Badminton-Backhand Clear (16) The Best Way to Practice Backhand Clear, Step by Step

Badminton-Backhand Clear (16) The Best Way to Practice Backhand Clear, Step by Step

Now, how to practice step by step ok, first one caught the wrist tapping has to be done so, you caught the wrist like this, no like that like that, face straight, no like that this is difficult lets say you want to learn backhand clear fresh ok, side by side caught like this, so the palm is facing there like this, your partner moves there racket face is facing there, ok can you see it like this, throw the shuttle here what you have to do, don’t worry about the feet just wait and tap ya, little longer tap tap set, tap so practice tap ya wait, tap ok, set when the shuttle comes, back and tap ok, that’s the number 1 step again, but you have to caught that way like this, yes, no like that look, no like this I can’t hit it, you can’t hit it look you can’t caught, caught ok, from behind not forward caught, stay caught ya left arm, hold it like that tap tap tap tap ok, after this one in order to give you the confidence and improve your power use racket head cover like this, by the way this is my face [laughs] this is similar [laughs] ok, using your cover on caught the wrist, ya same, face, face the shuttle cock like that, tap tap tap tap tap ok, so you have the some idea of tapping ok, using caught wrist ok, now the arm must not be like that, near to you just small, not sure, no like that no like that, already stretched ok, not fully stretched, aggressive and more enthusiastic ya, feed side like this after that take it off without cover do it again you will be surprised shuttle will go longer now then you will believe in your wrist after that next stage is move side set, back and hit like this ok, 1 2 3 so you learn the timing of hit set – back – hit so 1 2 3 1 is hold, 2 is back and 3 is hit watch this 1 2 3 1 2 3 set – back – hit 1 2 3 remember 2 is slow and 3 fast not fast – fast, this is wrong 1 23 1 2 3 1 2 3 fast 1 2 3 1 2 3 remember, in this practice you must tap bring your racket backwards in order to hit your shuttle forward watch this 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 important thing now, you must stay caught here, say caught that way, do not release, if you release it, you do that no, caught ok, so 1 2 3 like this the last one, like that you can face there two side step and then hit look, 1 2 and then hit hit and land together ok, watch all in one now watch my feet 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 ok, important point while you are moving your racket should point no like that, like this wrong way no like this, like that your racket should move to the shuttle cock with step, 1 2 3 1 2 3 if you feel happy, use cover again same go, 1 2 3 1 2 3 when you do cover training, you have to make small action if you make big one you can’t hit it 1 2 3 do that 20 times, take cover off 1 2 3 1 2 3 after you practice those elements, last one you have to practice in real way ya, easy, this is you, set posture, ok two steps and hit ok, face that way, ok not that way ok, keep going continue 1 2 3 4 remember its better to hit shuttle cock shorter with right technique rather than try to hit longer with wrong technique, because if you hit clear here in right way, right way then quickly you can hit like this but if you try to force it with wrong technique you will not improve, so stick with those techniques doing again, try, try and try again I am 100% sure you can hit backhand clear, its easier 3 times easier than forehand clear, because its kind of forming up, caught the wrist set punch feet, ok I know you will be successful in your backhand clear

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  1. good job Lee. . . . .

  2. Mr.Lee !! I've tried !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i can't do it !!!!!!!!!! 

  3. Mr.Lee where can i meet you

  4. thank you mr.lee……..i learned forehand by seeing your vedios ……i hope by seeing this vedio i can hit a good backhand shots

  5. maybe a stupid question but i ask it anways to make it clear for me:
    for the backhand clear, i do not use my wrist as i would when waving somebody goodbye but like a dj turning tables, right? could not think about better examples ^^

  6. Dear Sir,
    Please also share your views on how to have variations on backhand like short clears and cross court clears…

  7. MR. Lee sir, when I'm playing back hand shot, i'm not able to send the shuttle to the other end, instead shuttle is going very slowly making the opponent comfortable to hit a smash…….
    how should i get out of it??

  8. very interesting, will try this out. Have always run round my backhand at all costs, so only hit it when its flat and use the power to drop it fast to net. Whenever coached the backhand this simple basic method was not shown…. however from listening it appears my main issue was trying to force the shuttle to the back.
    I will now try and develop my overhead backhand.

  9. my main problem is timing- I get most of the backhand with over-the-head forehand shots unless I'm caught on the wrong foot and have to backhand because I am late [this is what backhand is for, isn't it?!]. but then I move too fast and get either too close to the shuttle or have too much time to think about the hit and screw it up; as I know my clears are not that good, most of the time I make a fast smash/drop that sometimes catches opponent by surprise as it goes fast towards their body instead of a slow drop [safer shot for me]. any suggestions about improving my timing for clears? thanks!

  10. Mr. Lee i wanna see your backhand smash, i know how to do but i wanna learn more ^^

  11. Thank you sir!! This really helped me! 🙂 You are the best coach….

  12. Coach, which grip is best for the backhand clear?

  13. sir r u interested in opening a badminton court in india

  14. Hello Coach Lee! I noticed you said you were in Canada? Where in Canada are you currently playing?! I too am from Canada and am just curious.

    Thanks Lee!

  15. it really good . . 

  16. Hi Coach Lee,  may I ask why the grip for the backhand clear in this video is the backhand net kill grip?  In your Backhand Drive video you advocate the neutral grip. Can the neutral grip be used for the backhand clear for more flexibility (so you can also do a crosscourt backhand clear)?

  17. Hi Lee…voice quality is not good….if you could improve it, it would be good………………

  18. Tutorial for left handers? I found it difficult to do a backhand and I can't a left handed tutorial

  19. Dear Coach Lee, 
    I do not have words to thank you. You are such an amazing coach who has helped me change my view about playing badminton. I used to play a lot when I was a teen and used to be considered a very good player locally. Needless to say that I used to play in wrong ways. Recently I have come across your training videos and started regretting that if I could get your lessons 15 years ago!
    However, I have decided that I will teach my daughter to play badminton with the help of your lessons. (She is 5)
    I pray that you keep doing well and keep helping people like this. May god always keep you well. 

    Thanks ( Million million times)

  20. after this backhand clear shot should the grip be changed back to neutral or it must be kept in backand only???

  21. Mr. Lee unfortunately my college does not have a closed badminton court so i have to play in the open where i am not able effectively hit the B-clear since the shuttle wobbles mid-air. Please suggest some tips Sir!

  22. sir can uperform this one more time like how u would do in a match.i jst want to see how to perform the same thing.btw realy gud tutorial.

  23. excellent coach…. see his other videos as-well, you will know….

  24. Coach. Thanks for the video. Can you please guide us on how to hit the backhand by covering the court (i.e. incase you have to run)?

  25. hi Lee thanks for this video. I wonder in your next video will you be able to show:
    1. how to hold the backhand grip for the backhand clear shots
    2. can you do a slow motion of how your racket hand movement from a different position eg. may be the video can show your movement from your left side way. I would like to understand how to make the stroke. is that from inside body outwards or its actual moving like an arc from bottom to top
    3. after you have hit the shuttle your racket seems to stop and did not follow through. Did you have to apply strong force to stop it?
    Thanks in advance.

  26. thanks sir . 😀 

  27. Thanks for you videos. I'll try this step by step. You are encouraging.

  28. Just wanted to thank you for being kind enough to share your skills to all badminton lovers at large.
    You are truly great to do this !!!

  29. Hey coach I've been watching your videos as I have recently started playing badminton, great stuff keep it up!
    However I do want to point out – you don't mention anything about the grip and the elbow position in this video, which was a bit misleading for me at first because I followed this and still saw no improvement. The grip and elbow are really important! You should definitely link this to your more recent 'backhand grip' video to help beginners understand.

  30. Sir, i've seen another backhand clear video, and i found the grip is different with yours. The grip he uses is the one you use in backhand deceptive shot video. I'm confused, and i want to know your opinion about this.

  31. I'm currently a varsity player, or the representative of our school to compete with other schools for badminton. Your videos are very helpful to me sir. You inspire me 😀 Thank you!

  32. Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei show us the best of badminton, Coach Lee teaches us how to achieve the best inside us. Thanks very much, you are great.

  33. Sir I have learned a lot from your videos but I am confuse which racket I shall buy so, can you please tell me which racket should a 15 old buy who want 60% power 40% control and flexibility ( bankability) as much as you have in your racket which you use in your videos

  34. sir can u demonstrate backhand smash also

  35. Hi Coach Lee, I gained great interest in badminton just recently, and hence took up some private lessons to learn the basics. However, the backhand clear that my coach taught me is that my thumb should be on the edge of the handle instead of being flat, and that i have to lift my elbow up and swing my arm, instead of just tapping. May I know if that method is wrong, or is it for a different purpose? Thanks in advance.

  36. great explanations! I will try tonight! thanks 🙂

  37. Coach Lee how could you clear it when the shuttle is already net height all the way near the back lines?

  38. Would be good if you could get a slo-mo camera?

  39. Coach Lee, I have an injury on my right elbow (side of the elbow) since a couple of weeks. I think it is due to my technique, can you give me some cue to help me please (sorry for my english)

  40. Dear Lee,
    You made one comment during the demonstration. Back hand clear is at least 3 times easier than the forehand clear. Will you please why? What is it that makes forehand clear harder by 3 times? Thanks in advance.

  41. Coach Lee, my personal coach says that using the way you demonstrated would injure the arm as you are tugging at it?

  42. Lee Sir i am Bidyut from India and i am very thankful to you that your videos has immensely helped and motivated me. It is only because of your videos that after 2 years of serious practice i can now easily clear backhand shot. There is nobody to teach me except you. You are my Guru. Please continue your videos. I love you very much Sir. I hope in my life I can meet you.

  43. Hi Coach Lee, does holding or releasing breathe (i.e. breathing technique) before/during hitting affect power generation? Thank you for your advice 🙂

  44. Coach Lee..your videos provide immense inspiration to people like us who love the sport of Badminton and play it part time. I have learnt so much in the last year just by watching your videos. In this video what is the tension of your racket(lbs)? Your backhand is so good and i have never seen anyone besides the top badminton players hit with such power and speed. Is it just the string tension or wrist power as well. Would love to hear back from you!

    God Bless you!

  45. hi coach.. u videos really improves my skills and my game play.. really thank you soo much.. especially on the backhand clear and smashing skills. i also recommended my friends to watch ur videos oso to improve their skills.

  46. This VDO is very helpful, i like the way you teach because it looks really easy.
    By the way, i have many problems and one of those is my defensing.
    I really dont know my feet step and also the way to grab the racket. when I defense, should I grab the racket like backhand? if how about they hit to my forehand so how to defense?
    i wish i could be your student, but unfortunately I'm not living in Canada.

    Thanks so much Master Lee.

  47. Thanks a lot Coach Lee.. I have been trying to improve my backhand power for more than a year now.. My backhand had definitely improved, but still i am not able to drive the shuttle to the opponents rear court. I had couple of doubts, would be great if you could help
    1. Should my elbow point to shuttle before the swing?
    2. In this video i didn't see much follow through action

  48. Thanks Mr. Lee for Your training on backhand in a simplified manner which is very interesting. Thanks for your valuable instructions.

  49. 2:39  Finally he smiles 🙂

  50. coach which string do u prefer to use for yonex rackets

  51. guru,could you please give us some advise or information about choosing the right string,rackets and tension..

  52. coach what rackets do you thing I can buy nowadays? light one?
    for semi-professional. n one professional

  53. Any brand or model???

  54. 2:34 by the way this is my face.. im died 😀 LMAO

  55. This tutorial is very very good. I like it. i can understand only by seeing what you did in the video. Unfortunately to be honest sometimes i dont understand what you said in the video, maybe echo in the hall also took part to make your voice unclear for me. Subtitle probably is needed, haha.. Thanks coach, keep sharing!

  56. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am sure many people all around the world are benefited. The training quality is really good and it covers all important aspect. Even though i am not there in person @ your coaching center, looking at the videos i feel that you are already coaching me…thanks

    another great quality of you is that you almost reply to all comments.

  57. awesome. I follow many of these videos and learn lots to improve my game. thank you.

  58. Coach Lee I can't believe I just found out about your videos, they are amazing my skills have improve so much after watching your videos, by the way are you Malaysian?

  59. Coach lee….ur badminton videos r da best….. U helped me like badminton even more ……. Please keep posting more and more clips
    I am 12 yrs old

  60. Hello Mr. Lee , I am Brazilian and I found your channel. Just wonderful for those who are learning. Sometimes I feel a little difficulty to understand your speech , because not mastered both English, a good tip would be subtitles for the videos , it would help quite who watches , senting to increase the number of followers . I hope we can move further in the understanding of badminton. Congratulations on know work, hope one day to get there.

  61. great coaching sir. easy to understand for me as a beginner. thanks

  62. excellent coaching.

  63. Coach Lee, I'm a singles player. I have a friend who often throws forehand to the baseline of my backhand side. How to counter this? He often defeated me using this move.

  64. Excellent ! My daughter is struggling to get effectiveness on backhand and I'm going to show here this step by step guide. Thanks a lot.She's a bit older now BTW.

  65. thanks a lot for your precious videos Coach Lee, they are really very help full.
    A big fan of your videos

  66. Hi Coach another great video! backhand clear has always been a challenge for me and I have learned a lot from your videos and have improved my game. My oponentns think I take coaching lessons but you are my coach thank you. Adnan UK

  67. this backhand clear has been so a challenge to me in my trainings and i want to make my backhand better till i watch this video . thanks sir lee. kirby from philippines .. sorry for my english because im a teenager only hehe thanks mr.Lee

  68. really super coaching lee. Thanks a lot for this wonder full back hand clear video. Thanks a lot.

  69. do you stop your hand after hitting or let it swing?

  70. coach your racket is strong and light what about me?

  71. Sir can we practice backhand without the shuttle by ..holding the racket with the backhand grip (as in the video)..and then moving our hand back and forth (20 times ) the by putting on the cover on the racket and then moving our hands back and forth (20 times)..

  72. Dear Mr Lee. I wish I would watch your clips earlier. Theys are very useful for me. I will practice your technics. Thank you very much!

  73. The best thing in this video was ur racquet cover 🙂 hahahahaha

  74. nice smile give bosster during traning lee very charming and relaxed smile

  75. I am learning a lot from these sessions, thank you Coach sir. I am very poor at back hand.

  76. Sir i am not able to create that jerk in my hand . What to do ? Plz do tell.

  77. Hello coach first of all I should be thankful to you. your method of coaching inspired me a lot. Just i am following your videos to coach my players and developing me too. coach I have one doubt regarding Backhand clear why don"t we play forehand(Around the Head) instead of Backhand for clear shot at rear court.

  78. Thank you coach thank you very much for spending time in clearing my doubts. Here after I will keep in touch with you for my betterment play and coaching my kids. Shall I?

  79. Sir thanko so much.i cant see before that type of way for back hand clear.u are genius

  80. coach do u have a badminton academy so i can join

  81. Thank you Mr. Lee for this video. It is really helpful!

  82. i enjoy your videos… will you eventually show one on instruction for the backhand smash

  83. Lee sir this anshal mehta from india sir i was fed with my badminton shots but sir today i have improved my many shots its bcz of you are my inspiration, My guru (teacher) you are that light which give me a motivation that you can do it!!!!! thnxx sir thnxx very much i cant say such more about my happy feelings. The "thnxx" word from me its small thing in front of you
    I shall be always obedient to you?

  84. Your videos are vry helpful sir. Very clear with the techniques and instructions. Thanks a lot sir!!!

  85. Where can i buy the Racket Cover?

  86. As a child and teenager I used to use tennis rackets for badminton because badminton rackets broke too soon and were too expensive to buy new ones. It developed hand and wrist strength quite well. Interesting to see how this coach gives and advice to use head cover or heavier rackets for developing strength.

  87. Cover can harm racquet or not

  88. thanks for all your videos, you got a very strong wrist, bet you’re doing martial arts

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