Badminton Backhand Clear: How to use your wrist

Badminton Backhand Clear: How to use your wrist

ok backhand clear number 1 point how to use the wrist to make good backhand clear now lets say I am ready like that, shuttle is flying from there to my backhand side with out racket my palm should be facing that side like this like door handle is there, like that and then your wrist should be working that way this is the way to generate maximum power but many club players they use their palm facing that way and bend writs like this this is not right if I hit over there my palm should face there and then should be using that way ok my racket face is facing that side where I am hitting to but my palm should be faced that side that way if you look from there, my knuckles should be seen not my wrist no power wrist has to be cocked and your wrist should be used that way ok watch this, shuttle is there please there you will be using power ok if I do that way no power, never bend this way on your backhand clear backhand drop shot, backhand drive anything backhand never bend this way like this your backhand all the shots must be cocked cocked like this like that and then your racket goes, racket face to the shuttle cock that way you can use your wrist if I do that way it will look like this so number 1 cock this way ok

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  1. thank you sir,your videos have been instrumental to me in generating the interest in badminton i am a recreational player but after your videos im doing very well. in the video sir you were hitting the shuttle in line with your body what should be the wrist position if we want to hit the shuttle which is behind my body and its wrist position ?

  2. @SIFYWAY Good question. Your wrist position should be side of the shuttlecock even when late as that way you able to your your power and direction. The important thing here is your feet movement and your shoulder position. These two element allow you to make your wrist position side. Your step should move away from shuttlecock to create room and shoulder has to go deep so shuttelcock will be side of your body and room will be created which allow you to use power and direction. Lee

  3. Hi Coach Lee.

    I've been practicing backhand clears. (A long time enemy of mine) I've slowly getting the hang of the technique of backhand clears. Something bothered me though….

    Is it normal for my bicep muscle to be tired/sore. Am I doing it wrong? Or is it because I have a weak bicep muscle?

  4. @airstyles1989 Hi. The main power for backhand clear should be made with wrist and power of grip(fingers) and all other part of your body should be supporting. Let say your wrist and grip power will be 70-80% and steps, arm movement, impact point, left arm and final lending step will add 20-30%. I think you may be using your arm more then your wrist. Please try to use your wrist more by making impact shorter, use more of tap hitting action. Let me know how you get on. Lee

  5. thanks for the advice, i guess i have been doing it wrong the entire time, maybe that was why my wrist hurt so much

  6. Yes I have seen number of players who is having wrist pain because of using it wrong way. Lee

  7. anyo hasayo master lee

  8. Hello Dhu thank you for coming to my channel. Lee

  9. Thank you Mr. Lee for responding to my request šŸ˜€

  10. You are very welcome. Lee

  11. sorry i didnt send the video, i still play but for fun, i think eventually i will get the technique down

  12. Sure you can. Just keep practice in positive way. Lee

  13. Wow this is my number 1 problem with badminton, and to say, my only problem so far. Thanks for the very informative video, Mr. Lee.

  14. I am very pleased to know my clip helped you. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  15. Thank you.I am a beginner in badminton.I find your videos very useful.I am trying to practice as you have told in these videos.Thank you for these fantastic videos

  16. Thank you for your kind comment on my clips. I hope most of them works for you. Lee

  17. hi Mr lee. I have one question about the proper grip of backhand clear. do you have a clip on it? thank you for your videos it is really helpful.

  18. Not much detailed clip yet. There are different grips depending on how late and how early you are taking the shot. Lee

  19. hopefully you can add a clip which shows the kind of grip for a backhand clear. which country are you teaching mr lee?

  20. Sure I will do that. I am in Canada. Lee

  21. Wat city are you?

  22. Toronto/Scarborough

  23. I am in Markham. Lee

  24. Coach Lee I am right-handed but my right eye can barely see causing me to have an incorrect judgement of distance especially when taking shots on my forehand side. I am constantly hitting with the frame of my racket, what can i do to fix my timing again?

  25. I am sorry to hear that. Only way you may try is to findout how much you hit worng and hit wrong to hit right. The way to do this way is to find out how much you are hitting wrong (are you hitting too high, too low, too right or too left then hit it wrong to make it right. Lee

  26. Thank you for your help. Now that I think about it, the bird is always further than I think so I most often hit with the top part of the frame. I will try this out tomorrow. šŸ˜€

  27. Any tips on getting rid of tennis elbow?

  28. In my experience, rest to recover then make it stroger with support training then play again. Same time you have to find out why you have it in first place. Is it by playing too much or is it by using not good skills.
    Otherwise it may comes back again. I am sorry to know you have it. Lee

  29. I hope it works for you. Good luck I wish for you. Lee

  30. Ah i see… Now i know why my wrist hurts!

  31. sir which grip had i use whether forehaand grip or backhand grip for backhand clear

  32. Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful video and coaching techniques. The techniques you shon hear about bakchand clear are really great (with fantastic logic behind it). Please let me know if you have completed CD/DVD with all major techniques covered.

    Thanking you.


  33. how to use the wrist for backhand clear if shuttercock is very low

  34. Hi mr lee, I did not see any arm or wrist supination in your backhand clear. I was told by my coach the supination for backhand clear is critical.

    Iā€™m confused now …

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