Badminton: Backhand Drop Shot

Badminton: Backhand Drop Shot

Backhand Straight drop shot backhand straight drop shot wrong way full stretched elbow right way backhand cross drop shot backhand straight reverse slice, not very often players using it but this is one kind of backhand drop shot

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  1. which grip you are using for this shot ?

  2. Thank you very much and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  3. do we have to use force in this shot? the impact point is the same as when we smash ? I have just played badminton for 3 months so I dont know how to play some difficult shots like this 🙁 help me !

  4. Yes you should use bit of force. When you take shuttlecock on your backhand, your opponent knows that you can not make powerful shot so he will be at the net to kill your drop. If you do this shot slow then it will be easy to kill but if you do it with some force so shuttlecock goes bit fast then he can not kill it easy and you can get back to rally again. Lee

  5. yes you are right I have not done that shot. I will do so in due course. Thank you for asking. Lee

  6. becoz they are doing the slice

  7. there are many different kind of situation during a match. There will be time to stretch and there are time do not need to stretch. You should be able to do different kind of shots in different situations. Lee

  8. Can u please upload a new video plazz looking forward to it. Dhruv

  9. Yes I will and I am sorry that it has been delayed. Lee

  10. hi! can you come out with a video teaching how to backhand drop shot when the shuttle is at the net?

  11. I think there are a few clips for it. Please search you can find a few clips. Lee

  12. Hi Coach Lee, could you please tell me how to grip for forehand slice drop shots? Thanks.?

  13. I have one more question, please. In your clip of smash, your racket hand is set too low but I see professional players so exaggerate their racket hand to make a powerful smash? Is it any different? Which one is better? Thanks!

  14. Sorry, I mean your racket hand is set not low as other players.

  15. It is different depending of where you are taking the impact point. In front of your body you are taking then grip has to be changed bit to more fore hand grip but if you take bit too late then more backhand grip is better. Lee

  16. Each players are different and it is difficult to say which is right or wrong. Please try both ways and see which one suit you better. Lee

  17. I like to see the cross drop shot with a closer angel. It is just too far to see the wrist closely. But still nice video. thanks.

  18. Yes I do agree with you. I found showing drop shot is the difficult one but soon I will do it in much more detail. Lee

  19. Hello Sir…..My name is John, residing in Cochin, India. Am 25 years old. I used to play badminton in some of the local clubs here. I don't have a professional coach. Unknowingly you are my coach. I used to watch one of you clips daily & trying to execute the techniques you describe. I am a big failure in executing back hand shots. The timing is the main problem….. Hw can I improve my timing……????

  20. Please be positive and 110% believe your self that you are going to master the skill. Please view the clips again one by one and do it step by step. It is very important that you must be positive and believe your self.
    Try again and I am sure you can do it. Lee

  21. Thank you for ur reply Sir….I will try my level best & will revert you the progress….

  22. Sure, it is your mind make thinks work. Look for it and you will find it. Lee

  23. hey lee. i have a question. how to make the shuttle go to the opponent side without making the shuttle go too high from the net while doing backhand? is there any technique that i can learn?

  24. Dear Lee,
    Theory says that for playing a drop shot, the shuttle should be taken as high as possible so that it travels steeper downwards. Without elbow stretch is it possible?

  25. You shoul stretch your elbow at the impact (forehand drop) but you should stretch it not verticly but in front of your body. You must not make your impact point above your head (the highest point) In this way your eyes should be facing to the air not facing to the opponent court. You can not use your power to forward, your recovery will be slower. You can try. Do 10 drop shot making the highest point (above your head) and do 10 drop from in front of your body. See whcih one is more accuriate.Lee

  26. It is better to hit backhand drop with slice. This way you will make less mistakes, and more safe shots. Also make your impact point more side of your body then behind of your body. Do not try to do the drop too tight to the net as it will give your opponent easy to kill and make tight net shot. It is far better to make bit long and paced drop shot. Lee

  27. Dear Lee,
    Yes! For a backhand drop shot, it is much easier NOT stretching the elbow!!
    With a slightly bent elbow, I am able to play a relaxed backhand drop without panicking. Thank you very much, dear coach to so many!

  28. I am very pleased to know thank you for letting me know that you are doing well. Lee

  29. Hey Lee…it helps me a lot…thanks …can you tell me how to hit an overhead smash and where should i place that…& how do i generate power in it?

  30. Please see the smash related clips and then let me have your questions.
    There are few clips for it. Lee

  31. I LOVE YOU MR. LEE <3 <3 <3

  32. I love you too. Lee

  33. Mr lee, what is the grip for the backhand dropshot?

  34. It is not the normal hackhand grip. The thumb must be at the corner of the grip.

  35. Ur the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Thank you very much. Lee

  37. With all due respect coach lee if v play drop shots like these at professional level
    We will get hit on the face bro…..
    Your drop shots are too high from the nets……and thus at higher advanced level your opponent will kill you if u play such loose shots

  38. No disrespect intended. For struggling amateurs, they can follow coach lee's style. But intermediate level and above this will get you killed. Opponents can execute a cross net and game over.  

  39. That is not even a drop shot .. !!

  40. the most rubbish backhand shots i've seen

  41. Sir! please make a video on how to practice these shots! Please!

  42. backhand nya tanggung…
    langsung di habisi lawan yg begini

  43. That's too high. Gonna get killed every time

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