Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (2) Hold the Shuttlecock Before the Impact

Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (2) Hold the Shuttlecock Before the Impact

Before you hit the shuttle cock your racket must point to the shuttle cock first this is what I mean you are ready like that, and shuttle comes your racket has to go to the shuttle cock immediately like this ok, racket here shuttle goes, your racket should go to the shuttle cock, so hold it ready go, hold and hit because its there already, you need short space of time, short space of action ok watch this ready, hold if I don’t hold it, it will look like, like this same the player who throw the dart, they set first and then throw, no dart player throws dart like this because that’s way to make the precised, controlled. same in badminton, hold hold hold because you hold, you have harder shot hold because you hold, when you hold you are not only holding the shuttle cock, you are holding your opponent too when you hold, your opponent can’t move, watch this hold hold compare without hold now hold now hold so, it does not matter if you are beginner or if you are club player, it does not matter if you hold, your hitting time will be better your power will be accurately used.

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  1. thanks for this video…my backhand is awesomely fren just keep aiming for my backhand to win me all the time i lost because of my backhand…thanks for this video i will practice more 😀 but 1 more question…what if the shuttlecock is under your waist??

  2. Your wrist should be lower then your racket head and all the logic apples same way. This hold skill will be discussed much more detail in few month time. When I produce clips for deceptions. The hold skill can be used in all stroke skills. Lee

  3. Thanks for devoting your times to arrange backhand clear knowledge and skills in one area for sharing. It will help lots of people who would like to improve their backhand clear. To hold the shuttlecock before the impact, I think I have to combine couple things together like postures, backhand footwork, wrist, arm and timing, and only when I can move faster then shuttle. Can I have your comments and corrections please? Thanks coach Lee

  4. Yes you are right that all the elements have to be right. It will take time but as long as you have determination, I am sure that you will have it. Please practise each element and repeat. The things you mentioned are all perfect and if I may add one more please. Practise with total believe that you are going to master it and imagine you do the skill perfect. Thank you for your kind words on my clips. Thank you. Lee

  5. why taufik doesn't hold?

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