Backhand Flick Serve in Badminton Badminton

Backhand Flick Serve in Badminton  Badminton

hi I’m Nia tran and I’m a coach here at East Bay damaging Association today we are going to talk about the backhand flick serve for beginners the things you need will be a racket a birdie a standardized court with proper netting to practice on to do the backhand flick serve start by positioning your right leg forward and holding your racket with a backhand grip begin by positioning the rackets angle downwards like so below your waist hold the birdie by one feather with two fingers and put it in front of your racket like so from here lock backwards and as you go forward increase the speed of your swing so that the birdie will fly farther like so the goal of the backhand slick serve is to catch your opponent off guard as they’re putting their momentum forward to give you the advantage because they’re going to open up the court for you as they move back as you can see from the first scenario the opponent’s momentum was pushed forward and was caught off guard and ended up missing the spurred in the second scenario even though he managed to hit the bird he opened up the entire court for me allowing me to place my shots properly and that was the backhand flick sir for badminton my name is Nia Tran and I’m the coach here at eastbay badminton association if you have any questions about the backhand flick serves or would like to know more about it feel free to visit us on our web at WWE stay badminton calm

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