Badminton: Backhand Net Drop

Badminton: Backhand Net Drop

Backhand net drop this is right way ok now wrong one many club players do this way, like a samurai way ya too big swing or they get to the shuttle too close or too big swing ok watch the right way again

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  1. i think wrong way is much better. because its difficult for opponent to pick

  2. @jstcoool I can see why you say that. There are other clips showing about how to spin please have look. It is important to make less mistakes as possible in a match. It is better to make reasonable 10 shots amnd the 10 shots all go over the net rather then a few go over and a few into the net or go too high. Lee

  3. I am sorry that I am not clear your comment. can you please explain again? Lee

  4. Yes, if you do it same way in doubles but in singles no as your opponent is away from the net. This clip is showing the different types of net drop rather then showing the right skills to do it. Lee

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