Badminton Backhand Net Kill: The Different Types

Badminton Backhand Net Kill: The Different Types

Different types of net kill ok now I would like to show you different kinds of net kill have a look please number 1 normally the beginners or intermediate players they do it shuttle, move this side I might hit you shuttle comes, like this ok kill you got the chance, shuttle come you kill ok you do that when shuttle is little bit high you can make actions little bigger because you have time to do it like this little bit higher please ya like this bigger, power kill now next one is when you don’t have time shuttle is little bit tight then you can’t do it because you might hit the shuttle cock to the net at that time, using your fingers hold the shuttle early and kill it sharp, tap tap kill I call it tap kill so without action now even more, even shuttle is tighter or shuttle is spinning then ok spin little bit here if you tap it you might hit it to the net even short action at that time tight shot spin shot, I call it brush so go there so you brush it, because you add little bit of action you more likely hit it above, rather than stop it if you stop it you do that but if you brush it, it can go over better so backhand net kill there are 3 kinds number 1 – normal power kill like this power kill number 2 – no time tight sharp tap shuttle is spinning even tighter you brush it ok 3 different kinds

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  1. Dear Coach Lee, may you explain more about the last type of netkill, e.g. how to grip the racket, how the wrist shoud rotate, etc?

  2. @s026019 Hi You are right that in this clip I did not explain the way to do it rather I showed you the different types of backhand Net Kill. I will put that clip on my list. I will be able to do it in April. Thank you for asking. Lee

  3. thank you very much!!!

  4. Master Lee we r very much benefit from your teaching…Meh is also an asian from North-east India… We r just like you only…I hope u ll teach more in future ….Thanks …..Jami Nyitan

  5. thanks sir….!!!!

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