Badminton-Body Posture for Net Play in Level Doubles (Level Doubles Correction)

Badminton-Body Posture for Net Play in Level Doubles (Level Doubles Correction)

Level Doubles Correction-Net play Correct way to set racket and body posture for net kill and interception at the net ok Tim, this is Tim this is you that’s your partner ok point 1 – when you are at the net ready to intercept 99% your feet position is like that and then your racket is forehanded, like this ok so ready shuttle goes there center he is not under pressure, but you still make your feet position like that to cover that corner, like this and your arm is forehanded so because of that this is easy you can get to the shuttle easy here if shuttle comes to the net you have time to take it 1 2 3 is easy but if opponent hit shuttle to the deeper that corner then you have to do that and you make mistakes ok this has to be changed in this way its, if your partner goes to the center he is not under pressure he can take that one after the shot, then your feet has to be changed from here to square, little bit straight and your arm not like that, it should be center so ready for backhand, forehand both ways in this way you can take here, ok here you can take there so you are more ready for intercept and net kill like this look you are at the moment doing like this so that’s the problem here, ok watch ok unless your partner is hitting from here corner under pressure then that’s ok because you have to cover that one but if he is center not under pressure then you should be like that, so if shuttle goes there its easy, here so you are covering the whole court so also your racket should be there not like this because of this here you are ready and side net here like this now because your feet is like that shoulder went back like that this is ok, that is easy but what happens if shuttle goes little bit quicker here then it will be late that’s ok when James go there ok watch this if James goes to the corner from the center ready center go to the corner then that’s ok because you have to cover that one 1 2 3 defensive but if he is attacking center this is opportunity to re-enforce your opponent then no like that, it has to be like this ok intercept – intercept kill – kill like that no like this like this so there there there there

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  1. So useful, coach Lee, I watch these videos explaining the body positioning over and over again! Typically these details are ignored, yet they make such a difference in the play…
    I will be happy to see more of these… Keep up the good work!!
    Respectfully, from Belgium X

  2. @mariadicuableable I am very pleased to know this clip is working for you. Lee

  3. @samixno1 Hi. Thank you very much for your kind comment and I am very pleased to know that the clips are beneficial to you. I am hoping to do more to someone like you soon. One day I am hoping to meet someone like you on a badminton court and talk about badminton. I am sure the time will come. Lee

  4. Because of you master Lee, me and my friend are re-learning the wrong techniques in badminton, specially in our footwork's.

    The details and intensity of your passion will give life to our game… you are our coach!

    -a new found badminton fan from the Philippines!!!

  5. @shadowdemon03 I am very pleased to know that my clips are giving you such benefit to you and your friend. I also proud to be your coaches. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  6. @longz1st Yes I can providing you have followings; two arms, two legs, a racket and if your hunger is as big as a moutain and as deep as a lake and be ready to die during training. Lee

  7. Coach Lee.You are just awesome

  8. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  9. Wanted to ask you. I struggle when shuttle travels behind me at backhand.from low can't send it back to the opponent back court. Please advice

  10. You may following the shuttlecock so you do not have space between the shuttlecock and you, because of the shuttlecock is behind you, you can not use your power. There are new backhand clips please have look. The clips deals with impact point, eyes direction, those will help you. Lee

  11. coach lee. can I ask you question please? Im really struggling when someone smash really hard, it hard to hit the shuttlecock and im scared. what should I do? coach lee

  12. Do below please.
    1. Move your base one step of two step backward so you have more time to see and react
    2. Get lower your posture then before. you see shuttlecock much faster and react faster.
    3. You must challenge if you are afraid of it then what ever I ask you to do will not work. This you have to do. You must fase it and against it.

  13. What is the correct stance if the shuttle is hit deep to the other corner?

  14. Your stance must be done correctly before the shuttlecock goes anywhere. It should be done where the shuttlecock is. This is a very important item and I will make clips for it. Lee

  15. Thanks Coach. You actually answered my question in this video:


    I would recommend this video to anyone who is watching this one, it's a bit more in depth and I found it really helpful.

  16. Thank you and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  17. thankx master for ur detailed explaination may god bless u and ur family

  18. Thanks for the lovely videos you have put up. These are all great. I have really learned so much from these. Thumbs up. Excellent coaching.

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