Badminton Backhand Drive: Three Different Types

Badminton Backhand Drive: Three Different Types

Three different types of backhand drive How many kinds of backhand drives are there can you guess I think there are 3 do you know which 3 they are I will show you number 1 attack power drive when you take shuttle little bit higher than net like this yup like that you go all wrist little bit lower please yup like that yup power drive now second one you can’t use this power drive when shuttle is coming flat flat if you try to do the power drive it might hit net or it can easily go to outside when shuttle is flying flat I call it tap drive hold tap using your fingers, not wrist yes wrist little bit have a look hold hold hold and hit hold hit so minimize your racket action and hit shuttle like you throw dart so its not powerful but its sharp some times this kind of technique is better than the power drive because it is much sharper watch again hold it hold tap hold hold but that way if you change mind you hold it block you hold it drive you hold it lift once you hold you can do all different shots number 3 when shuttle goes to lower than net no point to tap because lower tap only goes up or tap goes to the net when shuttle is going lower, its better control it how to control it push it through push it through, not in this way, this is wrong it takes too long firm but sharp watch this number 3 little longer please you hold it and you guide where you want to hit and that way it goes safer watch again number 1 – power number 2 – tap sharp drive number 3 – push drive lower the net hold push hold

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  1. So is it on power drive and follow (low) drive that you do not flick and then swing back. (What i mean is on power drive instead of hit and come back, you hit and stop). Also, on follow drive, is it more arm action to guide shuttle?

  2. Yes you are right. Depending on your intention, the way you hit has to be different. Lee

  3. Thank u very much Lee, very useful indeed .. Please use a microphone while videoing next time if u can. Thanks

  4. Thank you for your comment. Sure, I am looking into it and thank you for your suggestion. Lee

  5. Very good clip and thanks, Mr.Lee.

  6. You are very welcome. Lee

  7. Teacher Lee. I subscribed to watch your videos. Not having played long, I suck at backhand. I have watched your backhand videos and they are very useful. However, I have been in a lot of situations where I have to "backhand smash" when the birdie was very near to the corner of my court. In other words, the birdie is very far behind me. I would really appreciate your advice. I watched this video but not quite understand it since the angle was sideways (Badminton Backhand Technique:…. by thejym)

  8. I have not really emntioned the backahnd skill whan it done too deep.
    I will make one soon. Thank you for enjoying my clips. Lee

  9. Thank you very much Coach Lee. I think I might have been misleading. I understand this video but not the video posed by thejym "Badminton Backhand Technique – How to backhand clear, smash, and drop"

    Both your videos are his are awesome ūüėÄ

    Regards from Singapore,

  10. This is more for drive not backahnd clear. Thank you for pointing it out. I also thank you for your kind comment on my clips. Lee

  11. Mr. Lee, Could you please tell me what kind of backhand grip you use when hitting power, tap, and control? Neutral or net kill

  12. It is depending on how early or late I take the shuttlecock. Moure backhand grip when I take shuttlecock in front of me. Neutral grip when I am taking it side of my body. Lee

  13. Really enjoy all the videos here in the UK and thanks for helping to improve all aspects of my game. I am 46 but playing best level of my life.

  14. thanks your tip ,our son 10 year old ,how can teach for best badminton

  15. dear Mr.Lee,   its really nice to see all your videos and i learnt a lot from these videos.  I didnt have proper guidance when i start doing badminton.  I smash well and drop well but always stuggle to serve and defend the serve.  Your videos has given me some hope to make correction in my movement and grip..   You are guiding the badmintion society and we are always thankful to you.  May god bless you good health and peace.  thanks again.  vijaykumar. chennai. India

  16. Dear, Coach Lee
    How to generate the power for this three kind of backhand drive? Should it use by pushing thumb or there are some other way?
    Thank you, Coach

  17. veryyy niceee videos

  18. coach Lee could you show us forehand drive shot please

  19. Hi coach lee is that the tap drive and power drive are using neutral grip ?

  20. sir pls mention in zoom how to hold the racquet while attempting a backhand drive and backhand clear

  21. So where's the backhand underarm drive? It is a very typical doubles shot used mainly in smash reception instead of lift, when the shuttle is high enough to create a flat trajectory. Hitting cross-court, it is often an instant winner if the opponent's smash is too flat.

  22. Sir please make a video of shot selaction

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