Badminton: Backhand Net Kill

Badminton: Backhand Net Kill

Backhand Net kill this is the right way have a look please this is wrong way too big swing wrong way no backhand change one grip right again

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  1. @SinghaPower Hi, Yes i am going to make a coaching clip by putting step by step all the points of required skill to do it. This is one of many clip showing all different kind of shots in badminton. It is not instrctual clip. The body posture, grip, racket position, how racket should be moving, how grip should be changing, how to hold the shuttlecock and etc will be on next clip. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  2. hi coach,how should the grip be while initiating a net kill?should there be a gap between the palm the racket handle?

  3. No there should not be too much gap it is better to have a very little gap. Too much gap will lose control of hit. Net kill need sharp grip power, if you have too much gap in your grip you can not make enough stable power. Lee

  4. thank you very much sir!!your videos have helped my badminton alot!

  5. "low posture, right grip, hold and hit" thanks Master Lee

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