Badminton: Basic FOOTWORK – 6 corners, step by step

Badminton: Basic FOOTWORK – 6 corners, step by step

the defensive backhand, i will start with a wide split step and push my right foot towards the side, i pull my right foot all over my left Then i drag my left a bit towards my right. And push myself up. Then i am back at the middle If the smash isn’t at the line, i can just take a wide split step and shoot my shoulder to the side. Just like this the defense’s forehand, i start with a wide split step and push with my left foot Towards my right foot, and i take a sideways che-che, towards the right and falling down Like this! Then i’m pulling my left foot a bit towards my right, and crossing – and jump to the middle If the shot isn’t at the line, i can just, as i did in the backhand, take a wide split step and stretch you The rear forehand corner. I start with a directional split step. Left to the front, right to the back I push with my left to perform a che-che, maybe two Perform a scissor jump. Land with my left foot first, then right afterwards, like this We need to hear both feet hit the ground. Not like this, it was the same time They need to land differently, my left foot first, then right – like this this movement is a bit false, because when you do the scissor jump, you normally just go straight. Normally the footwork will look like this The rear backhand corner. We start with a directional split step. then i’m pulling my right foot behind my left and it ends up over here. Then i’m skipping on my left foot Like this So, let’s break it down – directional split step, a skip One che-che, scissor jump and reach the middle When i go to this corner, i do a directional split step. Right a bit behind me And left a bit in front, like that. Then i push with my right, a big lunge towards the corner Just like this When i reach the corner, i push back with my right foot. Or i can pull my left foot a bit towards the right foot and then push back. Jump to the middle I start by doing a directional split step. Left behind, right in front of me. Then i push with my left And then i’m crossing the left foot over the right, like this, then i lunge with my right foot towards the corner, like that For getting back, i pull my right behind my left and jump to the middle

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  1. This sucks, i wont be able to play this years because i had surgery in my apendics. My doctor said it would take a year for the surgery to fully heal

  2. Hey Guys,
    What do you want to see next?

  3. Har en badminton bane ikke kun 4 hjørner?
    (Jeg forstår godt hvad i mener) ??

  4. This is nice I love this video thanks sir for doing so much for us ??????

  5. Please make video on how to add extra power to throw shuttle from the corner to the opposite corner

  6. Suggest me a good smash racket in budget

  7. Can you tell tell us how to increase our stamina? cause i last for no more than 2 matches of 21…

  8. Well explained!!

  9. Wow nice footwork i really like it?

  10. pls make a separate video about how to hit shuttle from sweet spot everytime .. what exercise and tactics should be use ? thanks !

  11. do you guys have a full video where you actually play? I want to see you all play. 🙂 been watching your vids for a while and been using some of your techniques up till now. 🙂

  12. Nice one
    You are very hardworking keep going 🙂

  13. Please make a video how to improve your backhand

  14. Sir ! Please tell me how to improve smash power (perfect corner smash)[email protected]@@#

  15. Very good training video and the visual is excellent but the audio could be louder and clearer.
    You make the footwork look very easy, I make it look far more difficult! 😀 Fingers crossed I will get it one day.

  16. Don't turn right away when going away from the net, at least after hitting a netshot. There's an (in my opinion) better option to reach the rear forehand corner as well:

    Also, this is a nice addition after mastering the first four corner:

  17. This was very useful – footwork is one of my greatest weaknesses!

  18. Great tutorial!? All the relevant footwork explained in one video, brilliant, you got a Like from me!?

  19. Sorry but its old footwork its late of 1 second time than new (one step) footwork #NOTE beginners please lern this its best for you

  20. Hi Mads, in front forehand corner, why are you dragging your left foot IN FRONT of your right foot? I've never seen anybody do that, and pros don't that too. Isn't better to drag your left foot BEHIND your right foot when going forward? Also I've noticed in singles that pros don't do scissor jump in forehand back corner, only when hitting 100% smashes and other time going for stick smashes they don't scissor jump.

  21. What to do for people with short legs (or stiff muscles), especially reaching to the front and side?

  22. What returns would u do with the quick side defence (block,drive, clear)?

  23. Do you mind making a video where you make contact with the shuttles for all the shots? It’s just that when you do shadow footwork I can see what your feet are doing but not the arms AND your eyes are looking down sometimes so I am not too sure the correct / complete approach to each shot.

  24. Sir how can i return toss at mid back court?

  25. I can't pick at backhand corner backcourt whet the shuttle is straight or low.What should i do?

  26. Great tutorial.But your voice is todo low and l would like to know what grip to use in every case.

  27. Are there foreign frends play badminton ? Can I content with you. Maybe I will visit you and play with you.

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