Badminton Backhand Clear (Question 18)

Badminton Backhand Clear (Question 18)

Question 18 True or False? The point of impact for the backhand clear should be at the highest point, which is above the head. Question 18 the answer is false because simply if I can take backhand clear above my head here why should I take backhand instead of doing that I can do that no difference I only take backhand because that shuttle is away from me so its not possible to take the shuttle above my head 99% of shuttle cock on your backhand will be taken away ya like that so automatically shuttle will be hit here or here not there so lets say shuttle is above my head do like that same here I can do that I can do that so the backhand clear is away not there

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  1. Thank you very much Coach Lee, I always have this problem, need to practice around the head footwork

  2. You are very welcome. I hope it helped you. Lee

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