grip should be for this?

  30. Coach Lee, how do I have a more powerful backhand clear? I find if my opponent clears it to my backhand corner, I have to clear it back but it ends up mid court, so my opponent gets an easy smash opportunity. Thank you.

  31. thank u so much,coach

  32. Where should I put my thumb during this backhand hit?

  33. Thank you so much for all your valuable lessons, Lee, but I wish you recorded in an empty stadium because the people talking and playing in the background distracts me and makes it harder to hear what you say.

  34. Thank u so much, coach

  35. 3 điều lưu ý ở bài này : day chân trái chứ không bước chéo chân phải (làm thế như tự chối chân mình)
    – Lăn cán vợt về vị trí 3 giờ,
    – Khuỷu tay phải nâng ngang vai, và vẩy cổ tay chứ không "quai cả cánh tay cầu sẽ đi không chính sác hướng cần đánh.

  36. Bài đánh cầu trái tay này rất khó học nhưng quan trọng để thủ quả 'ép trái" của đối phương.

  37. Phút thứ 2 đến phút thứ 3 của Video này thày chỉ ra các động tác sai thường gặp, cần sửa.

  38. Master Lee you are the best coach! Thank you very much you helped a lot!   After I watch I go and practice and yes, its very difficult, but I keep trying remembering your words: "try ten times you couldn't do it be happy to try eleven times with the believe…"

  39. Nice. . All i need to do now is to practice this shot I know that this will take me a lot of time to perfect this. . I have a stiff body and im straining my self doing overhead clear shots and sometimes the shuttle only travels to the midcourt. .

  40. very strong wrist 

  41. I love your last words. Thank you teacher.

  42. 정말 도움이 많이 되는것 같습니다. 가르쳐주셔서 감사합니다

  43. Most important believe in your self. Excellent Sensei Lee. Power of the mind more important than physical technique. Thank you once again.

  44. thật hay ở bước dịch nhỏ ban đầu. và Nhanh rồi Chậm !

  45. thankz for the most useful teaching

  46. belief makes success

  47. Hello. Sir Kindly advise how can. I save this video in you tube offline mode Videos are saved in my iphone but not in blackberry Pls help

  48. I am 17, from Germany and playing badminton since 10 years. It's always good to refresh simple techniques. Very Good Coaching Master Lee!

  49. I am having trouble at times since i am left handed but i was able to follow..backhand has always been my weakness but i'll practice more using your advise and instructions.thanks much from the philippines

  50. I am watching your practice,am very interesting expecially back hand thank you very much.,

  51. i have problem with the backhand. when i do backhand its not enough strong..but thnks for the tips..i can practice now

  52. that's really helpful… thanks, Sir…

  53. sir I was a state champion 5 years back…!! but due to injury and personal issues I was out .. thanks for the coaching hope I get back to form..:)

  54. technics, spirit and generosity thanks a lot Master

  55. Hey what type of racket are you using?

  56. Im really amazed by how you teach through videos. You are so amazing. Im thinking of going to Korea to personally thank you.

  57. I love your videos…very helpful. Thank you from Canada Coach!

  58. i like badminton so much but i face difficulty with the backhand ….. i try to find the tutorial and i found your video tutorial easy to follow and to practice ….. now i feel my backhand is much more improve ….. thank you

  59. Great tips on the 'fast fast slow' and also the position of the racquet.

  60. Very helpful, especially on timing and confidence

  61. Sir I'm not getting the grip ur holding is it the regular grip??

  62. I just realized i've been doing everything all wrong, from the hand grip nearer to the fingers, the backhand from fast to slow and the waiting time before you smash. Excellent!

  63. Great training… Thanks a lot..

  64. Very nice description… thanks..

  65. Nice video it really helps ?

  66. useful tips,thank you

  67. The best coach of coaches..Aloha!!

  68. I may not have the words to express my feelings, especially that last part you said "to have belief in yourself". It made me rethink all the hardwork and passion i had all this time, not only in badminton but my life as well. Thank you, and I really mean it 🙂

  69. It's very useful and beneficiary updates, thanks for teaching

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