Badminton-Basic Positioning Practice in Doubles

Badminton-Basic Positioning Practice in Doubles

Basic Positioning practice in doubles Type – I ok I would like to show you the doubles positioning depending on the situation who goes where the players who are less than 1 year or 2 years of experience, they have no idea where to go who to take what so, this is good practice for your player to understand who goes where let’s say ok side by side here I am the coach, you are here you will point one of them backwards then that person will go back so watch in doubles if you go go stay stay there so this is empty there fore his partner must come to the center important thing is before he hits his partner must be here already ok ready watch this go yeah like this but quite often in real terms, when partner go this player instead of going forward and cover the court he just watch him ready go he will watch him and then he go, shuttle lands and he says, that’s yours that’s your side but that is not true because he can’t come here after smash to take this one ok ready ok this is wrong way don’t come just watch him ready go you watch him yeah this is not right because this is empty ready, this is right when he goes, don’t watch him just come to the center ready go yeah ok like this go back now, ask this player say 1 of 2 smash or clear and depending on what he say the position has to be changed again ready clear or smash ok let’s say clear go clear stop, yes much louder, its far away he said clear so shuttle goes in the air there fore your side should be side by side ok ready clear again, loud go clear yes this time, he will smash smash yes and because partner smash he stays, he goes to the center same ok now the other way Mayur you say louder go smash go clear go clear go smash yeah you are right ready go clear go smash ok center go clear excellent ok so, when your player hits clear side by side when he say smash the front player stay there the person who smash go behind it attacking situation now, at the net ready ok Mayur watch ok if I go to the net just remain, don’t come here because you don’t know what I am going to do so this person should say 1 or 2 go net and then I will go to the net you go to the center net you stay I stay lift high lift I go back my partner moves side defence when ever shuttle goes up side by side ok ready so you say net or lift lower please go net louder Mayur go net go lift go net go lift go lift ready go, yes lift go net well done ok now this one net one, my partner can see me so this time I don’t say I make action and then move so he has to wait until I move ready ok no words because he can see me ok ready Tom you lead what ever ok ready go excellent ok Mayur you lead well done, good ok now last one, mixed rear, front all over ready together, I will point you when I point net, say nothing you do it side by side when I point rear you have to say because front person can’t see you ok ready ok wait ready lower posture go smash go smash go net net, you have to stay here ok ready go go go no no you stand same ready go clear yes smash clear well done here here net go go go go clear well done excellent thank you for watching, thank you

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  1. There will be some situation between defense and attak. As the situation is fast and you do not have time to make any move, you should stay where you are. It is also not good idea to try to intecept as you would not have time and space to do it. It is your partner's hand if he lift and go side by side or if he attack and move in. In the second situation you should move back court and let him move in to the net. Lee

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  36. This really seems to be the easiest way to learn doubles coordination.But how do we coordinate without the other player playing calling out the shot? Does that come with experience and just the feel of the game? Also what should be the positions when the rear-court player makes an overhead drop?

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