Badminton-Be in Position Quicker in Doubles

Badminton-Be in Position Quicker in Doubles

Hello Tim Happy New Year to you Firstly when your partner is hitting your preparation is little bit too slow, this is what I mean This is Tim you, your partner is going to go there shuttle been hit there so he is going the way you move is, as he go you come like that and you are ready at the place when he is hitting so little bit too late, watch this so shuttle goes, you go like that you should be changing to, he goes you are ready and ready again, ok one more he goes, quick ready and then ready but you get there just 1 second too slow, go like that so you are coming so you can’t change same the other way, when he goes there hit so you are ready when he comes and then you go now same, when he goes there, he comes be quick and then ready so, in general you have to get to in position fraction quicker so you are prepared and restart if he goes there, you come like that if he goes there come ready and then go so little bit quicker same if he goes to the net quick ready and go instead he goes you come like this so because you are moving 0.2 seconds little bit too slow you are late to the shuttle cock, so shuttle is pushing you rather than you are prepared for the shuttle cock little bit earlier ok ready again ready ok back you go and ready this is right way, one more go and you go ready and then move ok if shuttle go to the net go and then you are ready and goes instead of backward, ready forward, ready see its just little bit too slow

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  1. Some excellent video's for beginners and intermediate badminton players. Thanks coach Lee.

  2. sir im a player from india i cannot afford for a coach but im really happy n blessed to see ur videos n get trained…thanku soo much..

  3. Hello mr.lee, when I lift high deep, me and my partner are ready side by side and what if the opponent does deceptive drop shot? How to counter?

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