Badminton: Backhand Spin Net Drop Shot

Badminton: Backhand Spin Net Drop Shot

Backhand Spin net spin net

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  1. @ChiaYenToh Good question, in doubles you do not have many chances to use such net shot, it is more for singles. In doubles hit shuttlecock downward promply is more important then making spin shot. It can be killed. Lee

  2. Hi lee…
    im from iran I want to know how can I buy a good rocket?please tanks

  3. The best way is. 1. Do not see the price. 2. Test a number of rackets with same string tention and using same grip. 3. Choose the one you feel best. It sound may too obious but this is the best way to select the best racket for you. Lee

  4. coach lee.i was wondering how to top spin a shuttle?i saw lin dan doing it a couple of times.when i went to some forums they said that it was a last minute deceptive shot.but i think otherwise.sir,i need your guidance about how to play this shot.thank you sir

  5. As you point it out, top spin is not very often used in a match as it has to be done only when you are taking shot high at the net and when it is very close at the net. In my channel there is spin net clips. Please have look and let me know if you have any questions. Lee

  6. would you be able to tap it over, srry im new

  7. If you use brush skills and take it early then you can. Lee

  8. sir can u please suggest me racket im confused between head light and head heavy . I am using head heavy currently . My game is like attackting and now I am developing more of technique and deception based game so which one will be better . And  is that true that with head light back court clears and smashes get weaker ..I mean is there a huge difference ??? PLEASE SIR PLEASE HELP ME OUT …. : ) Thanking you : )

  9. Well i'm not an expert as coach Lee. But you can refer yonex selection racket Chart. Also perhaps you would like check out forum. You can find everything about badminton in there.

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