Badminton: Check Smash

Badminton: Check Smash

One of the most advanced technique in badminton Check smash right way

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  1. this guy got skill!!!!!!!

  2. @SorrowMask Thank you for your comment. Happy badminton. Lee

  3. Hi Coach,

    I wanted to know what a Check Smash was.


  4. @SorrowMask For my money, Lee is the best coach around. His enthusiasm and knowledge make you WANT TO PUT THE EFFORT IN to get better, rather than WOULD LIKE to get better! Check out his other vids, and if you REALLY put the effort in to practice what he shows you, you can guarantee you will become a better player.

  5. @Ns4n3 @Ns4n3 It is a sharper, shorter and more deceptive then full smash. You use it to place the shuttlecock as quick as possible to a weak space of opponent court. The action has to be compact and should be deceptive until the last moment you make the impact. This is very effective in singles, some time it is even better then full smash. Lee

  6. @baddersnut Thank you very much for your comment. I will continue to work hard to meet your expection on my coaching ability. Ones again thank you very much for your trust and believe in me as a badminton coach. Happy badminton. Lee

  7. @fayes1997 I am sorry but can you please explain more in deetail what do you mean?

  8. @coachingbadminton Hi Coach,

    I've been using this technique even in intermediate doubles, it is fast and accurate. Loving the videos.



  9. @Ns4n3 Hi there. Yes that is a good tactic to use check smash as it changes the speed of smash which makes opponent's return tricky. You can use four different types of smash. Power smash, check smash, slice smash and smash to upper body. It does not matter if you have powerful smash, it is is for opponent to defend if they know what is coming. Lee

  10. how do you have so much wrist power can u please explainnn???

  11. @whitetiger379 Hi, 90% of power in that skill comes from finger power and I know that you can do same with right skill. Lee

  12. Hi coach,
    how do you develope the strength in your fingers? Any exercises you recommend?

  13. Hi there are number go clips in my chennel. Please look for finger power training in my play list. I hope they work for you. Lee

  14. you can train fingers?

    how is that possible?

  15. Please see the "Finger Training" clips in this chennal. Lee

  16. hi, i just want to ask. is there any difference between a fast drop shot and a check smash?

  17. Check smash is fater and shorter and sharper. Also it uses less wrist action.
    Fast drop shot will use more wrist and it purpose is to make steep shot rather then make deceptive shot. I understand there is similalities in some ways but also there are differences. Lee

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