Badminton: Backhand Net Shot with Deception

Badminton: Backhand Net Shot with Deception

Backhand Cross Court Deception In this video I would like to show you the backhand deceptive across net shot in singles especially the players need lot of deceptions if somebody have not got deceptions and playing singles then they are having a war without any weapon some time ago, lets say 15,20 years ago a cross net shot is like this have a look in this way opponent can see what you are doing now, in these days deception is crucial in winning a match for example, show your opponent false action very clearly and then give another false action and then change it there are 2 different deceptive backhand cross net shot first one two levels of deception second one is 3 levels of deceptions ok look what I mean by that 2 levels of backhand deceptive net shot which is this show opponent net shot and then change across have a look so straight and then change this is second level but more effective backhand deceptive net shot is 3 levels which is this show opponent I am going to do straight net shot and then show opponent again no I am lifting so racket go down which means like this normally when they, a player lift flick to the rear court the racket normally goes down and hit it so when my opponent see my racket going down they think he is lifting so I am going to do straight net shot no, lifting and then across so this is 3 levels of deceptions I will show you look so first action which is false action has to be very clear also second false action and make last real action very short and quick, so its deceptive so 1 2 3 but the rhythm is like this 1 23 rather than 1 2 3 better this way 1 23 have a look this way much more effective and more deceptive rather than like before in order to do this kind of deceptions the posture is important ready racket center, away and from here racket straight hold quickly hold and then do it so, if you hold the shuttle longer if you hold the shuttle as long as you can then its more deceptive that’s what I mean have a look again there 1 23 1 23 rather than in this action you don’t have the time of holding watch again holding exactly make same posture before you actually hit it this if you practice you can get it for this kind of deceptive across shot the most important thing is how to grip it for example straight net shot down and change it so there are few changing angles in the grip in order to do that the grip has to be very gentle like that rather than hold it tight ok watch my hands this is not the grip for this kind of deception because it has got very thick feelings rather the grip has to be very gentle have a look please if you have this grip ok ready please easier but this one like power grip the action is not very sharp have a look very clearly in detail how the grip should be as you see, my grip, this is right way to hold it because in this way the feeling in side your hand is much sharper than like this, this is for smash and clear powerful shots not for very gentle and sharp sensitive skills like this one, like this the thumb straight, second finger straight and there should be gap there, no like this in this way you can feel much more like this and then in the palm, as you see there is a gap, room here so you can move little bit rather than like this like that I would do that ok, have a look thank you for visiting IBBS I hope you find this video enjoyable and beneficial to you thank you

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  1. You are very welcome. Lee

  2. So cool…thxs so much… ^^

  3. You are very welcome. Lee

  4. Coach lee, as mostly I play doubles; its not possible to get so much time to do these shots, as the game is too fast.. so do u mean we use these in singles only ?

  5. Hello, coach Lee. For a beginner player, would you recommend teaching this way (with deception) immediately, or should they be taught without deception first in order to practice the control?

  6. Also, great videos! It's great to see such a high-level coach putting his techniques online for all to see.

  7. Awesome technique as always. However, I have a question that would it be somewhat inconvenience to change your grip by that much? What I mean is that say, for example before this net shot was another shot which requires you to have a totally different grip; then what should we do? gotta change the grip any way? Everything in badminton happens really fast, like a fraction of a second. So it would be hard to change your grip that quick?

  8. Coach Lee, I find it difficult to find the time for a deception,for instance to fake dropping straight ahead then doing a cross court drop. Badminton is indeed a really fast so this makes it really difficult to find the time especially in singles

  9. Sir how can i bring more speed  in my footwork
    i went to sea for training will it bring more speed in running in the sea

  10. i like your coaching videos lee & i also like your movement in the court it is so beautiful to watch

  11. excellent explanation sir thank you

  12. is there any way of not to get deceive by deception shot

  13. Hey coach Lee your videos r really beneficial for beginners like me .
    I have a request for u can u please upload slice drop shot with deception?

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