Badminton Backhand Low Service in Doubles

Badminton Backhand Low Service in Doubles

Low service in doubles ok, hold one feather now, come close to the net ok, now the other 3 fingers gently stretched ya, stretch ya now another important thing is make shuttle cock point your knee ok, show me please ya, ready, good and then arm stretched if your shuttle cock is pointing the floor then shuttle will go up ok show me, try shuttle point down if you hit like that shuttle will go up ya that serve will be killed if your shuttle cock is pointing too much upward like that it’s likely that it will hit the net show me, horizontally, ya now, the right way is, not the vertical facing, not horizontal but about half, 45 degree to your knee ok, set now, racket goes this time you must watch your opponent and net together moving your racket head backwards by using your wrist wrist, instead of using your arm set, racket head back, watch your opponent be confident, racket head back and push ok little bit up more, no no no your body up, yes, down watch your opponent look you have to incharge your opponent ya, show confidence, don’t be uncertain ya, no sure ya, be confident ready go yes like that now, when you serve you have the choice of serving to the T and choice of serving to the corner about 80% it should go to the center because flying time is shorter, opponent have less directions to attack but some times you have to serve that corner, so he has to ready for both serves you set to serve straight, but actually at impact you turn it little bit so you changed to the corner ok, so he has to be ready for both sides and unsure if he knows you are only serving here then it is very easy to attack but he has to worry about that one so make him hesitating this time, exactly same way back forward and then front and serve there you go, stop show, go very good yes ok yes little longer set straight, ok just at last minute you turn it very good ok ready for straight ok excellent

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  1. Another excellent video, thankyou. I'm going to try the slight angle to serve across court tonight!

  2. @TheMrHKGangster No it does not make much different. You should choose the one you feel comfertable with. Side by side feet, right foot forward or left foot forward it does not make much different. Everyone has their own comfert way. I do not have strong reason to say one should be doing a way. The important thing is the way to be ready after service. Please disregards the things about whioch feet should be forwarded but choose the one you like. Lee

  3. My friend said that my hit was predictable. Any training to level up my technique and make it less predictable?

  4. @sugiggs Try to take the impact point infront of your body. That will change everything and there is no better skills then that. Lee

  5. I've coached my students to use their arm instead of their wrists. I found that using a "pushing" motion helps keep the shuttle flatter over the net. When my students use their wrist, the motion of the shuttle is less predictable. I find it interesting that you are teaching serving with the wrist. Thank you. Great video.

  6. @Guanabana51 Thank you and it could be good if I could see the way you teach then we can have more accuriate discussions. It has to be balanced as twoo much arm is too easy to see from opponent point of view but can be more accuriate. Also using more wrist can be deceptive but may have less control. Lee

  7. i also was teached to use only an arm-motion and therefore a little bit surprised about your video, but since i struggled expecially with variation (flick and short-wide) –>
    im looking forward very much for tonight when i will try out your technique.
    i didnt know about the shuttle angle so i hope i will soon be able to make very disguised services with that technique 🙂

  8. You need bit of practice before you use it in a real match if you have not done it before. Please try it with possitiveness. Let me know how you get on with it. Lee

  9. ok so i practised about 250 doubleserves today
    the normal short service went better and better, at the end i made 4-5 of 10 perfectly (5-6 not so good)
    i had trouble with the wide corner i have to practise that some thousend times i guess until i can use it in games

    i wasnt able to make a good flickserve at all, i think i must look for videos where it is explained in detail

  10. That is very good result with one day practice. If you focus on each single practice with possitive mind set, normally you can find out how to make it happen. If you continue the way you are doing at the moment, you will be able to do it before long. Lee

  11. I use right foot forward when serving from the right court and left foot forward when serving from the left court (I am right-handed). This helps open up a wide angle for more accurate serves – it makes the two front corners as well as the two back corners easier to aim for. Is that alright?

  12. I have never thoughts about it and I think that it is a very good idea. Thank you and you opened a new way to consider it to me. Thank you. Lee

  13. One of the coaching videos I saw online recommended holding the shuttle sideways instead of the bottom pointing downwards. this way, the strings brushed against the feathers after hitting the bottom and created a wobbled tumbling serve. I wonder what you think about that?
    I have tried it, and it is very difficult to get right. I can only do maybe 1 out of every 10.

  14. There are two issues in that way. 1. it is fault if you hit the cock and feather same time. 2. because of you are hitting feather the direction can be changed so shuttlecock can go the area you are not intending to hit. But I have to see the original clip so I can put my view accuriately. I give this answer based on your question. Lee

  15. Thanks for the prompt response Lee!
    YouTube is not letting me put the link to the video. To get to the video on youTube, please search for "Episode 24 part 1 – Short Serve " . Video posted by user 'matrix2596' is the one I am referring to. It is a part of training videos by Chinese player Xiao Jie.

    Let me know what you think.

  16. I sow the clip you mentioned. The coach is not hitting the Shuttlecock and feather same time together so it is not fault. The coach is doing it to make shuttlecock to fly falt and I think it is a kind of different way of serve. You should try this to see how you feel. I am not going to say that serve is good or bad as I have not been done that way and it is not right to say when I do not know how it work. It should be your choice. Try different ways and find out the best one for you. Lee

  17. Thank you coach! I will try out the method you have in your video this weekend and let you know. I really appreciate your responses! Thank you so much!
    BTW, do you have a video about selecting the right racket? I have a flexible shaft yonex racket right now. It was good to start playing with. Now, I feel that I am not able to transfer full power with it. I was evaluating Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash, ArmorTec 900P Voltric VT-80. As these are expensive rackets, I would be grateful for your advice.

  18. You can get good racket with reasonable price. A little heavy racket is better then too right one if you would like to put more power to the shuttlecock. Not too flax or not too stiff shaft is not good in my vioew it has to be blanced and more importnatly has to be right "FOR YOU" you should try few and choose the one you feel good with it. High price not always good racket "FOR YOU" keep looking for one for you. Lee

  19. When you're serving in for doubles and in singles, shouldn't your racket foot be in the front? Or is this a preference thingy?

  20. Yes normally more people put their racket foot forward but also it can be individuals preference. Lee

  21. Ohhh. I've being trying to serve into the corner by changing the angle of my racket head.

  22. I need training.Whr r u Sir?? I'm frm Malaysia

  23. I am in England. Lee

  24. Thank you for all the training videos! I hope you are enjoying the Olympics :D!

  25. You are very welcome. Lee

  26. Oh…no.May b can u gv some advice on how to improve my backhand and jumping smash.

  27. There are so many factors, please see the clips first and let me know if you have any questions. Lee

  28. Hello Lee!
    Here's Michael (the french guy that was at your great summer camp!)!

    Could you confirm if a backhand grip should be used for this service ?
    I'm in doubt actually! 😉
    Thank you, and hope all is well!

  29. Hello Michael. I hope you have recovered well. Yes normally it is backhand grip but also ready grip can be used too. Try a few different ways to find out the best way for you. Say hello to Oli. Lee

  30. Hi Lee, thanks for your answer! And Olivier says hello to you! 🙂

  31. Mr.Lee….Is there a rule that says that while serving the bat should not be above waste height??

  32. Yes, you must make the impact of your serve lower the waste line. Lee

  33. Thank you very much!! 😀
    There is always alot of fighting when i play with my friends when we play..
    this wil solve the problem
    thanks again

  34. I am sorry that I would like you to use this section for questions please. Lee

  35. Hi Lee, what sort of exercises do you recommend that can improve performance in badminton? From your video on 'Follow Lee" i noticed its only sit ups, squats and changing of grips. Please reply 🙂


  36. There are so many different kind of training you can do. If you follow the "Follow Lee" then you will see the different kind of training one by one. Lee

  37. Very nice video tutorial

  38. long time no see and now you have many best video with subtitles .That's good 😀

  39. my service is usually high how can I make it lower ?change the racket angle can make the shuttle change its direction?

  40. I am very pleased to know you like them. Lee

  41. I saw that you stand with your left leg in front of the net rather than with the right leg (like many professional players do) while doing the backhand low service. What do you recommend and why?
    Thanking you in anticipation for your answer.
    By the way: I really like your videos because you explain everything in detail and apart from right samples you also show the wrong samples what is really helpful for me.
    Keep up making such videos!

  42. You nhave a very good eyes to spot that. Some how I feel more copmfort by using my right food forward. Please do not see/take it important as I do not have clear reason to say with what reason player should put which food forward. It is purely individuals choice.

    Thank you very much for your kind comment on my clip. Lee

  43. If you give me this serve that high i'll smash it in your head … you should change the racquet angle and make the serve lower

  44. Please to have understanding. This clip is to show the players who does not know how to do it. The way you put comment has no thought for others and have no respect of the person who makes such clips for the people who need. If you are such good player then you do not need to see this clip instead look for more advanced clips please. Lee

  45. Coach Lee, thanks for all the videos. I've learned to correct many of my mistakes.

    I have one suggestion though, that is to invest in a clip-on microphone that you can wear for future videos, so we can hear you better. In some videos, the echo is overwhelming.

    Thanks again.

  46. Yes I totally agree with you. I am looking for one to use for my next recording. Thank you very much for your suggetion. Lee

  47. Would love to see your try genius.

  48. coach lee! thank you for this video! :)) it helps my service a lot

  49. I am very pleased to know. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  50. thanxx a lot sir……..

  51. You are very welcome. Lee

  52. Thankyou sir .. you have no idea how great you are n such a great job you're doing ! thanks a lot. by the way i had my surgery it was succesfull i am having my rehab now..

  53. I am pleased to know that it went well and I wish you prompt recovery and start training soon. Take good care. Lee

  54. Wow I bet you can't even serve like this… I play for 7 years so shut up and don't tell me what to do! sucker …

  55. Hi , for the backhand serve, must the shuttlecock be drop first before i can hit or i can hit while holding the shuttlecocks?

  56. Coach Lee, please give your advice on the following;
    – I am a right handed player, short serve in doubles.
    I am standing on even (right) side, my right foot is in front, making it easier to step/jump to the larger opening on my left.
    I am standing on uneven (left) side, my left foot is in front, making it easier to step/jump to the larger opening on my right.

    Do you think this is correct? Or is it better for a right handed player to have either one of the legs in front, no matter what side?

  57. You can do that after you find out your opponent's habit or returning your low service. You shuld only do that because of your opponent is returning that direction more often. Otherwise it is better you to be ready both side rather then always like that to anticipate. What happens if your opponent fo net shot then you will be late. Lee

  58. shut up you idiot

  59. Is this all you can tell me ??

  60. Very Helpful! Thanks

  61. You are very welcome. Lee

  62. I've never played doubles moron… I just said that this serve is really high and if someone serve like that it's really easy to smash it over the net …

  63. I didn't say that this serve sucks or something like that I just said that the serve is really high… Why everybody attacked me. I didn't mean't to offense someone…

  64. Will share with my badminton group in PA.  Can't wait to try this weekend.

  65. Coach, why my service high when I serve? Is it because of shuttlecock direction wrong or racquect? Nice video sir. 🙂

  66. Good evening, whenever i service it is a fault. My coach say that my racquet is higher than the wrist. How can i improve and avoid to have a fault in low and high service. 1 point can cause a game to be ruin so i need change this behavior. Thanks in advance

  67. Hello Sir Hope u will Ok.Sir i have question when i service backhand low which foot of my infornt Left or Right?

    Sorry for bad english.

  68. Great vids, Can I recommend you wear a microphone and sync it with the audio? There's lots of reverb.

  69. Coach, do you have a video that shows how to make a long serve in double. And question: is it true that the clear is less used in double?   thanks!

  70. Hi Coach Lee, is there any other kind of serve I can use when I serve in doubles?

  71. Hi is nt this service a fault ? Because as i observe the shuttle has been struck above the waist during the serve

  72. Coach can you make a video on how to return serves for doubles ??

  73. Hi, I read something about serving. I read it on google that when you say serving below the waist, its not the actual waist, it says that it is actually below the lower rib? is that true?

  74. Hey Coach, I have a very serious tournament tomorrow for U15's, Any tips please?

  75. Hello Sir Lee. Its very beneficial to learn from a coach like you. I m 37 years old just started learning badminton watching your videos. You are an awesome coach who teaches very minutely and deeply. any golden tip/lesson for me. My gratitude to you. Thanks a lot

  76. Thanks for the 'changing direction' trick sir!

  77. ohh my god thats the wonderful trick i been though that the racquet should move the way where i wann to drop the shuttle
    thank you coach lee

  78. sir if opponent has done low serve to me then shld i cut it or send it back?

  79. I have one doubt why its fault ,Serving using ur arm instead of wrist…in both cases we serve below waistline………….is it foul ? serving with arm ?

  80. Pls help. Whenever i serve i keep missing it. I keep trying and i miss.

  81. A better tip would be to point the back of the shuttle to the white tape of the net.

  82. The trick is good but foot work is wrong.. because the right hand man right leg first keeping and left behind

  83. You are a best coach.

  84. I love badminton so very much?

  85. Which is your favourite game ?? ??

  86. I started playing badminton few months ago but I learn without coach in my village we don't have facilities from our government but here we are trying best for sports. Before I was best Player in volleyball but now playing badminton
    Without coach to learn very difficult

  87. Very usefull one sir … thanks..

  88. I use this serve every time lol

  89. Saala boltaa jyaada h sikhaata km h

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