Badminton: Backhand Clear all in one

Badminton: Backhand Clear all in one

I would like to show you from start to finish of the backhand clear when you are ready ready shuttle been hit your racket follow the shuttle cock while you are doing it you have to make steps depending on how high if shuttle is high and deep you do more steps if shuttle goes flat you do less steps but racket follow the shuttle cock so you do normally 2 small steps 1 2 1 2 but racket stay away 1 2 you turn this one side way so this one can go if you go like that you can’t go this one so open the door, this door open the door this one can go but racket stay with shuttle cock and then hold the shuttle cock and then hit one more hold it point the shuttle cock with 2 small steps racket stay with shuttle cock make big step bang watch this please watch again racket point shuttle cock go bang ok one more hit – land together ok now wrong way no like this nor like this and like this when shuttle is there, racket is there when racket is here you are more likely to do the big action like that and go like that go like this stay like that and go now side steps small steps there small small – look look bang fast slower fast slow wrong way slow fast slow fast slow fast no fast slow that’s the way to use power faster – slower fast – slow finally eyes and face when you hit it like this so I see it not like that one more like this so I can see hit shuttle is in my eye if I do that, I have to look for the shuttle cock watch this watch my face there deeper wrong way right way and then like that you saw all the technique but the most important thing of all in order you to hit perfect backhand clear is your belief you say to yourself I can do backhand that belief is more important than all the techniques all together you have all the techniques but if you don’t believe it will not happen do believe and if you try 10 times you could not do it be happy to try 11th time with belief I will bet you, you will be hitting very good backhand clear

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  1. do u use the thumb? thx!

  2. @M3mPHiS Yes I do but I also use all other fingers. Just using too much thumb will make push hitting actions. Try to use tapping action by using all the fingers. Grip sharp at the impact. Lee

  3. Dear Coach Lee,

    This is again a fantastic lesson, how to learn 'the backhand'. I all your video instruction films and believe me; I am enthousiastic.

    I have told it, to a lot other DUTCH people and we are training your technics and methods.
    So please carry on; we believe and follow you.

    Thanks Coach Lee

  4. Hello Hans. Thank you so much for taking your time to post such kind comment on my clips. I am very pleased and happy to continue to making more clips for someone like you. Your comment is giving me great enjoyment and energe to speed up my work. Thank you very much. Lee

  5. Great video!! Thank you from an enthusiastic badminton player in London.


  6. You are most welcome. Lee

  7. when i try this i find myself crossing the bird alot, anyway to change that? and also im not generating alot of power

  8. I am sorry to hear that. There must be something not right. I am happy to see how you do it so I may be able to spot something for you. So you can upload your action clip and let me ave the link. Lee

  9. hi coach,nice and helpfull video!! thanks a lot for posting.

  10. You are very welcome. Lee

  11. Thank you very much for such kind comment. God bless you too. Lee

  12. Thank you so much for your extremely good comment on my clips. You are most welcome and I so very pleased to know you value my clips. Thank you for taking time to post your comment. Lee

  13. Your videos have really helped me to improve my game

  14. I am very please to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  15. Coach Lee, you are the most talented badminton Coach in the world!!! Where are you coaching now? May you and family be healthy, wealthy and happy! Thank you very much!!!

  16. I am in Toronto in Canada at Lee's badminton club. Thank you so much for your kindest regards. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  17. very very useful, it would be great if you can create a video for backhand smash, even though it is not quite often used, but if I can learn and master the skill, I can use it to surprise the opponents.

  18. You are very right and I shall put it on my list of recording. Thank you for asking. Lee

  19. Coach Lee, when do the backhand clear, did you actually tighten or loosen your arm?
    thank you

  20. Not too tight or not too lose between. Let say 0-10 it should be about 3 and at the impact go to 10. Some people have too lose grip and arm. This make conrol and power poor. Lee

  21. thank you coach

  22. You are very welcome. Lee

  23. Thank you so much coach lee. My backhand clears have improved multifold since watching your videos. I've gone from 1 in 10 clears to about 8 in 10 clears in just two months !!

    Keep up the good work coach !

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