Badminton-Attack and Defence Positioning Practice (5)

Badminton-Attack and Defence Positioning Practice (5)

stay at net yes ready again low service, be ready for intercept ready, yes James, low service ready for net ready ready low service smash ready, kill yes well done ready smash yes go side by side, yes well done yes ready well done side by side block yes well done yes again go yes well done side by side go ready go side by side common, kill yes, well done well done ready again, go ready well done Sean ready well done, again well done, again well done again ya switch side ok ok yup, again again, side by side ready ready again no no ready, move after he moves quick smash again 1 2 3 4 ready again well done clear clear net lift net smash clear smash well done go ok net lift

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  1. I am very sorry every one. I had to change the clip as there was a spelling mistake.
    Would you please post again your questions about this clip. Sorry about causing inconvient. Lee

  2. Hi, You are my respected coach. I like the way you dealing the things and the way you coaching. I was wondering if I had to take attack position, whenever my rear court partner made a drop shot, since I can not find this part in your other clips but this one. Now, after watched it, I knew I had to do it, because the shuttlecock going down like smash but soft and close the net, so my opponents are forced to do net or lift, than my partner and I have chances to take smash and net kill. Thanks!

  3. hey, where did you learn your badminton skills?

  4. I am very pleased to know that you found the answer you been looking for.
    Thank you for kindly posting your comment. Lee

  5. Some trouble that I have when playing doubles is when I'm playing the front court, I'm not sure how to get involved in the rallies if my opponents never use a net drop. Could you explain how? Thanks for all the videos, they are so helpful!

  6. 1. try not to position your self too close to the net. 2. put your racket up 3. try to intercept. 4. You should move back to side by side position when your opponent lift shuttlecock to the rear court 5. your partner should smash or drop more then keep lifting. In doubles the pair who attack will win. I hope it helps. Lee

  7. Thank you for the help.

  8. You are very welcome. Lee

  9. Hi Coach Lee,

    When the rear court partner clears the shuttlecock, who should move to the left and right?

  10. If your rear court partner hit clear then nobody should be at the net. Both of you should be side by side and ready for opponent smash attack. Lee

  11. i learned a lot sir thank you.

  12. You are very welcome. Lee

  13. Hi Jason,

    If your partner hits clear from left side then you should move to the right side so that your partner can just come forward with less steps and be ready for defence (since you are in middle number of steps for you will be same for either left or right, so it depends on from where your partner is hitting clear from, if he hits from left then you move to right, if from right then you move to left). I hope this answered your question.


  14. Thank you very much Lee, I have learnt alot from your lessons. You are great!

  15. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  16. awesome shots by your students and u too.and one more thing that are u playing with a feather shuttle or a plastic shuttle

  17. Thank you and I am using feather. Lee

  18. I'm very glad to see this video.
    It's very useful for new player.
    Thank you so much.

  19. I have watched many videos but I found this one the best

  20. Very helpful… it says a lot… and also "Action is better than thousand words.." so it has proved it again! Thanks Lee!

  21. thanks again. clear, simple to understand!

  22. Thanks a lot for the video! . When you move from offense to defence , to which side does the front player move ? Left or right?

  23. I am try to in 2 year's. But not impru in smashing. I am very disappointed. Plz help me. Sir

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