Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (7) How to use your fingers

Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (7) How to use your fingers

Backhand clear, the main power coming from these 4 fingers this 4 fingers are , this 4 fingers are main fingers for backhand clear and backhand drop shot the thumb is just supporting it ok, I will show you what I mean the 4 fingers should grip the racket and pull forward but the thumb is just supporting it watch this, set I gripped, thumb is just staying back like this so I am pulling my 4 fingers forward this one just supporting, watch this now, many players have wrong idea they have to use thumb to push the shuttle forwards, I will do that and see how it looks like, I am using less power from 4 fingers and using more power from my thumb see what happens so I am pushing this ok, one more ya, like this it takes too long to hit now, compare with the right way, pulling this 4 fingers so, you can see the difference so, remember the power comes from the grip, grip power not using the thumb by pushing it ok, one more pushing it now, grip power

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  1. Where do you coach if we wanted to do 1 on 1 coaching? I really like your style of coaching

  2. well lee u helping me alot thanks for all

  3. Thank you too. Lee

  4. I am in UK and you can send more details about you to my mail. Lee

  5. This series of backhand video training it's really help me to improve my backhand…thank you Sifu Lee. Very much appreciate. The right and the wrong is very important to get the best impact of backhand.

  6. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  7. I am very pleased to know and that makes me to produce more clips for everyone. Thank you for posting your kind comment. Lee

  8. Sir,

    I am from India and really like your way of coaching. Lots of thanks. I am bad in backhand and just started learning watching your videos.. Still like you said, I have to build the confidence. Thanks a lot..

  9. I am very pleased to know you find my clips beneficial to you and thank you very much for taking time to post your kind comment. Lee

  10. should you use the full thumb "backhand net kill grip" to do a backhand clear? or should the thumb be positioned to the side like the backhand drive grip? thank you coach lee

  11. No backhand clear is between the grip for backhand net kill and backhand drive.
    But depending on how much you are taking the shutlecock early or late the position of your thumb is changed. also the way to hold and which finger should be used to generate power is different. Net kill, you use thumb to make power but backhand clear is the other four fingers work more to make power. Lee

  12. Are details of thumb p;osition out yet? Ly

  13. Sorry but it is not ready yet. Lee

  14. Do you use neutral grip for backhand clears?

  15. I need to perfect this. I think stretching my arm fully has contributed to my tendonitis. This will help me a lot.

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