Badminton Basic Drills (11) – 2v1 Smash and Net

Badminton Basic Drills (11) – 2v1 Smash and Net 2 v 1 Smash and Net If there is no pausing step after smash and net this drill has no meaning please look this player’s step one after her smash 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 1 2 3 6 7 9 20 1 2 1 Lee Jae Bok

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  1. The girls smash looks beast!!!:)

  2. At what step should I pause? after smash and net. I am not very sure, but follow the footwork practice I think the reasonable step will be recover step. Can I have your comments and corrections please? Thanks coach Lee!

  3. You can use both steps after smash; small recovery step(if you are at deep corner or under pressure) then pause or no recovery step(if you have good balance or making shot from not too deep corner) then pause. The important thing is to lend two feet together(after pause/after opponent made his shot) so you can change direction and push off fast to the shuttlecock. If this is not clear please ask again. Lee

  4. Yes seriously. do you have any video of the girl's game?

  5. Yes on Mixed double and coaches DVDs but her name is
    Tsui-Yee Bethany Lau

  6. I think i understand you are trying to say. However, at many occasions, recovery step is not possible and we have to run to the shuttlecock straightaway, then I think a pause after landing would be recommended rather than a recovery step?

  7. Yes she plays like a beast!!! Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  8. Yes you are perfectly right. There are so many situations and you have to select the best possible movement to suit the situation. It is therefore players must be able to do all different kind of steps and practice it so the best possible step will be selected automatically. Lee

  9. This is a good singles practice Lee thank you very much!! I have a serious question about this pattern used in singles attacking style.. (smash, 2/3 quick steps to the net for a sharp net return,guard the net with posture to force a lift, move quicker than the shuttle backwards, and attack again going forward!!!

    I have a problem with opponents slowing me down with lobs and high clears to keep me in the back…. Is this a good drill to 'pressure' up and break his defensive pattern?? Watch next

  10. 2) Maybe it is a good way but I felt uncomfortable to smash for the backline because the smash have to go downwards (steep) and must be powerful otherwise it is easy for him to defend!! I was insecure because I tried to do that but he had really sharp returns so I was not fast enough to get that shot!! He (my opponent) know that I am not comfortable of slowing down and used that tactic to recover from very fast rally's… And he knows I can't stand boring rally's…. Shall I practice this drill

  11. 3) Even though it is very demanding on my endurance and I really have to work very hard for my points… But if you see korean,indonesian, and china players style they have to rally with a lot of initiative to score the winning points.I did the same thing he did to me but sometimes I played the mistakes by hitting out so I was not confident to 'mirror' his slowing down style and keep him in the back as well..I tried to keep my base a little bit more to the back but he had deceptions playin short

  12. If you see this video for example the returns are far behind the short service lines and the lobs are around the first line in the backcourt!! Has it to do about smashing powerful?? Because many times the opponents have less control to bring the pace down and returning shots just a little bit behind the net.Do you have to smash to the middle or to the sides in single matches?? Thank you very much, Lee.I will buy a another dvd (just got the doubles), sorry for the tactic and explaining my questio

  13. Two thinks will happen when you smash depending on where you smash how you smash. If you do well he can not lift your smash and he will take it late. In this case you can move in fast(anticipate) and may kill it or do early net. If you do the smash not well, wrong area or do it late. In this case you may not able to move in to the net as you lost your balance or he can even drive your smash. This drill trains you to make you smash well and smash accuriate.

  14. There will be many other reasons why you feel that way. You may smash under pressure, you may smash at the time when he knows you are going to samsh. You should play a shot because of it is right shot at that time not because of you do like long rallies. If it is needed then you have to make 20 or 30 rallies because if you smash at the wrong time you lose. Try to think again fundermentally. Lee

  15. Try to think the reasons of you losing to him. Find out if there is a way to limit his strength and maximise your strength. Same time you must training much harder to make things better. If tactic beats your opponent no body will train rather everyone just study the tactics. Tactic is good and working when two player's level is similar.

  16. Coach Lee..Last evening I was playing against an opponent. He kept pushing me to the back both on forehand and backhand. After pushing he will disguise a drop close to the net.I was finding it very difficult to cope. Though I won 21-19 but I think I was not playing good.Advice from the genius 🙂

  17. You sow it right. The player is lifting about the doubles service line. You not very often smash from the end line in real match. The player is defending the smash a little bit longer as they are doing 30 times of smash and net. There are many different tactical smashes. To his body, short top smash, long smash, smash to side line, slice smash. You have to select the roght one at each different situation. It is good you have those questions so you will be able to find answers. Keep it going. Lee

  18. Try one thing. try to get behind shuttlecock/shuttlecock should be in front of your body. You feel pressure when your opponent is pushing you to the rear court because of you are moving to the shuttlecock late and take the shuttlecock under pressure(with losing balance) if you move bit quicker then shuttlecock then you can put your opponent under pressure. Soon number of clips will be made about how to make clear deception. Lee

  19. Thanks a lot for the advice.Shall i return to the mid court immediately after hitting the birdie. I mean do a scissor and come back. I have serious problems in case he deceives and puts a cross drop close to the net. I feel stuck up at my place and even if I am able to reach for the drop I am not shot he again pushes me to backhand and I am unable to even reach it. Please advice me on these shots in particular. I am pushed to the back and after a few rallies a decpetive cross drop

  20. I think you need ti improve the speed of your. Footwork. Try to learn the steps and train it to be faster. Lee

  21. Guy in the red shirt looks too stiff when he is smashing he needs to relax more

  22. Good eyes you have as that is one of his weaknesses. He is working on it but naturally very stiff. Lee

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