Badminton Coaching-How to Feed Shuttlecocks

Badminton Coaching-How to Feed Shuttlecocks

How to Feed shuttle cock number 1 point the shuttle should be on your left arm all the way this way no like that, no like this, like this number 2 point the end of the shuttle cock should come out between these 2 fingers no like this, hard like that there please have a look this area ok that way its easy to pick now number 3 point hold the racket bit shorter so its easy to move and use 3 fingers to pick the shuttle cock use 3 fingers like this now most important thing is set your posture that way which, shuttle cock must point downwards because in this way if you leave shuttle cock off it will stay that way if you set like that it will turn when it turns, you hit it shuttle will go wrong way so pick the shuttle cock, set like that let if off go and hit straight hit like this straight back, straight forward not like this set drop back forward drop net drop up up if I turn like this it will go wrong way ok so hold like this wrong way watch this we have about 20 shuttle cocks there so you hit 1 hit 2 like that so now you need to push it downwards and you have racket in your hand so you can’t use right arm to push it down what you have to use is push your arm like this there there so like this if you push it that way like that focus on this side now the key point when you are feeding shuttle cock to your player you should be able to watch all of his movement his attitude, his eyes, his concentration you should be able to see all of that while you are feeding him there fore 99 percent of your vision should be on to the player so watch this watch my eyes so like that like this watch your player and set and hit so you can see if he is guessing or if he is ready if his posture is right you can see all of them by looking at him all the time rather than set watch shuttle cock and then hit it watch shuttle cock and hit it while you are watching it, you lost your player so like this there there 0.1 seconds may be, your eyes go to the shuttle cock like this like that not like this ready and then go 1 2 3 there there fast hit if you practice you will get used to it

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  1. Now I can feed shuttlecocks 😀 but I do it slowly @@

  2. Very soon you will be able to feed very fast. Lee

  3. I see that many coaches now could feed shuttlecocks by throwing it right over their head. I tried it but mostly would hit the feather. Any ideas to train it?

  4. I will put that on my list of recording. Thank you for asking. Lee

  5. Found this extremely helpful, have now found better consistency in feeding. Thank you,

  6. I am very pleased to know and thank you for letting me know. Lee

  7. do you have video of higher serve ? tks 🙂

  8. Not yet but I will make one soon. Lee

  9. Any update on the overhand feeding technique?

  10. Sorry not yet. Lee

  11. Lee, How efficient the shuttle feeders are for beginners?

  12. Very Nice video again Lee… I have seen it and now I am practicing!! Can you make a video about feeding above your shoulder??!! Underhand is not the problem for me anymore… Lets say I am standing on a chair to train my pupils single defence I have to simulate attacking smash, drop etc. But how to hit the shuttles 'clean' and direct on the cock? how to set etcera?? Love your videos again and again!!!! Thanks Lee!!!

  13. Sir how to give a shuttle throw high and hit.plz suggest a good videos for the couches.

  14. How to feed the shuttle for defense Practice?

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