Badminton: Backhand Deceptive Flick

Badminton: Backhand Deceptive Flick

Right way of deceptive flick have a look please Wrong way of deceptive flick follow through right way

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  1. @Therealsmasher1 It is difficult to tell because of every string mashine is different not the one I use, it is about 27-8.

  2. Amazing string tension, finger and wrist power. I definitely can't do this in my current condition. I always need the follow through to channel all the energy from my arm into the shot and even when I do that I can't seem to reach the furthest back part of the court.

  3. Really tough to get his power without follow through…

  4. @EWOcean It is skill and anyone can do it. It looks much different but ones you feel the skill, it is one of easy shot to learn. If you make big swing, it is less deceptive and take more time before and after. It is a must skill to learn. Also it is not the string tention. You can do it too. You can not do it if you do not believe. It is mind game. Let me know if you have more questions as I will be happy to help. If you have two legs and two arms you can do everything I do. Lee

  5. @Therealsmasher1 I am using normal tention. about 26-7. Please remember it is not string tention doing it rather it is skill. Lee

  6. @paletisuresh Thank you you are right it is skill not the sring tention. Thank you for your coment. Lee

  7. @randysite Please focus of the skill, if you use your power at the right time, yuou can feel it too. Lee

  8. if you are not new in badminton you'd know that with higher string tension it's actually harder to do flick deception…

  9. You are right and you have good point. This is just showing the skill. Whether you flick very low or flick over your opponent hight or lift much higher is very much depending on what position, how early or late you are taking the shot, if your opponent is close to the net or staying rear court or in good position. Considering all the factors you have to select right flick. I hope it makes sense. Lee

  10. I am happy to know you could see the points. Lee

  11. sir i really admire your nature! i'll be having my surgery on 19th after two months i'd really like to attend your camp.

  12. I would very much meet you on court in the near future. Lee

  13. sir can i attend your camp ?

  14. Which one are you thinking of?

  15. like a summer camp sir?

  16. Coach lee, I heard you visited Netherlands recently. Do you have any plan of coming to France?

  17. I would like to visit there but I have not got plan ahead yet. Lee

  18. Please look Lee's badminton club web site for the information. Lee

  19. Coach, what racket do you use in the video? Can get the same effect flicking with a 24 lbs head heavy 4U racket? Can I still easily clear back to back with backhand with such light racket and just 24 lbs?

  20. It is posible to do it with normal rackets but better balanced and better tention racket would give bit of suport but I think it is more skill make the different. Lee

  21. Thank you. I agree that it's the skill that matter. But, I want a racket to start with. what is the minimal tension to achieve this effect? 24 lbs? 25 lbs?
    I wonder how much the weight of the racket helps, let's say Z force 3u vs 4u or voltric 3u vs 4u. I lack power, so I need a good racket to compensate while I train. Does it take much power power to clear and smash with 4u?

  22. No, You should be able to same skill with any kind of rackets. You may not want accept it but in my experience it is true. You can do same skill with $10 rackets. Lee

  23. Sir like forehand deceptive flick pls elaborate fully for back hand deceptive Flick. How to change Racquet, how to hold and how to hit etc etc all

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