Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (10) Where Your Eyes Should Be Looking

Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (10) Where Your Eyes Should Be Looking

Next point is the way to looking at the shuttle cock how the eyes should be used to hit the shuttle cock now, as the level goes higher they have to feel the opponent court in order to do that with backhand backhand I have to see the shuttle cock side, that’s first point so look if shuttle goes there, then my eyes should remain that way so I see it but still I can feel opponent court so, because eyes stare there, I know where shuttle is going where I should hit so, I hit it with rear vision but many players they turn completely so shuttle goes there they turn it that way and then they hit like that so, they are watching over there, when they are hitting the other side so, they are hitting with complete guess watch this, this is wrong way little bit higher they turn it and then hit so, I don’t know where the shuttle is going I just hit it with complete guess turn and then hit so now, its better do not turn immediately and walk to the shuttle cock I have to move backwards, backwards and then take shuttle side of my body number 1 – that way I will have vision number 2 – that way I can create room to use my arm, racket and power ok, this is what I mean, here this is the right way, shuttle goes move back ok, little bit deeper so, I should go parallely, shuttle is going there I go here and then I should go that way ok, watch this that way, that way I have all the corners in my eyes now, if some one say to you I will give you million pounds if you hit clear, backhand corner accurately I say that to you, so you are hitting backhand clear for million pounds would you hit backhand clear like that or would you hit backhand clear, like this I will ultimately do the second way because you want to see where shuttle is going it does not matter whether its million pounds or normally as a sportsman he or she has to do the best possible way ok, so never do not turn and run to it go, turn and run, I don’t have space I don’t have vision now look, here, I am here shuttle is there I am watching that way I can see the opponent and because the shuttle is here, I can make the last step because I have to go for last step I have time but once I do that, I am squeezed I can’t do it so, create room so, this point was eyes, do not turn to watch there don’t run to the shuttle cock move back, watch side, you have cross drop shot, straight drop and clear further more if you do that hit and you are ready but if you do that hit and you don’t know where the shuttle is

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  1. coach lee, thank you so much for the videos, I just have a question, Should the same technique apply to other shots as well for example forehand clear and even smashes? Thank you.

  2. Yes with same reasons. You should try as it will give you much benefits, the vision of opponent and opponent's court, can make more deceptions, the recovery after shot will be much faster therefore you could save much energe. Lee

  3. I Never think this is one of the important topic…but i knew now where should i focus when hitting for backhand…

  4. I am very pleased to know you got something out of this clip. Lee

  5. Wow. Coach Lee, your teaching is really great =) Just following till step 10 and there is so much different in the power for the back hand clear. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful videos.

  6. I am very pleased to know it works for you. Thank you very much for posting your comment. Lee

  7. I just understand the Room's very important to hit and create the power, this video is very useful. Thank you.

  8. Yes it is important and I am pleased to know that you also see the benefits of this clip. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  9. Thank you very much for the insight on playing a backhand clear. I would just like to ask, whether it is better to land the right leg before hitting the backhand clear, or land the right leg at the same time when one's hitting the backhand clear. Is there a difference in the execution in terms of power? Thank you.

  10. You should hit the shuttlecock at the time of your racket food land. This way your power will be added about 20% more. Lee

  11. I think In the real situation hitting backhand clear like this may happen only when the shuttle is in front or side of the body only. Because gripping like this make hard to hit backhand clear when the shuttle go behind the body . And if the shuttle come in front or side , the player can hit forehand clear instead. The opponent will not make you easily hit in backhand clear. Every shots you hit, the shuttle will go behind of you. So I think in real playing, hitting like this may not happen.

  12. Thank you for your point of view and what you have said is very true. This clip is for standard way of backhand clear in ideal situation and I have not mentioned the other situations which you have mentioned. It is important for the players who have not got much experience to have basic logic and develop more advanced skill on top. It is you have to learn a,b,c before you learn differemnt words. They need to learn step by step and this is one of the basic skill. Thank you for your coment. Lee

  13. Thank you so much coach lee.. we tend to forget these simple guidelines while applying; your demo & instructions is clear & perfect…
    I am Not good at Deceptive Play.. I need more deception videos could you pls guide…

  14. Coach Lee; I am an mid-advanced player; which racket should I go for in Yonex.. Nanospeed or Arcsaber ?

  15. You should forget about all the names and test them without price and names. Choose the one you most feel good. Everybody is different so it is difficult to advise. Lee

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