Badminton-Best Return of Low Service in Level Doubles (Level Doubles Correction)

Badminton-Best Return of Low Service in Level Doubles (Level Doubles Correction)

Level Doubles – Correction The best possible option of returning low service Attack opponent’s body then 60-70% you can kill next shot ok Tim when you are returning opponents low service you hit to the side corners too many times and that gives you, your side under pressure watch this why? ok James is you, ok James ready so James will attack that corner, what happens? as you saw because you hit the corner without real force about medium height, opponent can hit straight opponent can hit cross, too big angle ok watch it, James will do it ok this is Tim here, stay center you are hitting to the corner like that and then its straight, you can’t intercept so you are ready for that corner again, then you can’t intercept too big you are giving them chance to hit deep corner to your side because of that this should be changed to attack to the body to the body ok watch this there because you attack to the center of the body central corner, the opponent has got corners to hit very difficult to defense ok Tim this is you, instead of going to attack to the corner you should attack to opponent body, ok service to me attack ready and you can kill it even if your opponent try to hit corners shuttle have to pass you ok one more attack to the body but, if I hit to the corner if I attack to the corner, you can’t but you can minimize that opportunity from your opponent to do this if you attack to the body, to the center here try it will work surprisingly if you can’t attack to the body, because you are late better to do the middle court push so the opponent can’t attack it they have to lift it if you can’t attack to the body, do the middle court push or do the net play this is one of the worst shot you can do push to the corner watch again one more push to the corner you are giving you can’t touch, your partner cannot touch one more last one, look sharp attack to the body, don’t have to hit so hard little bit like this ready and do that

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  1. Dear coach Lee, You should rerecord this one WITH THE NET… ­čÖé

  2. @solar80 Thank you and I will do that next time. Lee

  3. Dear coach Lee, I tried this tactic a few days ago and it worked surprisingly just like you said. Your badminton video clips are the best !!! I also bought your DVDs and can't wait to receive them !

  4. @chboomstra Hi, I am very pleased to know that you did try it and find it working for you.
    Thank you for purchasing my DVDs. If you have any questions about the content, please let me know. Happy Badminton. Lee

  5. Very useful. Thanks

  6. @kb3qno Thank you too. Lee

  7. @Bazigor500 Thank yuou for sharing your view on this clip. Lee

  8. Hey Lee, is this video on your next doubles dvd??? Maybe you can explain other returns as well… And maybe the third shot as well to recover from a attack to 'defend' or play a neutral shot or the second option how to maintain the attack by 'placing' or hitting the shuttle very flat or even downwards to keep it offensive!!! Thanks coach, Lars

  9. Sure, there will be more clips to come and I will put that in my mind. Thank you for your ideas on the content of next clips. Lee

  10. You are very welcome. Lee

  11. Very useful
    Thank you Mr.Lee

  12. You are very welcome. Lee

  13. thanks lee for sharing your skills, more smashing power ­čÖé

  14. You are most welcome. Lee

  15. I'm really excited to play again next Friday. I've been playing badminton and I mostly win, but I win by instinct. Now I have to take it to the next level by following some professional techniques. Thanks for this coach!

  16. I am pleased to know that you would like to use this skill. Please let me know how you get on with it. Lee


  18. I have played badminton for a number of years. My playing ability has been inconsistent, but has improved since watching some of Lee's videos. Thanks Lee, great coaching.

  19. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  20. I think THANK YOU is not enough, Your such an angel coach Lee, God Bless and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of Badminton.

  21. You are very welcome and thank you very much for such kind and warm comment on my coaching. God Bless you. Lee

  22. Sir..please let us know how to improve the footwork specially when we turn backwards for back hand. Please also upload video for the same if possible and stepping to follow for the same…

  23. OK I will put that on my recording list and thank you for asking. Lee

  24. I found your channel extremely helpful and I improved a lot with your videos! (especially doubles rotation, receiving serves, and smashes) Thank you so much!

  25. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  26. your tutorial's help a lot to us badminton fanatic … thank you for sharing your expertise to us mr lee

  27. You are most welcome as it is my plesure. Lee

  28. sir , im thanking u sincerely bcoz u made my game lot different ,, before i used to play, very violently ­čÖé say running there nd here in cort , so i never had any doubles partner,, after going thru your videos i saw my faults , i used to practice alot on the techniques u shwn , movements, flicks nd returning serves … thank u sir for adding some class on to my wild play .. thanks alot …

  29. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know that my clips helped you. Thank you so much for letting me know. Lee

  30. this is great give me more chance to attack..

  31. Thank you and I hope it works for you. Lee

  32. Sir Lee, today for the first time i watched your video on badminton tips and coaching and was very impressed the way you teach. Thank You very much and keep it up as you are doing a great job.

  33. Thank you very much for your kind comment. I am very pleased to know.

  34. Coach Lee. In double, Im hving troube replying my opponent's soft service return. Basically is, I service, he would reply me with a soft drop to the very end of the net. I understand I suppose to get really after service but his reply is often to far from the center and out of reach. Thanks Lee

  35. t time t to serve to the T not to the corner. View how to ready after service, that will help you. Lee

  36. To add to what the Coach is saying, you may want to vary your services somewhat as well, and even raise the point of contact to the limit of the allowed height. I found that helped to keep my opponents from attacking my services too much.

  37. When I said to vary, I mean once in a while serve to the far corner. It will help to keep your opponents guessing.

  38. Perfactly right. Lee

  39. Hi Mr.Lee, im an intermediate player. I usually play mixed doubles, that requires lots of drives. But my drives are not fast enough to pressure my oppoents. Thank you.

  40. Try to make simple compact action and use more grip and wrist rather then full swing. To play mixed you must have confident in drive skill. Lee

  41. Hi Coach Lee, I noticed that you only demonstrated´╗┐ drives to the forehand corners where the opponent can smash. Is it still the same if I drive the serve to the backhand? Wouldn't this usually force a lift from the back person?
    Thanks for all your videos!

  42. Dear coach Lee, most of the time I face soft service when the shuttle goes down immediately after it crosses the net. Thus I have no chance to return a drive and have to make a push to the corner or to the mid-court or rather tricky net shot. What return would be better in this case? Please advise. Dmitri.

  43. That is the battle between you and the server. If you are late then you are already losing the battle. So try to take it early so what ever you do; net shot, push, drive or even lift, you are safer. It is difficult me to say which shot you should do. You have to see where your opponent is, how late you are, what he is anticipating, what shot you have been using in same case (he may expect same shot) then you have to select one. Lee

  44. excellent coach

  45. Thank you Lee for this video. I used to only do net flicks into the tramlines┬áif I was late but they are hard to pull off and I hit the net 1 in every 5 attempts. After watching this video I started doing mid court pushes into the tramlines – I never hit the net with this shot – forcing my opponents into playing a lift return shot every time.´╗┐

  46. very good video, solved my problem. thanks. coach Lee

  47. very very good tips , thanks coach lee 

  48. here in the video the services are coming to the middle court , i can't apply it to short or low service.

  49. Coach, may I ask what is the best way to return a low wide serve? It is very popular to serve wide here. The back player usually plays a cross drive or drive to rear backhand if the reply is a mid court push.

  50. Sir I try it but when service is low, it's hard to hit or tap to the body. As it hits d tap most the time. How can I do it perfectly?

  51. Love this tip. MOST USEFUL. Years of playing and always push it to the corner always to be attacked by opponent. Now I know what to do.

  52. Rarely do good players serve @ that height.

    So either you instantly return by dropping or lift to back corners.

  53. Thanks so much coach.

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