Badminton-Attack and Defence Positioning Practice (3)

Badminton-Attack and Defence Positioning Practice (3)

go no stop James side, so ya its different stay before he hits you are already there now he has to hit it then you have to, when he lifts it, go lift it lift and you have to come back, so unnecessary moves in this one for net, wait until he hits and then move after he moves ok, now wait James come, net no, when he moves, oooooh ya he might do the net, he might go back because it depends on his lift ya, so wait until he moves ok, go net yes again go lift yes, you don’t have to move back that is the difference ready, go net go lift go net well done when he moves, you move ok, not before, because you have to wait, you can see him, but he cannot see you that’s why you have to wait ok, ready side by side ok Sean, you go net go net go lift go net go lift go lift go net well done

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  1. Isn't saying "net" and "lift" just telling your opponent what you're doing so they know what to expect?

  2. @AznBoyLovesWafflez

    I think the purpose of this is just to learn how to move… It's not telling you to yell out "net" or "lift".

    My father taught me by saying attack = front and back, defend = side.

    My coach in the past just tell me to imagine that we're running in circles… so when my partner is at 1 o'clock, I'll rotate to 7 o'clock. I grew past that already, just using it as an example or how coach teaches you how to move.

  3. @AznBoyLovesWafflez It is to learn and practice the movement. When you are traned then you do not have to say anything during a match. Lee

  4. @airstyles1989 Thank you and yes you are spot on. Lee

  5. It is clear that the clip is Badminton-Attack and Defence "Positioning Practice" without arguing.

  6. To achieve Positioning Practice, it is needed to do someways to make it, included the way imagine. I watched coach Lee's clips very many times, from object point of view and in personal practice, it is very close to the real game. It is easy to follow and practice without imagine.

  7. In real game, I believe you have to watch your partner's action ,the coming shuttlecock, opponent's court and opponent, so you and your partner will know how to help each other, how to move to proper position. It is easy to say than to do, just do it and practice hard and you are the winer side. This is what I learned from coach Lee's coaching clip and myself practice. Thanks coach Lee again.

  8. when i was in high school i have a partner in double… sometimes we battle each other on the court… so we can increase our team chemistry… and make some signals when and how to act… and soon we made team combo we called fake drop shot with jump smash…. team chemistry is also important right sir?

  9. Yes it is. If two players' mind are together then the two becomes twenty.
    The partnership of World no 1 and 2 not always beat others in doubles and mixed.
    Depending on the relationship, believe and trust of each other the result is very different. That is the most important factor in doubles. Lee

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