Badminton-Can You Do This? (6)

Badminton-Can You Do This? (6)

Can You Do This? So I can hit drop shot I can hit clear randomly so he does not know but every time after shot he has to go to that mat ok have a look please ok ready go yeah pick it up go ready ready well done very good thank you ok try this with your friends until your partner gets used to it don’t hit too flat clears hit little bit higher until your partner gets used to it and then you can control change the speed of the clear height of the clears good luck

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  1. hi coach..i am having a question… where our eyes should be pointed while playing tat  to the shuttle cock or to the opponents??.. i hav seen in some slo mo replys that.. players are not even looking to the shuttle while hitting.. can u plz explain??? 

  2. It's great, and i really love badminton

  3. interesting idea. it seems like a good warm up activity and can train up my reflection. i am still new, so i need to buff up my speed. gonna try it later.

  4. Dear Sir Lee, Thank you for your great efforts in making these videos. i have a very humble request. Only your voice echoes a lot as you talk in an open hall. is there a way to record voice using a mic or something so that the voice is clear. again my respects and thanks to you.

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