Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (12) Do not make circle swing and fancy shot

Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (12) Do not make circle swing and fancy shot

Next point is do not make circle swing make a straight back and forward swing this is what I mean set – back and forward set – back – forward like a boxer, set back bang not, set like this nor set like this loose power like this set – back – forward many players make, they think it is pretty this clear is pretty, ya watch this many players do this, pretty clear backhand clear doing a beautiful clear, simple sharp deceptive from simplest from sharpest this is a beautiful clear this is not beautiful clear, this is a fancy clear I don’t see that clear is a badminton as a sports clear that clear is for leisure badminton

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  1. is this shot preferred over a 'round the head' shot for rear backhand

  2. No, if you can it is three times better to take roundhead forehand over head clear then take it backhand clear. You could do much more attacking shots, more deceptions with better accuricy with forehand clear then backhand clear. You should only use it when you have to. Lee

  3. the right and wrong technic shows very well and clear…thank you coach.

  4. You are very welcome. Lee

  5. Hi coach Lee. Can you explain why Xia xianze uses slightly different backhand technique in this video: /watch?v=6KPPD841oho

    He does seem to bring racket close to his body first, and use more body rotation into the swing. Can you elaborate on that. Cause it looks also very powerful…Im sometimes confused because i see so many different backhand techniques. Thanks for your videos.

  6. It is not normal that there are many different way to do a shot. rather it is strange if everyone does same skills. What you have to do is try all different ways and choose one suit you best. let say I teach 10 players but when the 10 players become a coach they teach different ways. Lee

  7. hi sir, i have a question this is about the forehand swing. When i practice the forehand stroke or smash without a shuttle it goes perfectly fine the swing is perfect.But sir when it comes to a match i just cant perform the swing. Not even ones cant even do a proper stroke using my swing . why id that sir please help me. Please tell me another way i can improve my swing and why cant i hit the shuttle properly when it comes to hitting the shuttle.PLEASE SIR I NEED YOUR AID.I just can swing. help me sir

  8. Never seen any professional player hit backhand clear like him………..very entertaining. I don't think I was to hit it this way??

  9. Lee chong wei always did fancy backhand

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