Badminton: Backhand Clear

Badminton: Backhand Clear

Backhand clear the standard, the right way the wrong way, winding up wrong way follow through wrong way do not change grip, don’t change grip forehand grip for backhand the right way again

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  1. thank u 4 posting d video i have been following your drills and delighted with results thank u mr lee keep it rolling

  2. @SIFYWAY Your Welcome! I'm glad that you found my videos helpful!

  3. I want to know how he trains himself for better wrist power…

  4. whats the basic backhand clear grip when the shuttle is behind your head

  5. thank you very much cernovlasy but im not able to access your channel, my other problem is that when i play the shuttle behind my body my elbow gets straight and i feel the pain in the right elbow joint?

  6. Mr. Lee, how do you add more power to this shot? My backhand clears are not able to go far and deep into the opponent's court.

  7. There are more detailed backhand clips, please view them and let me know if you could feel the different. Lee

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