Badminton: Backhand Low Service

Badminton: Backhand Low Service

Backhand Low service in doubles

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  1. hi coach! i notice that u place your weight on your left foot and tip toe your right foot. what purpose is that for? thank you!

  2. Because I put my weight on my left foot my right foot heel naturally has to off.
    I can feel better and control better to put my weight on left foot rather then put my weight on both foot 50/50. Also after the service I can get ready faster in this way then put my weight 50/50 on both feet. Please try if you would feel as same as I do. Servise is very much individual thing you must be happy and comfertable with the way you do. Lee

  3. you lift your left hand at the very last moment, don't you?  thanks!!

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