Badminton Backhand: The things you must not do in your backhand clear

Badminton Backhand: The things you must not do in your backhand clear presents The Things You Must Not Do On a Backhand Clear I would like to show you the things you must not do to make a good backhand clear number 1 is do not stretch your elbow when you hit the shuttle cock your elbow must be bent and then hit like this rather than full stretch hit watch this please bend elbow and use your power from your wrist if I stretch my elbow I loose power many players who has got elbow problem quite likely they have it because when they hit backhand clear they believe they have to full stretch their elbow this is very dangerous idea, if you do you will have elbow problem because it will hit, hit you can’t hit powerful clear that way you will have problem in your elbow bend elbow use your wrist not your elbow I understand why because, overhead they have to stretch elbow full way but backhand you must not stretch your elbow all the way any time regardless whether shuttle is in front side late its wrist this is wrong way front side back ya please do not stretch your elbow all the way when you are hitting backhand clear, backhand drop does not matter, all backhand your elbow must not stretched you will have big problem See more Badminton Videos at

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  1. you loose power and you can break your elbow xD

  2. oh my… this is what I do most of the times..

  3. this is a very good video…
    thanks for the tip
    I really need it!! πŸ˜€

  4. wonderful tip – now i know why my elbow aches! thanks for the great tip.

  5. Coach Lee, how do you maximize the wrist snap on backhand..? my back hand clear always falls short.

  6. I hardly ever play backhand
    I always use overhead
    Because my wrist isn't strong enough
    But sometimes I can backhand clear

  7. my elbow was hurting for a few days now..hahaha.. lol.. Thanks coach πŸ™‚

  8. @lontongss

    probably your backhand grip is wrong.

  9. @ChummyChime I'm a player 13 years old
    and my backhand grip isn't wrong
    I always do dropshot with backhand

  10. @lontongss

    use your thumb to push and if you are concern of hitting the shuttle out then adjust the way you hold the racket so the face is facing the crosscourt side.

  11. @BadmintonClear There are times where u cant hit overhead.

  12. How cute is the tiny feather piece that falls down at 1:02, after the impact?

    I love it when that happens.

    They're so random and cute.

    Random things are usually cute, like if you an ant randomly walking across a room, or a ladybug on a leaf.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm no Badminton bimbo.

    I very much take my sport seriously.

    I could play this at ANY given time of the day, in spite of the condition of my health.

    I think that should just about justify that otherwise seemingly ignorant remark.

  13. I do not know how to say thank you, i often have this problem . Thanks again

  14. it's the came in tennis, when you hit your shot stretched, you'll get a problem
    but when you do it with an angle in the elbow, you can drive through the ball

  15. @BadmintonClear Never? Forehand is better when possible, but I've just watched some videos of Lee Chong Wei and Nathan Robertson in match situations where they both played backhand clears. So if they are happy to do it, I'll go with their opinion πŸ™‚

  16. @BadmintonClear Add Peter Gade to LCW and Nathan Robertson as players happy to play a backhand clear in a match situation πŸ™‚


  18. Thanks for the clarification and giving the explanation to why we should not stretch our elbow. Unfortunately, I've been trying today and it still is really difficult to backhand clear from the back of the court.

  19. Yes I am going to do the clip but I must say that it will be done in a few months time. i am sorry that it can not be done sooner. I would like to do it best possible way and would like to do it in a good hall but I have to wait to use it. i can only use this hall only some times. Lee

  20. Thank you for your comment and it has a good point. Lee

  21. Backhand clear is one of my weakness. This is really helpful.

  22. I am very pleased to know. Lee

  23. Lee ur the best mate

  24. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  25. anyong haseyo master lee could you borrow me your precious time to expalin how badminton racket tension are measured like let's say 24lbs of tension.


  26. Hello there. It is difficult to say as every string mashine is all different.
    The best way is to feel the tention which right for you. i am sorry not being able to give you a good answer. Lee

  27. which racket to chose can u plz tell me wanna buy new racket online

  28. The best way is try out the one you would like to buy compare with out one.
    It is not possible for me to recomend as everyone is different as well as their stength is different too. Please test them without price to be known before you test. Expensive racket does not always mean right one for you. Lee

  29. I am very pleased to know it helped you. Lee

  30. maybe if i had saw this some days ago my elbow wouldn't hurt right now =/

  31. Forgot to mention, thanks for the vids. They help me a lot

  32. Thank you for letting me know and I am very pleased. Lee

  33. I am sorry to hear that. But your will not get hurt anymore. Lee

  34. i recognized you when i saw your face on the lee's badminton cover

  35. I had the same problem as well…. My friends have been telling me it's because of my smash.

  36. Btw Thank you very much for your guidance sir!! =D

  37. I hope this safe your elbow. Lee

  38. Coach Lee, can you make videos how to do a backhand smash?

  39. I will put that on my recording list. Thank you for asking. Lee

  40. sir you have been of great help to me. love your work. and keep the tips coming.

  41. Thank you and I shall continue. Lee

  42. Coach,do you have a video is train backhand drop from left to right?

  43. I do not have it yet but I will put it on my list. Lee

  44. Greetings from India coach Lee. Love your videos. Regarding the back hand technique, even though its easier to hit a backhand clear when stationary, most run into trouble when they have to position themselves/run in the court before hitting backhand clear. Please give us some tips regarding getting to the right position during a game to hit a backhand.

  45. It is difficult to explain by words. But I will try. 1. small side step is needed. sometime one or two small side step need to do. 2. Instead of moving towaod to the shuttlecock, you have to move backword and make shuttlecock side of your body rather then behind. Next time I will make much more detail clips for ity. Lee

  46. Thats why i have a bad elbow, playing for fun without proper tuition….. Thanks coach your videos are a god send. time to practice and play correctly. great vids bye the way and many thanks.

  47. I am very pleased to know that you feel that way with my clips. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  48. Thanks for the help.

  49. You are very welcome. Lee

  50. which grip shall we used for backhand clear,forehand grip or backhand grip?

  51. Coach Lee, could you please make a video on how to do a backhand smash, like Taufik Hidayat? In my opinion this is one of the most difficult but also lethal shots in all of badminton. Thank you.

  52. you are amazing. You help a lot of players!! Thanks

  53. you just save me an elbow injury thanks.

  54. But if i'll use my wrist,
    Then my wrist joint will pain.
    How to do it without any PAIN?

  55. thnx for the video helped me a lot

  56. I am not a badminton player but a squash player, but all these videos work great for me in which obviously means some adjustment to have a sweet spot. i d have to emphasize all your tips are very science based and golden tips. Regards.

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