Badminton: Backhand Spin Net Shot

Badminton: Backhand Spin Net Shot

Backhand Spin Net Play Backhand spin net play in singles there are different ways of slice in net play but in this technique, players who are playing singles they must know this technique and be able to perform well because if they do, then they can finish they can end the rallies when shuttle is coming from opponent backhand side to my backhand side, which is a cross angle then this is great opportunity to make very much spin in net play like this I will show you first what I mean but because shuttle is flying that way racket is moving the other side so the power crush which makes difficult to control its better to control same direction so it gives more spin like this compare this like this and by this the rally can be end because even if the opponent lift it they cannot lift it properly because of spin ok now techniques and grip first of all the grip is important this one very sensitive so the grip has to be very gentle and the racket should be hold by the end of the finger areas because that area has got more feelings rather than holding racket in palm area which is very thick feelings there so have a look very closely here thumb straighted second finger straighted and here little bit of room here so the center palm is not touching here and then between this one and this one there should be room because these two fingers are controlling fingers changing angle fingers if this finger goes like this together then there is 4 power fingers and only 1 control finger so this is not in use so in order to use that one player needs 2 fingers from both sides like this ok so very sharp feelings in this players hands now, the racket movement it is not flat movement player must move semi circle like this little bit like that like that so shuttle is there spin like this, so it can make more spin rather than just flat also this hand fingers should be moving like this this is right that is wrong like this semi circle rather than flat its not right semi circle semi circle so little bit of finger so this semi circle can be made by using little bit of fingers, ok have a look again and in order to make more spin the racket movement should be starting from right hand side go left hand side so its wider spin wider movement rather than start from center to here which is this start from here to there here to there its too small space there rather you should go wider from here to there there – there as you see it generates more spin now the step when you hit the shot the right foot should land together it gives you better control and better feelings like this have a look together impact, impact of the shuttle impact of the shuttle and the racket foot try to watch together together ok its not land hit, no like this together one more thank you for visiting IBBS I hope you find this video enjoyable and beneficial to you thank you

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  1. I am sure you can spin. There are a few skill factors. You have to use fingers as well as wrist, you have to hit the shuttlecock gentle not too hard, it is better to take it as high as possible then take it late, you have to hit the shuttlecock to the point of racket where you make the shuttlecock stay longer. You can! just keep try until you do it. Lee

  2. Why in this video you do backhand spin from (your) right to left, but in forehand vid of how to practice both backhand and forehand spin, you would move backhand spin from left to right. Is backhand spin from forehand side to backhand side, or backhand side to forehand side? If it is forehand side to backhand side, why not just use forehand grip when hitting backhand? If this is unclear please say so Thankyou

  3. You have a very good eyes. Backhand spin there are two different ways depending on where the shuttlecock is flying from. When shuttlecock os flying cross direction then it is better to spin from raight to left but if shuttlecock is flying stright then it can be done both ways. Lee

  4. coach lee…
    although u are fat u really have good skill, i was looking forward that u make video about forehand net cross / forehand cross drop

  5. Sorry that it took longer then I hoped but I will do it soon. Lee
    I will try to be slim next time. Lee

  6. LOL just joking , nvm , just some suggestion

  7. Dear Coach Lee, I've gone through many of your video on Net play, and spin shot as I'm a lady playing alot of mixed double, and focusing more on front play. My oponents are typically doing the same, and some of the ladies does have very good spin net play. Would you be able show videos of how to counter the spin net play? What are the ways, and how to counter them? Thanks.

  8. The best way to deal with spin net in doubles is to kill it early rather then try to lift it. As shuttlecock is spinning, you would better to kill it with brush action rather then tap action. In the follow lee net kill clips, there is clip on how to do brush net kill. Please have look as I think it will give you good idea on how to kill it. Lee

  9. Thank you so much Coach Lee. How could I missed that series of clips, they were fantastic. You were almost describing me in everything I should not do! hahahaha :). But now I know… . Hope there will be chance where I could meet you and learn from you! Thanks, really great stuff!


  10. Omg coach Lee thanks so much this really works =)

  11. Wao! Its works! Thank you coach Lee.

  12. Mr. Lee if it is not too much trouble can you help me?
    Actually my forehand and backhand cross net shots either go out or in the net.Please help.
    Thanking in Advance

  13. In the demonstration, you appear to be mainly receiving the shuttle on the forehand side of your body (e.g., at 5:22), but using a backhand spin net shot.  If you reached the shuttle on your forehand side in a real match, wouldn't you rather use a forehand spin net shot?

  14. do you have a video that ur playing a real game coach Lee?

  15. Hi coach Lee, I observed that the forehand and backhand spin net shots you taught both slicing from right to left. Am I missing anything? Thanks

  16. The way you hold the racket (grip)  seems a little bit unusual for me. I never teach like that in Indonesia and mostly Indonesian player. The thumb position different with I use and teach to my students/player. But nice to share badminton technique to make badminton more popular.

  17. Thank you!
    Finally a great video showcasing the proper technique for this shot. I prefer instructable videos to be like yours which is not only showing the right way to do it but also what can go wrong so you can get a better feeling for what you need to change when failing to perform the shot in game.
    Greeting from Sweden

  18. this is very interesting coach. i do believe many people in the world are learning from you 24/7 just like me.

  19. Thank you coach Lee….Greetings from India.

  20. sir how to return the net dribble to lift back

  21. Sir, for backhand spin shot you said for making more spin player should move the racquet in the same direction of shuttle. i.e from right to left. But for forehand spin shot you are moving the racquet opposite to shuttle .i.e right to left (same as backhand spin)… This looks like contradiction. Sir, can you clarify this.

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