Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (4) How to move your racket

Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (4) How to move your racket

Next point is arm, how arm should be moving ok ok, shuttle is flying from there to here you are hitting the shuttle cock from here to that side here, the best way to hit the shuttle cock powerfully, is shuttle is coming this way, your racket should come from opposite direction that’s the way to make clear impact, and very strong impact ok now, in order to do that you are set when shuttle is coming, you are set your racket should move opposite backwards so, shuttle is flying this way, your racket is moving backward that way and then hit so racket and shuttle will be this way have a look, set back set back little higher set back set back so, set shuttle is coming, back, back straight back straight back, forward, back straight one more, set back straight set back straight so, that way wrong way, many players do, set, they bring it near their body, so racket is coming out this way and go, so shuttle is coming this way, racket is coming from that way to cross it, like this that’s why its slicing so, do not bring it here so, here in and then out no step out, here its better, like a boxer hit straight bang, bang not like this, no circle straight is better, straight much simpler, much less space of swing action is needed ok, watch this, here, back shuttle is away, set so I don’t need to bring it to me and then stretch out look, bring it and then stretch, there is more chance of making mistake, there is more chance of making timing wrong bringing in and then out, and then another reason the players are making backhand because they are late when they are late, they don’t have time to bring it in and then bring it out, because they are late they have to do it immediately late, bring it there late, bring it there bring it there ya, hold the shuttle and then hit it hold the shuttle and hit it this point is, after set, your racket should go back, back straight do not bring it in and out

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  1. I hope it works for you. Lee

  2. So do you follow through with your wrist or do you stop it halfway through the contact?

  3. If you try to stop at the impact, you will create more power. When you are very much under pressure, you do not have time and space to follow through. Lee

  4. Only question to my mind is that if shuttle has already gone behind on the backhand. What is the shot we should play to come back

  5. Very good question, not slow drop because opponent can kill, not high clear(unless you can hit deep rear court) as he can smash, not cross drive or drop as you will be too far to take his straight shot. The best shot under real pressure and you are very late then straight bit fast flat drop(long drop). In this way he can not kill(as it is flat) he can not do tight net drop(as he has to take away from the net as you hit bit fast) I call it nothing shot to come back. Lee

  6. can you make a video of this one. I can not quite understand when i read it. thanks.

  7. That backhand cross court clear is sick!! I shall practice that! Thank you coach, Lee

  8. Good luck and your self believe is the most important skill. Lee

  9. You are very welcome. Lee

  10. Dear coach Lee, I cannot thank you enough for your videos. I'm the only female player playing with 3 males. We play doubles and I'm always picked upon. When ever the other team wants to win points they either smash towards me or play at my weakness which is backhand. After watching your videos, my game improvement was BRILLIANT. They boys were shocked and I even defeated them in many rallies! THANKS 🙂

  11. I am so pleased to know that you have improved that much as well as your confident. Thank you for posting your comment. It meant a lot to me. Lee

  12. Thanks for this wounderful back hand tip i never thought of it. i will use this today when i go to play.

  13. Good luck and let me know how you got on. Lee

  14. coach, does it really hurt at the first time? or am Idoing it wrong?

  15. It should not be hurt, perheps you may doing somthing not right. If I see your action, I may able to tell. Lee

  16. i figured it out… i did something wrong… and yes it doesn't hurt at all 🙂 thank you very much coach Lee

  17. I am very pleased to know that you found out why. well done. Lee

  18. Coach Lee,

    I have been wondering for years why my backhand is so weak.Now , i am going to
    try out your technique soon.

  19. I hope it works for you. Your will do do it and total believe in you is more important. If you have that then the skill will work. Lee

  20. Thanks Coach Lee. I just have one query, when is the best time I can use this stroke? when do I know if I will smash or only use backhand clear when the shuttlecock goes to my backhand side? Thanks again.=)

  21. While the shuttlecock is flying to your court you will make decision. What your opponent is expecting from you, how much under pressure you are, how fast, slow it is flying, how high and low it is going, what shot you have been playing in same situation (your opponent may expect same shot) and you should select the best possible shot. Lee

  22. Hi Coach Lee!
    I am from Pakistan.
    Hope that you will be fine and enjoying your good health. Thanks coach for your precious coaching. It really helps me. As i got no coaching . I play myself just by seeing other players. I have really improved by your coaching in just a short span. But i got a serious problem. I played with only one forehand grip at first. i play each and every shot with that forehand grip. but after realizing my fault i tried to change my backhand grip. but it seems difficult to play with back hand grip. i not even manage to play straight shots with that back hand grip. My forehand grip is really really strong but when it goes to back hand it disappoints.
    Kindly show me some way to practice back hand shots properly. I will be indeed a great favor. Hope so you understand my problem. I consider you as my guiding coach. Please help me to solve my problem. Anxiously waiting for your reply.

  23. Coach Lee is by far the most detail and logical coach i know. ..humorous and serious at time which are good balance.
    Come to Hawaii and visit my gym ..Honolulu badminton club…Aloha!!

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