Badminton-Attack and Defence Positioning Practice (2)

Badminton-Attack and Defence Positioning Practice (2)

You have the choice of saying smash or clear ok, now ready side by side when I point you go, don’t say anything ok, when he goes you have to come to the net ok, go wait, you say smash and then no because he said smash you have to stay ok wait, so now stay center, if I point there who should go, because its back that’s yours ok, when I do that way you have the choice of saying clear or smash ok, go clear yes because he said clear, you come there, he goes there ready go smash go clear go smash move forward ready, go clear go smash go smash go clear well done what happens, Sean move there, what happens ya common mistakes ready ok, shuttle goes there, then normally this partner normally watch what he is doing, he just waits here he thinks that’s all yours because your side if you smash there go, Sean go go ya, so ready side by side I am here opponent lifts there, go I am just standing, you smash , you drop wait, ok smash ya like that too far, you are too far, ya ready so normally when he hit you go ya, shuttle goes there then I will be there and then bang ya, shuttle goes there if you lift me, I will go and you go, ya like that, again ready you lift me I go smash, ya bang now same I will go you just watch me, ya like that and I smash, you are there, I am here ok stay there this time, I will smash you drop ok, you watch me, like that I can’t you can’t so come, here side by side ready when he goes, before he hits you have to be here any way ok, don’t think about what he does come fast here ok, ready go stop like that and then if he hits clear you have to go back ok ready, same go clear like that now, say smash ready no no no, come back ready go smash again side by side ready go smash yes ok go smash ok, now you say clear go clear yes ok, now change again now mistake, you just watch him ok, go smash shuttle here no one takes ready ok now go smash go smash yes go smash go clear go clear go smash where are you going [laughs] side by side please so, Sean you are fast wait ready go clear go smash go smash go smash go clear well done

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  1. I am a learner and I have a similar question. The initial solution for me, If I were a front player and I knew where my partner and where the shuttlecock going, I would stay but inclined to trajectory and watch if my partner shot it in the air? If it is in the air, I will move back side by side for defense since I still have a trace time, otherwise I will have to get ready and do any front court action right away. Can I have your comments and corrections? Please Thanks coach Lee!

  2. @Seemydna Hi, The reason of the players in the clip shout is for training purpose. The front player can not see rear court player so I ask him to say it only in practise.
    In real match the player should not shout. The front player should see what shot been played by his partner then move as he should. This clips is to training player that when clear been hit then they should be side by side but when smash been played then they should be top and back. Lee

  3. @igbabies The front player must make his move after his rear court partner made shot. He can not move before as he has no idea what shot the partner would do. If partner made clear or lift then the front player must move back to be side by side. If partner shot is too low or too shot then he has to stay as he has no time to move back. If opponent is taking the shot in the air but he is taking his backhand shot or very late so he can not attack then front player may stay at the net. Lee

  4. sir what can i do with my left hand since i can't use my right hand's full power… since it was injured over two years… everyone tell's to quit playing… but i keep practicing using my left but i can't hit the shuttle… what training should i do? with my left…

  5. @DEATH123343 Dont ever quit. There always a way to meet your passion if you are mad about it. It is difficult me to advise as I do not know the condition of your right hand. Please record your hitting action using both hand and let me see it then I can advise you more accuriately. Lee

  6. @Seemydna You have a good questions. The front person (at the net must waut to see his partner shot. He should only move after he sow the shot without turn his face back to his partner. Answer to your second part is. 1. your opponent will know you hit clear, 2. they also knows that unless you shout it is drop or smash. 3. The best badminton is to be able to respond each situation naturally by awaring it reading the situation. Continue….

  7. It is same that when you drive, you may drive forward unless the person sit beside you say "danger". In this way you are depending on the person when driving. It is better you to see the situation and respond differently rather then wait the person to say something. Shouting is good for the players who are learning this movement first time but they should be able to do it without saying anything that is the best possible badminton. I hope you see my point. Lee

  8. Thank you for your reply and I am pleased to see that you see the point I am making. Thank you for kindly posting your comment about it. Lee

  9. Hi Coach lee…. i have a question should the front player stand directly in front of the back player in attacking play or he should stand in center. Suppose opponent clear on right side of court and back player is about to hit a smash so the front player should move right in front or stay in center. Thanks your videos are awesome.

  10. If your partner at the back is not in deep corner then you would better stand bit same side where the shuttlecock is. But if your partner at the back is taking the shuttlecock at the deep corner then it is better to stand centre to cover wider court. Lee

  11. After the game my feet and ankles start paining so much that i am not able to play the next day. please suggest remediies.

  12. You would better to rest to recover then training againg gently. Lee

  13. Apply RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate), Important: you should do proper warming up (dynamic stretching) every time followed by your training or match and then at last do Static stretching (hold for at least 15 seconds for each stretch). I hope this is useful

  14. Thanks for your advice. Please elaborate more about RICE. Dynamic and static stretching.

  15. this is extremely good

  16. this moving technique is essentially important and it works effectively for playing doubles

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